Infinity (It's On Horan)

Hello,my name is Evalynn. Evalynn Horan. U might know my brother Niall Horan. Yeah I'm his sister. I live in an orphanage where he left me not my parents. What happenes when I find him? Will they ever except me into the family? Read and find out!!


1. Chapter 1

Evalynn. Evalynn Horan. Yes I'm Niall's younger 10 year old sister. He left me in this...this orphanage when he was 9. Yeah not mum or dad.... Niall. Anyways so I've been living in this orphanage for 10 years and guess what... One Direction is coming to town and Niall won't be happy...


I woke up. I looked around for my calendar to make sure that today was the day my older brother came. Niall was so handsome and so grown up. I found my calendar and saw that it was the day. I had to wake up my bestfriend Summer and tell her that One Direction was coming today. She really hated 1D but she loved Selena Gomez. Saying her name was the only way to wake her up.

"Summer!!! Selena Gomez is coming in 1 hour!!" I yelled in her ear. "WHAT?? I NEED TO GET READY!! I need to make my hair change my clot-" Summer said but I cut her off. "Summer..... One Direction is coming today... Not Selena..." I said slowly. "Awwww Ev don't ever do that again. You know how much I love Selena!"

I quietly laughed. "Yes yes I do. My brother is coming so go get ready." "Why did he leave you here anyway?" Summer asked. "We'll have to ask him and find out" I said looking down. "Sorry for bringing it up Ev. I didn't mean too." She said. "It's ok Sum.... I've always wanted to know that too"

Sorry for the short chapter guys. I guess I'll write again later. Ttyl :)

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