16 Years

Logan and Emma are best friends, and have been since kindergarten.
They've been through everything together.
What happens when one of these girls ends up a mom at 16?
Will their friendship sink? Or will a baby bring these two girls closer?


4. Saying Goodbye ; Both POV

                                                     Emma's POV


                "Good morning Em" a smiling Ashton says, greeting me with cuddles and a kiss on the forehead.

"Morning babe." I said, kissing Ashton. He smiled.

"Babe, you know what today is right?"

I frowned, "It's the day you guys leave for your 8 month tour."

Ashton kissed me. "Babe, we will Skype every day, I will call you, text you, send you gifts. I know it isn't the same as me being here, but we can do this. By the time I'm back, it'll be our 3 year anniversary." I smiled.

"I know, I just wanna be with you." I said, as I started to cry.

Ashton wiped my tears away, and kissed me. "No no, babe. Don't cry, I'm still here darling."

He held onto me and didn't let go. After awhile, I said "Ash you better get ready."

We got up, I got a shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, and then got dressed. When I was finished, Ashton was waiting for me.

"Let's go babe." He said. We had to stop at his place, and get his bags, then head to Michael's house. We walked outside to my car, and he made me sit in the passenger seat again. We drove to his house, which was five minutes away from my house.

We got to Ashton's house, and we went and got his bags. 20 minutes after that, we got finished filling my car with his items. We drove- well he drove- to Michael's house.

"Hey Mikey." I hear Ashton say to Michael.

"Hi Michael. Do you know where Logan is? Is she here or did she leave?" I asked politely.

"She is still here, haha. She passed out last night. She's up in my room."

I thank Michael, then go inside his house. I run up the stairs looking for Logan. I opened multiple doors but none were his room. I finally opened a door and see Logan, laying there naked. I tried waking her up but there was no response.

"Logan! Wake up! Please, wake up!"


                                                            Logan's POV

"Logan! Wake up! Please, wake up!" I hear someone screaming. I try to make out the voice but it was so.. faded.

"Who.. who are you?" I ask the anonymous person.

"It's me, Emma."

Emma. I know her, she.. she's my best friend.

"Oh, sorry. I'm kind of dizzy. I dunno why." I said.

"It's okay Logan, but why are you naked?"

I looked down and saw that I was naked.
"Oh, well um.. me and Michael are dating and we um.. had sex."

"You and Mikey are dating?! Yay! And I um, I lost my virginity last night to Ash."

I smiled. "Good! Now help me find my clothes."

"Fine." Emma and I looked for my clothes, and after 5 minutes of searching, I found all of my clothes. I put them on and we walked downstairs. I was greeted by Michael grabbing me, then pulling me into a kiss.

"Hello, beautiful." He whispered to me. I started to blush.

"Morning babe" I whisper back, giggling. Emma and I helped the boys load their bags onto their tour bus. Calum and Luke showed up with their things, and we helped them load their luggage too. 2 hours later, the boys had to leave. Ashton and Emma were hugging and they wouldn't let go of each other, and me and Michael were the same.

"I'm gonna miss you babe." I say, almost in tears.

"I'll miss you too, but I promise I will call and Skype you, and I'll send you text updating you on how I am doing. I promise babe. I love you." Michael says. We kissed, and then said goodbye.

Emma and I waved goodbye to the boys as they drove away. We hugged each other and I said

"I'm still here, Em. I'll always be here."

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