Bullied by 1D

Andy is bullied by one direction and tried to do the one thing she wanted to do but they wouldn't let her. She escapes from her abusive parents. Will she fall in love with one of the members?

My 2nd movella! ~ananda or andy


3. 2

I limped all the out the door, until I started to feel my legs and the rest of my body again. I walked to school but quickened my pace when I saw my worst bullies. Out of all of the people who bully me, they are the worst. One Direction. "Hey! You slut! Come here we have a surprise for you.." I think Harry said. I could feel him smirking. I just ignored them but they had other plans. One of them turned me around and saw that it was Harry again. "You bitch!! You don't walk away from us when we're talking to you!" I felt tears streaming down my face. He gave me an evil, satisfied smirk. "Ok... I'll let you off this time," he started. "But Harry-" Louis started but Harry told him to let him finish. "But you have to meet us after school, we have a "present" for you." He finished. They then walked away besides Niall. "And don't try to get out of it. It'll just make it worse". He said. Oh god what have I gotten myself into?!?!

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