You & I

"Promise me you won't forget.." "I won't forget you.. I promise."
When Lucy moved to London three years ago, she left everything behind. But the one thing she didn't want to leave was Liam. She was madly in love with Liam and they finally got together. But then her mother died and her dad was offered a job in London. She had no other choice. While she was living in London, her and Liam lost contact, and that ended their relationship. But she was constantly reminded of that awful heart break, since Liam was all over the papers and magazines as one of the most well known boys in the whole world. It killed he seeing pictures of him laughing with other girls. But there was nothing she could do. And it didn't help having a group of friends who loved them! One day Lucy is invited to go and see One Direction live. Her dad says it would be good for her, since she hardly gets out. But what happens when Liam spots her in the crowd?


2. The Tickets.

"LUCY! LUCY!" Eleanor screamed at me, trying to wake me up from my very comfortable sleep. She shook my shoulders a few times and eventual averted to slapping me. "WOAH!" I yelled, as she flung her palm across my cheek. "Okay! Im awake!" I said, siting up and leaning against the wall, still rubbing my saw cheek. "THEY CAME!" She bellowed, loud enough for the whole world to hear. I didn't even need to ask what they were.. But, I'd already agreed that I'd go with her, so I couldn't back out now. Although I was terribly nervous... "COME ON!!!" Eleanor screamed, grabbing me by my hands and pulling me out of bed into the living room. Lying on the coffee table were two long slips of paper. She sprinted over to them and held them in front of her face. "LOOK LOOK LOOK!" She yelled exitedly. I focused on the small print on the tickets and sighed. '1st Augst. Wembely Arena. Standing. Front Row. One Direction.' Yep. There was no way in hell that Liam was going to NOT see me. But I had promised.

1st Of August.

"Are you ready?" I laughed as Eleanor bounced around the room. "ABSO-FREAKING-LOUGHTLY!" She screamed. We bolted down the stairs and into my car. It didn't take us long to get to the arena, and we were one of the first ones there. We were let in early and I could here the sound of microphones booming. It must have been sound check. There was a loud crash, and a very loud laugh. "LOUIS!" Someone yelled. When we walked into the arena, there were no more girls in there. Eleanor was having a breakdown, since her fiver heroes were in the same room as her and her best friend. And only us. Eleanor ran right to the front, and watched as the boys had a little rehearsal. I walked slower, as I was searching the stage for that one face. "Why hello love!" Harry said, crouching down to Eleanor. She sucked in a sharp gasp as he jumped down so he was standing next to her. The rest of the boys came and sat round her... Apart from Liam, who still wasn't on stage. "And your name is?" Niall asked sweetly. I was still quite far away but I could still hear them talking. "E-E-Eleanor.. Eleanor Calder.." She stuttered quietly. Louis face lit up, and I could see in his eyes that there was an attraction there. Eleanor had always loved Louis the most. By this time I was next to Eleanor. "And who's this lovely lady?" Zayn smiled as I stood next to her. I was about to introduce myself when another voice did it for me...


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