"young love"

a young girl, falls in live with a cute direction boy, al tough there is something wrong with there young love.


3. "the words"

Niall went and picked up aria

" hey!" i said with a smile

"hi love how are you?"

"good how about you"?(: I said

"good, because I'm with you, are you ready to go to this party love?(:"

I blushed

"yes" I said with a smile


his eyes were shining so bright. he was just so perfect. and his hair and his eyes and oh my gosh. everything about him. I was so nervous but I tried hiding it.

"we are here"

"great!(:" I said

"I want to show you to everybody because you are so beautiful"

"aww thank you Niall" I said

we finally saw the boys and we hung out with them most of the time we'll there was a million people around us.

" so how's Niall?" Harry said.

I looked a Niall and smiled.


I blushed a little bit.


oh jezz I was so nervous to be around her, so so pretty and she's so funny. I hope she didn't feel uncomfortable form that question Harry asked her.

"so Niall do you want to go get some water with me?" I said


we were walking to get water and then Niall had to ask me something

" you aren't uncomfortable around the boys are you?"

"oh no not at all" I said

"ok great"


aria was walking in front of me, I want to tell her how much she means to me! and how much I like her I'm just so nervous! I mean she's perfect. but I don't know if she thinks the same about me. so I will just tell her after the party.

"would you like to dance aria?"

"of course but I'm not a very good dancer" I said

"I'm sure your better than me"

I laughed.

after the party me and Niall went for a walk.

" aria.. I have to tell you something"

"Niall what is it?" I said, I was nervous as hell,

"aria we only have known each other for not that long but you are so beautiful, and you mean so much to me... I want... I want you to be mine... forever... will you?(:"

"oh my! yes of course I feel the same way!" I said with the most biggest smile on my face

"great!! I'm so happy"

"me too." I said

Niall kissed me on the check.

I blushed


omg! Niall is my boyfriend! I couldn't believe it! he's so perfect.! I was the most happiest person ever, he's eyes his face just everything was perfect!


aria said yes! I was so happy I was so nervous my stomach started to hurt. when we were walking all I wanted to do was hung her.

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