Santa says Hello!

Daniella Fitz is a girl who has always looked forward to Christmas. But she never believed in Santa Claus. Why should she? He wasn't real. Then she meets Harry Styles. Now to prove him wrong, she decides to sleep next to the tree with a fire burning on Christmas Eve.


3. I don't need friends

Daniella's POV

I was miffed about the car, but since it was Christmas season, I decided to be benevolent and forgive. Stupid car guy. My mother smiles as she says,

"Harry Styles is going to have Christmas with us!"

"Who the heck is Harry?"

She laughs and says,

"From One Direction! You can play the guitar to their Up all Night album, Take me home, and Midnight Memories."

I roll my eyes and say,

"I only know how to play Best song ever, story of my life, stronger, and half a heart."

She laughs again and says,

"I made cookies. Ask him to come over so you two youngsters could chat. Better yet, you two could chat and eat cookies over there."

"Do I have too?"

"You don't have any friends. I'm worried."

She makes a puppy dog face and I give in. I take the carton of cookies and walk over to next door and knock. I can hear a crash and then cursing. I sigh and Harry finally opens the door. He did not have a shirt on again, his hair was messed up, he looked incredibly sleepy and hot, but besides that point he said sleepily,

"What do you want?"

I plaster a smile on my face and say,

"Hi! My mother would like you to come and be friends with me because I have no friends and she feels like I need to have friends. But it is almost Christmas and she made cookies and now she wants us to eat them and become "friends" in your house."

He stares at me for awhile and says,

"I'll be there in a minute. Please come in."

So I walk in and sit on the couch. I daintily place the carton down and he comes down after 5 minutes with a shirt on. He sits next to me awkwardly and says,

"So what should we talk about?"

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