21 Keys

Addison's life changed when a box containing 21 keys was dumped on her doorstep. Soon, she's on a international chase for clues, armed only with the box, the duffel bag, her wits, and her friend Marie. But it's not just a hunt for clues: it's running from their watcher.

Author's note: I do not own any of this except the plot and most characters.


2. Ticket And Takeoff

"Oh, you've gotta be kidding me." I mumbled. Our 21st street wasn't like New York City. We were quieter, but we still had an airport for international travel. Which was my destination. I payed the cab and walked in, feeling very working class in my jeans, red Florence and the Machine shirt (which I made my senior year), and boots, armed with nothing but a duffel bag. I wandered towards the help desk, wondering what I would say, when something caught my eye. On a row of lockers someone had drawn a simple outline of a key. It looked like random graffiti, but to me it was a sign. I wandered over, until I found locker 35. The sum of 10, 4, and 21. I pulled out the box of keys, and found the key marked 35. It opened the locker easily, and I peered inside. There were three items and a note. The first item was a leather wallet. I opened it to find a credit card and a thick wad of bills. I didn't want to count them, but I hoped they weren't just ones. That would be a cruel joke for a girl who'd only gotten into college on a scholarship. The second item chilled me. A passport. My passport, the one I'd gotten for when, if ever, I could study abroad. It'd been missing for a few days. So whoever set this up not only knew where my apartment was, they could sneak in and out easily, and knew what I owned. Third was a plane ticket to Germany. I took a look at the note.

I'd get on the plane if I were you.

"Ah, screw it." I sighed, pushing my hair out of my eyes and checked the clock, then the ticket, then the clock again. I had an hour. And I really didn't want to disappoint this guy.


As it turned out, the ticket was for first class. I should've been excited about that, but instead I felt nauseous. Someone had gone through a lot of trouble just to get me this far. What would happen if they decided I wasn't worth it? Suddenly, my phone buzzed. It was a text from my friend, Hannah.

Where r u? At ur apartment.

I swore under my breath. I'd forgotten that we'd made arrangements to go to the movies today. I hurriedly texted back:

Sorry! Family emergency. Can't make it.

I sighed. I hated lying to her, but something told me I shouldn't tell anyone what was going on. Plus, she'd think I was nuts anyways. I turned my phone off, unwilling to lie anymore. I clenched my fingers as the plane took off, then occupied myself with untangling my headphones and turning my music on. This'd be a long flight.

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