Dare To Dream 2

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  • Published: 16 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2013
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Dare To Dream 2; Kim and Louis are reunited from her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show two years ago. Lizzy is new to modeling, she auditions to be the next Victoria Secret Model. Not only is she the only one auditioning, she is going against many other girls, but her biggest competition is Raven. When they come down to the top 5, they got to hang out with One Direction with Kim. But things starts to heat up when both Raven and Lizzy gets distracted from the lads. Kim defends both Lizzy and Raven throughout the competition, when it came down to the finale... Raven and Lizzy are both in it, but who will win? And the winner is....


1. Auditions

Amy: Hello ladies, it is really good to see you all here today, yes this is it, but no, this is not the end yet. If you don't know me by now, I am Amy James, the ceo of victoria's secret one of the three judges. Let's welcome judge 2, Roy Raymond, the founder of victoria's secret. 

Roy: *makes his way to the stage* It's good to see you young ladies. *smiles*  

Amy: Last, but not least, let's welcome victoria's secrets own, kim torres. 

Kim: *walks down the runway and poses*  

Amy: *chuckles*  

Roy: *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles and hugs roy and amy* Thank you for having me here. *looks at the girls* Wow, you all look sexy! Wow, I can't wait to work with you girls. I just want to add on quickly that we are gonna have a lot of funs together, but don't let that get to your head because you're not here to just have fun, you're here to win this competition. It's a once in a lifetime free opportunity, so don't mess it up for yourself. Any questions? 

Stacy: *raises her hand* 

Kim: Yes. 

Stacy: Aren't you dating Louis Tomlinson? 

Kim: Yes I am. *smiles* 

Stacy: That is awesome, I ship you two. 

Kim: Well thank you. *looks amy and chuckles* Alright, let's get this started, do you all know the rules? 

Girls: Yes. 

Kim: Alrighty then, go ahead and go backstage and get ready. *goes and sits down* 

Roy: *sits on the side of kim* 

Amy: *sits on the other side of kim* 

Kim: John, ready when you are! 

John: *plays the music* 

Ashley: *walks out the runway first and poses* 

Kim: Ashley. *smiles* Wow, you are perfect girl. You have an amazing body and you are beautiful, but don't let that get to your head because honestly, I didn't like your walk.  

Amy: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks at amy/chuckles* I'm sorry Ashley, but I didn't. If you want to win, you're gonna have to work on that catwalk. I can't be having a fashion show with you walking like you're gonna go open the mail box. 

Ashley: Ok, got it. 

Kim: Good. *smiles* 

Amy: Ashley, I thought your walk was ok, it wasn't the best or the worst, and no it did not look like you were going to open the mail. *looks at kim and then back at Ashley* Just work on your walk a little and then you got it. *smiles* 

Ashley: Ok. 

Roy: Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. How are you? 

Ashley: I'm kind of nervous now. *chuckles softly* 

Roy: Don't be, I thought you were great. I love you walk, you are beautiful, and the first thing that caught my attention was your smile. Smiling on a runway, makes you shine on stage. So keep smiling, forget what Kim said ok. 

Ashley: *chuckles* Ok. 

Kim: I was just saying what I thought Roy. 

Roy: This is their audition, don't be too harsh on them Kim. 

Kim: Oh boo Roy. *laughs* 

John: *plays the music again* 

Raven: *walks the run way and poses* 

Kim: *smiling* Hello, what's your name? 

Raven: Raven. 

Kim: Oh my, what a name. *chuckles* I loved your walk; it was perfect, it might just be better than mine you know, but seriously who taught you how to walk like that? 

Raven: I been practicing since I was 4. 

Kim: And how old are you now? 

Raven: 19. 

Kim: Wow 15 years? That is awesome, you are awesome. I want you in that's all I have to say. 

Raven: *smiles* 

(24 other girls go through) 

Lizzy: *walks the runway and poses* 

Kim: Hello, what's your name? *smiles* 

Lizzy: I'm Lizzy. 

Kim: Lizzy, how are you? 

Lizzy: Kind of nervous because I just walked in front of three big judges. *chuckles* 

Kim: *laughs* Aw, you're cute. How old are you? 

Lizzy: I just turned 18 last week. 

Kim: Oh well happy late birthday. *smiles* 

Lizzy: *smiles* Thank you. 

Kim: Lizzy, your walk, it needs to improve.  

Lizzy: Ok. 

Kim: Not just the walk, but learn to smile and pose a bit. If you're gonna make that angle turn, smiles and give them that eye look.  

Lizzy: Alright. 

Kim: I mean, you're in great shape, you're really pretty, and if you just work on the walk and smile, you got it girl. I'm serious; you can win this thing if you really work on it. 

Lizzy: *smiles* Thank you Kim, means a lot to me. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Amy: Lizzy, I thought your walk and smile did need improvements, like Kim said, if you work just a little harder on it, you can win this thing. 

Lizzy: Ok. 

Roy: Hello Lizzy. 

Lizzy: Hello Roy. 

Roy: I didn't like your walk at all and I don't think you can win this.  

Kim: Talking about harsh.  

Roy: No shut up Kim. 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Roy: I'm talking. Lizzy, to be a model, you got to have potential, confident, and be happy. You look miserable; you look like you don't even want to be here. Honestly, when you walked out, I knew it already and when you walked I was like yep.  

Lizzy: *wants to cry* 

Roy: Can, can I show you how you looked? 

Lizzy: Um, sure? 

Roy: *gets on stage and imitates lizzy*  

Kim: *laughs* 

Roy: Lizzy, you looked like you didn't want to be here, and you walked as if you were lazy, like you didn't want to pick up after your mess or something. 

Lizzy: *cries* 

Roy: No, don't cry, models don't cry. If you're gonna cry, leave because you are not ready for this. 

Lizzy: *runs to the back* 

Kim: Roy. 

Roy: *sits back in his chair* What? 

Kim: That was really rude of you. *gets out of her chair and goes backstage* Lizzy! 

Lizzy: *crying in the corner* 

Kim: Lizzy. *hugs lizzy* 

Lizzy: *crying hard* 

Kim: Hey, don't listen to that old man, he's old and he doesn't know anything ok. Look at me. 

Lizzy: *looks at kim* 

Kim: I want you to stay, I know you can improve, and if you didn't want to be here, you would of left long time ago right? 

Lizzy: *nods her head* 

Kim: Exactly, go fix yourself up because you are going to the next round. *smiles* 

Lizzy: *kind of smiles* 

Kim: Don't cry anymore ok. 

Lizzy: Yeah, it's just that Roy didn't have to put me on the spot and be so rude about it. Like I'm still young, I'm still learning you know.  

Kim: Yes you are., you just turned legal and I believe you will make it far even if you don't win.  

Lizzy: Thank you Kim, your words means so much to me. 

Kim: *smiles and hugs lizzy* I'll see you in a bit ok. *leaves* 

Lizzy: *gets fixed up again* 

Kim: You need to watch your tone, just because you're old doesn't mean you can talk to her that way.  

Roy: Excuse me? 

Kim: She's young Roy! She still has a huge life ahead of her, you can't just tell her to leave like that. What if something bad happens to her, what are you gonna do? Pay for her health? Her funeral!? 

Roy: *looks away* 

Kim: That's what I thought old man. *rolls her eyes* 

Amy: Ok, how about I sit in the middle. 

Kim: Please be my guest. *gets up and sits in amys chair* 

Amy: *sits in kims chair* 

Kim: *calls the girls back out* Hello ladies, it was a pleasure to meet you all and get to know you personally. In my hands, I have picked the top 16 to go on to the next round. If you hear your name, please come claim your wing. Ok, first one that made it to the second round is. Jessica. 

Jessica: *screams in excitement* Oh my god. *goes and gets her wing* Wow, this is legit, thank you so much.  

Kim: *smiles* Next, is Raven. 

Raven: *takes her wings* 

Kim: Ashley, April, Haley, Jillian, Melissa, Natalie, Gabby, Brenda, Nicole, Stacy, Erica, Katie, Christy, and Lizzy. *smiles* 

Lizzy: *smiles in tears/goes and takes her wing* Thank you so much. *cries* 

Kim: You deserve a chance. *smiles*  

Amy: Now that you all got your wings, go back to your hotel room, and get some rest. We are going to be up early tomorrow to have your guys first photo-shoot. 

Kim: The names that call you with will be your roommate throughout the whole competition. *looks at amy* Alright, if I call both your names, you may walk back to the back and leave, your ride is waiting outside. Ok, Christy and Melissa, Brenda and Lizzy, Nicole and Ashley, Jessica and Katie, Erica and Haley, Jillian and Raven, Stacy and April, Gabby and Natalie.  

(Later That Night) 

Louis: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hey babe. *smiles* 

Louis: How were the auditions? 

Kim: They were great actually, I loved every single audition, they're all so beautiful and if I was to join them, I would of lost. 

Louis: *chuckles* But that doesn't matter does it. 

Kim: What you mean? 

Louis: Because you got discover the easy way and you made it already. For two years, you've been a Victoria Secret Supermodel, my model. 

Kim: *smiles* Aw, you're so sweet, I love you babe. 

Louis: So, did anyone fall? 

Kim: *laughs* Louis! 

Louis: *laughs* I'm serious, did anyone? 

Kim: No, but Roy was being a total dick to one, but I defended her.  

Louis: Yeah? What'd you say? 

Kim: I actually threatened him. *chuckles* 

Louis: You what? 

Kim: Well he was being rude to her and she cried and he still continued, then he mocked her and told her to leave, so I went backstage, talked to her and came back and yell at him.  

Louis: Wow, that's really mean of him. 

Kim: I mean, she was only 18, you can't expect her to be a pro without training you know.  

Louis: What'd you say to Roy? 

Kim: I told him what if she took it to heart and hurt herself, you are gonna pay for her health, her funeral and he just turned away and Amy had to sit between us. 

Louis: Babe, that's exactly why I love you. You haven't changed and that's what makes me attracted to you still. 

Kim: Aw, I wish I was there to be with you right now. You're so many miles away from me. 

Louis: I know, but we'll see eachother in two weeks, so that's good. 

Kim: That's long babe! But yes, two weeks for three days and then I come back to LA. 

Louis: I guess you're living the life I am now huh. *chuckles* 

Kim: *laughs* Just for now, but I have to get to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow for the photo-shoot with them. 

Louis: Alright, I love you. 

Kim: I love you too, bye. *hangs up and goes to bed*

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