Fate or destiny?

Hi, I'm Alanna, a teenage girl who's cousin happens to be Liam Payne. What will happen when Alanna gets to go backstage with Liam at the bands concert?


7. I am going to tell her tomorrow.

Alanna's p.o.v:

Liam thought that it was a good time for him to take me home. We all walked out of the building towards Liam's car.

Just before we left, Zayn and Harry gave me a quick hug before Louis gave me a massive one. He is such a joker! It wasn't long before I was awkwardly stood infront of Niall. He leant in and gave me a quick hug, as Liam was standing not too far from us, looking impatient. 

Liam and I stared to walk away after we had said all of our goodbyes, when I turned around to see Niall in the distance with a smirk on his face. He winked at me before turning away. I smiled and softly giggled to myself.

"Why are you so happy?" Liam questioned, the curiosity show easily apon his face.

"No reason," I replied "It's nothing".

He looked confused before muttering "okay..." and walking faster.


When we pulled up to my house, Liam had said goodbye to me. I could see that he was tired so I asked him if he wanted to come in for a bit seeing as he was my cousin, and I didn't want him to get into a car accident. He obliged before walking into my house for a bit.

As we walked in, we saw Kate sitting in the living room with her eyes closed, listening to music through her Iphone. I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped up and hugged me, smiling. She was too excitable. She withdrew from the hug and began to speak when she saw Liam standing behind me. She nodded at him and he nodded back before he left. Brother and sister love, eh?

She sat back down on the sofa, before saying "So how'd it go?". "Well, i will tell you in the morning. Come on it's late". We walked upstairs to find Liam had fell asleep on the floor with one of our spare pillows. "Umm....Okayy..." Kate said slowly. She was already in her pyjamas so she hopped into bed, and said "night". I took the blanket from the end of my bed and carefully layed it over Liam, of all the places he could of slept he chose the floor. 

As i layed in bed i thought, im going to tell her tomorrow, I will tell Kate about Niall.


The sun shined through the edge of the curtain as my eyes flickered open. I sat up and looked at the floor Liam wasn't there. "He's in the shower", Kate informed me. I replied with "Okay". I looked at Kate. "Can i tell you something?" "Of course, anything" she said. "Well it's kind of a secret, so you can't tell anyone, and i mean anyone. No-one else knows besides Harry and Louis and obviously Niall, so-" Kate interupted me, "What do you mean 'obviously Niall'?" "Well, you see, umm...yesterday....umm.." I didn't know how to say it. Kate sat patiently waiting for me to tell her. "Niall asked me to be his girlfriend....and i said yes." Kate looked shocked but that expression soon changed to a massive smile. "Oh my gosh, im so hap-" she stopped as she heard the shower turn off. "You haven't told Liam have you." she already knew what i was going to say, obviously being Liams younger sister, she knows how overprotective Liam can be. I shook my head. Liam came back into our room, "Okay im going back to see the boys, do you two want to come with me?" Liam asked us. "Yes please!" i said, he nodded and turned to Kate. She shrugged her sholders, "Sure i didn't get to meet the boys yesterday, so it would be nice to meet them today".

Kate and I are sitting in the back of the car, and Kate leaned over to me and whisperes, "I also want to meet this boyfriend of yours". We exchange smiles then i gaze out of the car window, thinking about my kind of secret, awaiting prince.

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