16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


23. The Delivery ; Emma's POV

"Um, I think my water broke." I said to Ashton. His face went pale.

"Oh.. Oh my god. I thought we'd have a few more weeks!" He said.

"Ash, we need to get to the hospital!" I said. I went to get Julie to tell her its time.

"Julie.." I whispered, poking her arm.

"Yes dear?" She asked.

"My water broke!" I said. She smiled.

"Really?! Well shit, we gotta get my baby girl to the hospital!' She said. "Get in the limo, I'll drive you!" 

"Wait... what are we gonna do about everyone?" I asked, concerned about our guests.

"Hold on a second." She said. She walked over. standing on the steps in front of the church.

"Everyone! Attention please!" She requested nicely. "Emma and Ashton are going to be parents soon! Emma is in labor! So we will be heading to the hospital! If you'd like to be there for when the twins arrive, please go to the Lakewood Hospital and sit patiently in the delivery waiting area please. If Emma and Ashton want to have time alone Mrs. Irwin, myself, or Ashton will come and tell you all. Thank you!" She walked back to me. People started to "awww" and then I started to have a contraction.

"Oh god can we please just go? Now please!" I said in pain. Ashton carried me to the limo, and hopped in. The boys and Logan sat in the back with us, Mrs. Irwin and Julie up in front.

"Ohhh!" I said in pain as I had another contraction.

"Hurry up!" Ashton said. We sped to the hospital, and after 30 minutes of me having contractions, crying out in pain, we finally arrived. Mrs. Irwin sped inside to grab me a wheel chair. She came back out, and opened the door, letting us all out. Ashton and Michael helped me into the wheel chair, and I was pushed by someone. We all squeezed into a shiny metal elevator that smelled like sweat and tears.
"Oh god this hurts!" I cried out, almost in tears. Ashton shushed me, before the doors opened. I had to get signed in and everything before being taken to a room. There, I was propped up in a patient bed. My nurse, Natalie, was in the room about to check to see how far along I'm dilated.

"You guys all gonna stay in here while I check?" She asked nicely. Michael, Calum and Luke nodded, exiting the room to go to the waiting room.

"Babe, I gotta go to the bathroom. I'm also gonna run home and get the you and the babies' things. Okay?" Ashton said. I nodded as a response, before he gave me a kiss goodbye.

"Hurry up babe!" I shouted. Mrs. Irwin and Julie were the only ones in the room now, besides my nurse who checked my cervix.

"You are 5 centimeters dilated! We might need to prep you for surgery. You'll have to have a C-Section since you're having twins." She said. Ashton was gone and I'd be having these babies alone. I was about to cry.

"Will Ashton be here on time?" I asked, a bit worried. Mrs. Irwin hugged me, and said,

"Darling, I know he will be."



Two hours later, Ashton was already here and it was time for us to get our babies! I hugged Logan, Mrs. Irwin, the boys, and Julie. It was time. Ashton and I were taken to a room. They had me up in a bed, and put a sheet up. My gown was rolled up, so they could do what they needed to do. They gave me some numbing medicine, and I couldn't feel anything anymore.

"Okay Emma, we're gonna start the procedure." a doctor informed me. I didn't know if they started 'til I felt a bit of a pinch and I figured they started. After a few minutes I heard them say "Here's Baby A!" followed by my baby crying. I started crying.

"Is it Isabella or Josh?" I asked.

"It's little Isabella!" Someone said. I smiled. I got to see Isabella and she was so beautiful. I guess during that they got Josh.

"Here's Baby B! Little Joshua." They said. I cried. My babies were here. They brought Josh over to me.

"Hi baby boy! I'm your mummy!" I said in tears. This was so surreal.



A bit after, they stitched me up, cleaned up the babies, and we were taken back to our room. Ashton and I were getting settled with our babies, when Ashton said he was gonna go tell everyone that we're parents now. I agreed, and rested with the babies. I laid there, glancing at the two little miracles that were me and Ashton's children.

"Hi guys, I'm your mum. You guys are my babies and I love you both so much. You guys are beautiful." I whispered to my babies. Isabella had her eyes open, flashing me her big aqua blue eyes, and Josh had his closed, soon opening them showing his bright blue eyes as well. I smiled at my babies, before I heard a knock on the door. Ashton walked in, and I saw our friends and family outside standing.

"Hey babe, do you want to show them our babies? Or do you guys want to rest?" He said.

"Bring in the boys, Logan, Julie, and your mum please." I said. He exited, getting them. They walked in, and smiled at me.

"Hey baby girl, lemme see my grandbabies." Julie said. They all gathered around the bed, gazing at the babies laying in my arms. They had white and gray blankets, and gray hats on.

"Who is who?" Michael asked. 

"Isabella on the left, Josh on the right." 

Mrs. Irwin and Julie held the babies first, then Luke and Calum, Calum freaking out when Isabella yawned, thinking something was wrong. Then Logan and Michael, talking about all the 'band merch' they'd shower them in, making us all giggle.

Soon after, Ashton and I got to be alone with our babies. We laid together in bed, Josh and Isabelle laying with us. We all drifted to sleep together, as a small but happy family. This is only the start of a long journey, and there will be ups and downs, and mistakes will be made, but right now, we were doing alright. We are teenagers, we are a married coupled, we are parents. And though our life is unpredictable right now, I know the outcome will be the best.  

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