anything for you, my love

What happens when Harry cheat on Valerie then asks her out again? What will she say?


4. sleepova !!!

Valerie's POV

Things got a little awkward after we almost kissed.

"Hey Val I'm goin to put Bella in bed is that alright" harry asked while carrying my half awake half asleep sister.

"Yeah well can I come to she likes it when I sing her to sleep so yeah." I said kinda awkwardly and shyly

"You sing? I guess I get to hear tonight!" He exclaimed happily. So we went up stairs and he put my sis in her princess bed. We might have only one mom but she has a pretty good ass job.

"So Bella bear what do u want me to song tonight?" I asked my little sister

"Hmm how bout a one direction song?" She asked knowing Harry would sing along and smile.

"Okay we'll sing moments!" I screamed knowing that was my fave back in the day jam.

We sang nice and smooth together and my sis fell asleep in a snap. I kissed her cheek while Harry kissed her forehead then we went downstairs to the boys.

We watched like 5 movies when I noticed everyone asleep but me and him...

"Hey love why don't we put you to sleep" he yawned while stretching

"I thought everyone was asleep?" I asked him

"What? You don't like me?" He asked me

"No Harry it's just were kinda awkward after our moment back there.."I said looking down.

He came closer and lifted my chin up and said, "babe no need to feel awkward. I can kiss you right now and not feel awkward."he said seriously

"Then do it." It slipped out of my mouth but soon enough I felt juicy plump lips on my small ones.

"Now let's go put you to bed." He told me

"Wait Harry. That kiss gave me butterflies and I think...I think.."

"You think what love?"

"Harry I think I like you..."with that said he carried me to my room and we cuddled and kissed all night long.


Sorry for a crappy chapter I'm new to this writing stuff. Anyways comment, like, and favorite! Byeeeeeee

~~~~~Valerie A.

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