21 Keys

Addison's life changed when a box containing 21 keys was dumped on her doorstep. Soon, she's on a international chase for clues, armed only with the box, the duffel bag, her wits, and her friend Marie. But it's not just a hunt for clues: it's running from their watcher.

Author's note: I do not own any of this except the plot and most characters.


4. Watcher

I decided that first things first, I needed to change. So ten minutes later, redressed in jeans, navy blue Captain America shirt, and tennis shoes, I pulled together a purse and duffel bag, and bounced out of the hotel and back onto the train. I was looking at the schedule when my phone buzzed.

I suggest the 10:30 Berlin train.

When you get on, you'll see a girl your age.

Ask her how the weather is.

I rolled my eyes as I bought the ticket. Now I was getting social advice. Then it hit me: he knew where I was. I looked around, trying to focus on any face remotely familiar. But jet lag had taken it's toll on me last night, and I couldn't remember anybody. I boarded the train anyways, where I saw her. She had to be the one the Watcher (as I started thinking of them as) was referring to. Ash blonde hair and grey-blue eyes, she reminded me of Marie Antoinette. But she carried herself as if she had a higher purpose than attracting stares from the males. I approached her, painfully aware of how scrappy I looked with the short red hair that flopped in my eyes and how faded the Captain America shirt was.

"How's the weather?" I asked.

"Not bad. Are you the one I'm supposed to meet?" She asked, in an American accent.

"I dunno. Who were you told to meet?" I questioned.

"Apparently some girl would come up to me and ask about the weather, and I was supposed to respond 'not bad'." She said in a low voice.

"Then I guess we're supposed to be meeting. You're one of the key people then." I guessed.

"Are you?" She asked.

"Yeah. How many keys do you have left?" I asked.

"One. The one on the string." She said.

"How many did you start with?" I asked.

"Five. Key ring in the mail." She answered.

"Wow. I've got nineteen left, and the one on the string." I told her. She whistled lowly.

"That's impressive." She said.

"Try hauling them around. Not so impressive then. I almost got in major trouble at the airport." I said.

"You're going to stay at Berlin?" She asked.

Yeah. You?" I asked.

"Yeah. Do you think we could stick together for a while? It's a bit nerve racking here, and I'd feel better staying with someone who's doing the same thing I am." She said.

"Same here. Deal. How much money do you have?" I asked.

"I've got a good amount. You?" She asked.

"Good amount. Come on. I want to here what I've been inducted into." I said.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I mumbled. This wouldn't be short at all. Everybody in this game-for lack of a better word-was mailed keys, and were led on a hunt for clues. There were riddles as well, which we had to solve.

"I don't even know your name." I finally said.

"Marie." She said simply.

"Addison." I replied.

"Addison, it's going to be our stop soon." She reminded me. I looked at the clock. She was right. We unboarded and we found a simple hotel room.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"We wait for a text." She replied calmly.

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