Dare To Dream 2

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  • Published: 16 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2013
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Dare To Dream 2; Kim and Louis are reunited from her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show two years ago. Lizzy is new to modeling, she auditions to be the next Victoria Secret Model. Not only is she the only one auditioning, she is going against many other girls, but her biggest competition is Raven. When they come down to the top 5, they got to hang out with One Direction with Kim. But things starts to heat up when both Raven and Lizzy gets distracted from the lads. Kim defends both Lizzy and Raven throughout the competition, when it came down to the finale... Raven and Lizzy are both in it, but who will win? And the winner is....


10. The Semi-Finals

(A Few Days Later) 

Amy: Hello ladies, you are the top four in the semi-finals, I am so proud of how far you guys all come. Tonight, three of you will go to the finals. 

Girls: *looks at eachother* 

Amy: Kim? 

Kim: Girls, tonight, you four are gonna walk in London's fashion show. You know the rules; we will be judging you from our seats. Only one thing has changed. The audience are gonna vote on who was the best and who was the worst; with the best being saved and the worst going home. 

Amy: Alright girls, go backstage and get ready for tonight. 

Girls: *goes to get changed* 

Roy: *joins kim and amy in their seats* 

Girls: *walks the runway fashion show* 

Audience: *votes* 

Amy: Girls, I must say, you four did an absolutely fantastic job! I loved each and every one you guys did. I am so proud of you girls. 

Roy: I believe you all can win this, but Lizzy, I still think that you're not ready.  

Lizzy: *gets embarrassed* 

Roy: You better hoped the audience voted you to stay. 

Lizzy: Ok. 

Kim: Girls, I love you all and I thought you all did a great job coming out and leaving the stage. Raven, I love your walk girl, Jessica, your walk was great, Lizzy, I'm still not satisfied, and Stacy, I don't even have to say it. 

Amy: Alright, the one that the audience saved tonight is... Stacy. 

Stacy: *smiles big* Wow. *looks around and slowly walks off to get her wings* 

Amy: Next one that's going through is Raven. 

Raven: *smiles and takes her wings* 

Amy: Lizzy and Jessica, please step forward. 

Lizzy: *steps forward with Jessica* 

Amy: Lizzy, the judges and I all agreed that your walk hasn't improved since day one. We've been thru this for almost five months and you still haven't proved us wrong. 

Lizzy: I'm really sorry. 

Amy: Jessica, you always do great, but somehow tonight... you let us down. I don't know if it's because we had an audience or what, but you really failed us tonight and that's not you. 

Jessica: I'm sorry, I got nervous and I let that take control of me. 

Amy: What if you won, are you gonna act the same way? 

Jessica: No, I will do better and show them my best. 

Amy: I love that answer, I hope you stick to it. 

Jessica: Ok. 

Kim: Lizzy, Jessica, let's see who the audience voted off. *looks at the screen*  

Amy: *shocked* 

Roy: Wow. 

Kim: *chuckles* That's crazy, but it seems like it's a tie, they audience left us with no choice, but to vote off one of you two. Amy? 

Amy: I don't know Kim, both these girls has come so far, they've improved so much, and there's a reason why they're here, but only one can go through and... I'm gonna go with my guts. Lizzy, I want to give you a last shot to prove to us that you have that walk. 

Lizzy: *smiles with tears* Ok. 

Kim: Roy? 

Roy: I'm sorry Lizzy, but I want Jessica to go to the finals. 

Jessica: *cries* 

Kim: Alright girls, it's one to one, and the one I'm sending home is... *looks to the ground*  

Amy: *comforts kim* It's ok. 

Kim: *cries* I don't know, you two are so talented, so gifted, so beautiful, and I don't want either one of you two go home. I grew so close to you four that I just want you all to win. 

Amy: We need an answer Kim. 

Kim: *takes a deep breath* Jessica, you are perfect at everything you do here and I love that about you, but tonight, you showed us that you are not ready for the big stage. And Lizzy, you still haven't showed us that you can walk the walk, you still have a lot to learn and I don't think you're ready this yet. *sighs* Jessica, I'm very sorry, but I have to send you home. 

Jessica: *cries* 

Kim: *gets up and hugs Jessica crying* I'm so sorry Jessica, you've become one of my favorites and I can't believe I'm sending you home. 

Jessica: *crying in kims shoulder* Thank you so much for teaching me and helping me overcome my fears Kim. You taught me so much, and I can't thank you anymore. 

Kim: Aw. 

Jessica: Thank you Kim. *smiles in tears* 

Kim: *smiles in tears* I hope to see you again Jessica. 

Jessica: Me too. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *smiles at lizzy* Congrats Lizzy, you're going to the finals. *hugs lizzy* 

Lizzy: Thank you Kim. *hugs kim back*

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