Jaiden DiLaurentis. That pretty girl with a few tattoos and piercings. That girl who everyone assumes is mean and rude because she's in a punk band. The pretty face you see in magazines. Her band is invited to go on tour with Five Seconds Of Summer. Jaiden goes by 'Jai' so the boys think she's a he. But when they find out Jai is really a girl, they're falling head over heels for her. Only to find out she's dating someone.


6. Chapter 1

Michael's POV


"We need someone to your with!" Ashton yelled, coming back into the room. 


"Like who?" Luke asked. 


"Why don't we ask the 5SOS fam for suggestions?" Calum asked. I nodded and tweeted on our shared Twitter page. 


Who knows any good bands?? 


"Now we wait like two seconds." I laughed. Immediately my phone started beeping uncontrollably. I logged back onto my Twitter and went to read the replies. The boys huddled around my shoulders, peering onto the screen. 


"These are all bands we know." Calum frowned. 


"Import Punk?" Ashton questioned. 


"Sounds interesting." Luke shrugged. We decided to look them up on Twitter. 


"Import Punk official Twitter account. Members: Jai, Josh, Kyle, & Tommy." I read their bio aloud as they all sat back down where they were before.


"What do you think they're like?" Ashton asked. 


"Mikey, read one of their tweets." Luke told me. 


"Okay." I nodded and went to their tweets, "'We're not a pop band, we're punk. Have you seen our tattoos?!?!'" I read their latest one aloud. 


"Tattoos. I wonder how many..." Calum trailed off. 


"Let's listen to something by them." Luke suggested. I went to YouTube and looked them up. Luke clicked the first one, which was a lyrics video of them covering King For A Day by Pierce The Veil. 


"Wow, whoever is singing Vic's lines sound just like him." Calum said, amazed. 


"I like em'. I say we should pick them." Ashton said. 


"Agreed." Luke, Calum, and I said in unison. 


"I'll go call management now." Ashton smiled.

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