Santa says Hello!

Daniella Fitz is a girl who has always looked forward to Christmas. But she never believed in Santa Claus. Why should she? He wasn't real. Then she meets Harry Styles. Now to prove him wrong, she decides to sleep next to the tree with a fire burning on Christmas Eve.


6. Sleepover time!

Dani's POV

So Both of us were awkwardly eating pizza and chewing when Harry gets a call.

"Hey Liam! Yeah. Louis' house. California. Mhm. Okay. Love you too!"

I smile and say,

"Liam Payne? Best vocals in One Direction?"

"Liam? Please. I am the best vocals."

"Sure, if that makes you feel better."

So we argue as we eat pizza and then we watch some television and we continue arguing. It was weird how one argument led to another and then another. Soon we were arguing over which hair products were better. I burst out laughing and say,

"Fine, you win. Can I sleep now? It's 11:00."

I was tired and I need beauty sleep if I am going to look spectacular for Jeremy tomorrow. Beauty takes time, you know.

"It's just 11."

He was whining. I snort and say,

"I don't care."

I change into warm pjs that have unicorns and rainbows all over them. I walk out after braiding my hair and see him in just his boxers and freeze. He looks up and I quickly ask while hiding my burning cheeks with my hands,

"Where will I sleep?"

He shrugs and says,

"With me?"

I snort and say,

"in your dreams."

I grab the comforter on his bed and a pillow and go over to the couch and make myself comfortable. He looks amused as he asks,

"You look comfortable."

"Christmas Eve tomorrow. Good night."

So he was a meanie and takes the comforter away. I chase after him and trip as I pull the blanket away from him and he lands on top of me. Wow. Talk about awkward.

"Sorry. Can I sleep now?"

His face was an inch away. He smirked and said,

"I like this position, babe."

Babe? What was wrong with this guy? I smile sweetly and say,

"I don't."

He gets up and wraps the blanket around me, picks me up and sets me on his bed.

"Goodnight. What kind of gentleman would let you sleep on the couch?"

I shrug and say,

"What kind of guest would let the host sleep on the couch?"

"Touche babe. Well I guess a compromise is needed."

He plops himself down on the bed and wraps his arms around my bundled form where I could not get out of the blanket and draped another blanket over us.

"See you in the morning babe."

He winks. I groan and fall asleep.

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