anything for you, my love

What happens when Harry cheat on Valerie then asks her out again? What will she say?


1. the concert

Valerie's POV:

I was getting ready for tonight. Angie, Hannah, Antonia, and I were going to one direction's concert tonight. I wore my white I love harry t-shirt with leggings, elites and black vans. I was walking downstairs when I heard a honk outside. "Finally we were honking forever" said Antonia. "I just got ready and sorry I did have headphones in." Angie drove while blasting one direction's new album midnight memories. "Hey guys wanna take it old school?" Asked Hannah. "Yeahhh" we all replied. We heard the familiar tune of WMYB. We finally got to the arena which was packed with screaming girls. We got in and sat in our seats which was front row seats! "OMG I'm so excited guys!" Angie yelled.


"Hey guys I gotta tinkle" I called to my friends. On my way I bumped into a blonde guy. "Oh my god. I'm soooo sorry!" "It's ok. I wasn't-" "OMG yur Niall!" I shrieked. "Yeah I am" he said. "Nice concert you were good" "most girls say you were amazing to me" he replied. "Guess I'm special but I've been to your concerts before and you were better I guess." "I'd like to get to know you. Here's my number call me and we can hang out some day." He gave me a piece of paper and left. "What the hell just happened?" I whispered to myself.

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