Dare To Dream 2

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  • Published: 16 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2013
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Dare To Dream 2; Kim and Louis are reunited from her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show two years ago. Lizzy is new to modeling, she auditions to be the next Victoria Secret Model. Not only is she the only one auditioning, she is going against many other girls, but her biggest competition is Raven. When they come down to the top 5, they got to hang out with One Direction with Kim. But things starts to heat up when both Raven and Lizzy gets distracted from the lads. Kim defends both Lizzy and Raven throughout the competition, when it came down to the finale... Raven and Lizzy are both in it, but who will win? And the winner is....


7. GoodBye London

(The Next Day) 

Amy: Hello girls, today, we are having a photo shoot here in London, you know the rules, strongest wins, weakest... goes home. We have a very special guest, please welcome One Direction's own Harry Styles. 

Harry: *comes out* Hello ladies. 

Girls: *screams/fangirls* 

Harry: Wow, you all look great. *smiles* 

Girls: *screams* 

Harry: *smiles/chuckles* 

Kim: Girls, Harry is here to make an announcement for you all. 

Harry: Thank you, and you look beautiful Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Aw thank Harry, so you do you. 

Harry: *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Harry: I am very excited to be here and talk to you girls, there's six of you, but apparently only five of you get to hang out with us later tonight. I just want to wish you all good luck and enjoy your day out with your photo-shoots. *smiles*  

Kim: Alright girls, you heard Harry, he is very excited to be hanging out with you soon to be models. Harry, thank you for coming by. 

Harry: *hugs kim* Thank you for letting me come. 

Kim: *smiles* See you later. 

Harry: *smiles* Bye everyone. *leaves* 

Amy: Alright, you know the rules.  

Girls: *goes backstage to change* 

Nicole: *smiles and poses for the camera* 

Kim: Give them more of the eyes. 

Nicole: *gives them the eye* 

Kim: *laughs* That's too much now, go down a tab. 

Nicole: Sorry. *smiles* 

Kim: Work on the cat eyes, I'll be back to check on you. 

Amy: Lizzy, I know you can show me what you got, you've done it before, do it again. 

Lizzy: *poses* 

Amy: No, Lizzy. Focus. 

Lizzy: *tries her best* 

Roy: Raven, you are doing great, now just slightly turn an angle for the camera. 

Raven: *turns a bit* 

Roy: Perfect. 

Kim: Jillian, wow, you are working the camera gal.  

Jillian: *smiles* Thanks. 

Kim: Now show em who's the boss. 

Jillian: What? 

Kim: Girl, I meant show em why you're here, what you got. *walking off* Bring you're a game. 

Jillian: *confused/smiles for the camera* 

Amy: Stacy, wow you are so photogenic. 

Stacy: Thank you Amy. *chuckles* 

Amy: You are doing great, I don't think you need me to help you right? 

Stacy: Um, no I don't think so? 

Amy: *smiles* Alright. *leaves* 

Roy: Jessica, you are gorgeous, now look gorgeous. 

Jessica: Ok. *smiles big for the camera and poses* 

Amy: Welcome back girls, we've viewed each of your photos and they all look amazing. 

Roy: I'm very impressed on how much you've all came and how much you all improved, the photos looks incredible. 

Kim: Wow, what can I say, I mean, both Amy and Roy said mostly what I wanted to say. *chuckles* But afar from that, I watch each of your guys photo shoots today, and I must say, I'm impress. You've all came to far just to win this competition and so far, none of you guys have let us down. *looks at lizzy* I just want to say that tonight's elimination wasn't on us. It was voted by One Direction themselves.  

Amy: Alright girls, tonight's saved by One Direction is... Stacy. 

Stacy: *smiles big* Wow, really? This is so incredible. *goes and gets her wings* 

Amy: The Next one that is going through is Nicole. 

Nicole: *smiles and gets her wings* 

Amy: Next is... Raven. 

Raven: *takes her wings* 

Amy: Jessica, you are going to the next round. 

Jessica: *takes her wings* 

Amy: Jillian and Lizzy, please step forward. 

Jillian: *steps forward with lizzy* 

Amy: Lizzy, you were my girl today, you weren't showing me what you always had. I don't know if you were nervous or because we're in London, but you weren't focusing at all. If you want to win this, you really need to focus on one thing and that's the camera. 

Lizzy: Ok. 

Kim: Jillian, you are my girl and I love you, but today wasn't your very best and I'm glad the boys saw that in the photos too.  

Jillian: I'm sorry. 

Kim: Jillian, we've had this talk before when you were in the bottom two with Ashley. 

Jillian: I'm sorry, it's just that... it's London and the views are just so beautiful, I couldn't really step up my A game like you said. 

Kim: *smiles* Yes, I really wanted you to step up your A game. 

Jillian: I know I said I'll do my best, and I failed you guys, I really do apologize. 

Kim: *smiles* It's ok Jillian. 

Amy: The one that is sent home is... 

Lizzy: *looks to the ground* 

Amy: Jillian. 

Jillian: *smiles* I knew it, I didn't have the confidence in me and I didn't focus as much, and I totally understand that it was my own fault and no ones'. I take full responsibility and hope to return soon. 

Amy: We hope to see you soon too Jillian. *smiles* 

Roy: Good luck in your future Jillian. 

Jillian: Thank you Roy. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets up and hugs jillian* I really enjoyed being your mentor today and I hope to see you around and back next time ok. 

Jillian: Thank you, thank you much Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Jillian: Bye everyone. *smiles and leaves*

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