why does love hurt?

Sigyn was never a popular student at Midgard high, Loki quickly turns that around after a while Sigyn started to talk to people, she started to trust people, she started to love. But every relationship has trouble. This is Sigyns trouble


3. call me maybe?

 ~~A very small asgardian Dragon ate from a glass bowl as Sigyn watched with a small smile, she enjoyed helping small creatures. No one knew she was raising a Dragon. The small tan and gray creature looked up at her with a happy face, Sigyn never felt alone with the Dragon, infact it was her second best friend next to marshmallow.
“you don’t want to eat too much to quickly, otherwise you’ll give yourself a stomach ache” Sigyn said petting the dragon. Sigyn stood up from her crouched position as the creature ran away. She was walking pack to her class.
“Sigyn” Loki said leaning against a poll. Loki had taken her by surprise. “ah! I said leave me alone damn it!” She said regaining her balance. Loki walked toward her with a gentle smile. “I think we should be friends” He held out his phone “lets trade, you want to?” he asked.
Sigyn thought he meant trading phones. “what? Why? No way!” she said surprised.
“just the phone numbers not the phones themselves” Loki explained, Sigyn felt her cheeks warm up. She totally didn’t understand.
“I don’t wanna do that either” she said quickly looking down.
“well, uh, okay, take this” Loki wrote his number on a piece of paper “contact me anytime”
Sigyn took the paper. “oh uh when I kicked you back there I hurt your hand” she started , Loki nodded.
“so here” she handed him a bandage.
“Well I’m not sure this will cover my big bruise but-“ Loki was cut short when he saw Sigyn pull out at least 10 bandages. “this should be enough let me know if you need more”
Loki’s eyes widened “uh, I didn’t mean it that way-“ Sigyn sighed “I’m leaving now” she said quietly and started walking off.
“Sigyn!” Loki called, Sigyn turned around. “thanks again okay” Loki held up the bandages and smiled. “see you later”
Sigyn gasped, turning around quickly running away.
“maybe she doesn’t like me?” Loki asked himself.
Sigyn was walking home that evening ‘now that was freaky I hadn’t talked to anyone in school in so long and what’s up with giving me his number?’ she thought looking at the paper that had Loki’s number on it. “I didn’t know anyone could smile like that and not fake it” Sigyn mumbled.
“no way! There’s no way in hell am I calling that guy” Sigyn started running to her job.
Once she got there Sigyn let her coworkers know and put on her apron.
“the chocolate Danishes are done” the baker announced and Idunn repeated it just a bit louder “hey everyone! The Danishes are fresh out of the oven!” 
“Sigyn, do you have a fever? The baker asked. “no, I’m okay, I don’t have a fever” Sigyn sighed
“excuse me?” A man said pushing Sigyn out of her thoughts “yes?”
“I’ll take these” he said handing Sigyn a tray of pastries “oh of course” she said “would you like me to put the sweet ones separate?” she asked
“go ahead and bag them all separate” the man said “could you also include some napkins with that?” he asked “certantly” she put everything into the bag and handed the man come change
 “there you go have a nice evening” she said “yes thank you” the man turned and smirked walking out. Sigyn had a bad feeling about that man.
“Sigyn could you come help me in here?” The baker asked “yeah” Sigyn went to help the baker.
Sigyn walked through the door to her house. Freya was chopping up vegetables in the kitchen “Sigyn? What are you supposed to say?” she asked
“I’m home mother” Sigyn said and walked to her room. Sigyn laid on her bed “I shouldn’t be dwelling on this, he’s only going to betray me”
The next morning Sigyn walked through the school halls ignoring any attempt Loki made to talk to her.
“Sigyn!” he called. She kept walking down the hall “Sigyn hey!” He said tried, still nothing.
After lunch Loki tried again.
“hey Sigyn” he said Sigyn sighed. “Why haven’t you called yet? I’ve been waiting on it to ring” Loki kept on talking “stop following me!” Sigyn growled angrily. “and why the hell would I call you anyway?”
“well I thought we could chat?” Loki shrugged “I hate talking on the phone” Sigyn tensed
“what? Don’t you talk to your friends?” Sigyn had enough. She stopped walking and turned around.
“I don’t have friends” she said and pulled out her phone so Loki could see “look home and work”
“this world is full of back stabbers and this school is full of jerks looking for who their gonna victimize next. Oh yah I know their game. They invite you into their clicks and kick you out when their bored with you. Well mister popular I don’t want to be friends with that” Sigyn explained and turned her back.
“There’s no way you could possibly believe in all that!” Loki started, Sigyn turned her head “of course I can” she turned around again. “I don’t need friends really I don’t” Sigyn ran away, leaving Loki standing there shocked once again.


long time no write I know.... truth is I have no idea on how to write this, 1: I don't write love stories. 2: my friend who this is about kinda left me, so I'm on my own writing this. Any hints on writing love stories? maybe?

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