People's Poems

Poetry can take one to a land of freedom. I find my peace here. When I am in treacherous or blessed times I can turn to writing to express myself in a way regular speech can not. I hope every other girl and boy can experience the joy I find in this activity. I only hope to share my words therefore sharing my life. I wish to dedicate this collection to my friends whom have always stayed by me and given me the strength to write, while rarely doubting my sanity.


1. You Say

You Say

By: Colby J.F

You say that life's a game

But what's the outcome

Death, success, a sense of pride

What is left at the end to hide

You say that it's all a joke

But here I am about to choke

Losing, dying, have I lost

What is left and at what cost

You say everyone deserves respect

But here I am with hands around my neck

Gasping, crying, losing faith

What is this game, nothing safe

You say that I couldn't tell

But here I lay reminding myself of what fell

Pride, dignity, everything I earned

What is life if there's nothing to yearn

Authors Note:

As I wrote this when I was going though a hard time. I was dealing with the everyday horrid classmate. She attacked my friends and it got to the point where I was physically threatened. It seemed like the world was caving in on me like a dilapidated fortress. I was being slowly crushed by her words and actions and still to this day face her but now with a stronger tactic. I remember sobbing while chicken scratching this down in my journal. I figured this would be appropriate to begin my collection with. I am not a depressed cliché girl, but sadness can spark a flame a smile can't.

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