just a boy

in this story a young girl named jasmine meets a boy. this boy turns her world upside down while jasmine finds out she is adopted and searches for her birth parents.


1. normal day

jasmines pov

today was just a normal everyday boring kind of day you know what i mean? nothing important happened nothing special to report. there's a new kid at school but i guess that happens. i didnt see his face all i know is its a boy. i heard from someone that his name was alex, maybe something else with an a.... i cant really remember.

i've never really walked uo to the new kids at school and started talking like normal people. im not that normal at all i guess. heres what i look like so you can see me in your head. i have bleach blonde hair dipped dyed black at the tips long but not to long, medium i guess. i have aqua blue eyes and pale skin. im not short im just average height and i never was very talented. i wear alot of black and i wear black eyeliner and everyone calls me goth but im not. im just a little hard core thats all. im a skater girl, hockey player, and i play the drums. i am normal lonely and awkward person. just like every other teenage girl with no friends.

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