You & I

"Promise me you won't forget.." "I won't forget you.. I promise."
When Lucy moved to London three years ago, she left everything behind. But the one thing she didn't want to leave was Liam. She was madly in love with Liam and they finally got together. But then her mother died and her dad was offered a job in London. She had no other choice. While she was living in London, her and Liam lost contact, and that ended their relationship. But she was constantly reminded of that awful heart break, since Liam was all over the papers and magazines as one of the most well known boys in the whole world. It killed he seeing pictures of him laughing with other girls. But there was nothing she could do. And it didn't help having a group of friends who loved them! One day Lucy is invited to go and see One Direction live. Her dad says it would be good for her, since she hardly gets out. But what happens when Liam spots her in the crowd?


3. Liam Payne.


"LOUIS!" I yelled as Louis 'Accidently' knocked over one of the stage set ups. As usual, he was running around on stage, not even bothering to warm up. "Oh, give over Liam.." He smirked, continuing to run around, watching Harry laugh in hysterics. I stormed off the other way to try and fine our stage manager, so he could sort out the mess. As I walked, I calmed myself down, taking deep breaths, and closing my eyes. "Liam, what's wrong?" Paul said as I approached him. "Louis." I simply said. "What's he done now?" Paul asked rolling his eyes. I just motioned for him to follow me. As we walked back to the centre stage, I could hear the boys talking. Maybe some fans had been let in early. probably.  We reached the stage and I froze. The boys were talking to some fans, but I knew one of them. How could anyone forget that caramel hair, those beautiful blue eyes or that amazing smile. The way she laughed under her breath and judged the boys based on the random stuff she had just seen. "And who's this lovely lady?" Zayn asked. she was about to say her name, but it spilled from my lips before she managed to. "Lucy?" It was more a question than an answer. "Liam.." She sighed. The boys looked around, from me to Lucy. Surely they had herd me talk about her before. For the first year I was with the boys, I couldn't get over her moving to London. I was so distort, but I knew I had no control over it. "What are you doing here?" I asked her, edging closer to the end of the stage were the boys sat. "Um.. I'm here to see the show." She smiled. Her friend seamed to be exploding with excitement, so I could tell that Lucy had been dragged down here by her. "I never knew you were a fan.." I said quietly. "Well, I haven't spoken to you in ages.. so." she stuttered. "Boys! You need to come and get ready!" Paul called from behind. We all turned around and the set up that Louis had knocked over, was standing up again, waiting for the show to begin. "come on, their gonna start letting people in now.." Paul informed us, before leaving the stage. "We'll watch out for you in the crowd.." Louis winked at Lucy's friend. And we all rushed off to get ready. "LIAM!" They all exploded. "How do you know her?" Harry asked. "Remember that Lucy I kept going on about?" I reminded them. They all nodded and suddenly realised. "Oh." Niall said.


"OH MY GOD!" Eleanor yelled quietly as the boys walked off. "That was so surreal!" She said, as the fans were starting to get let in. "Yeah.. You have no idea." I muttered. It was so great to see Liam  again, in person. Not just on TV or on the posters around the flat. I really had missed him.. there was never a moment when I wasn't thinking about him, and it made it worse when Eleanor played the sad songs by One Direction. I was actually looking forwards to seeing him live...

The show was amazing. The boys kept winking and smiling at us, and whenever Liam had a really intense or emotional solo, he would look directly at me, which made me blush very hard. he was even better live than he was on the CDs. God, I loved the sound of his voice. But, all good things must come to an end, and the show was almost over. "this last song..." Liam began as the opening bars to Little Things started, "Is dedicated to someone special to me..." And he winked at me again. I could have listened to that song forever, and it was my favourite one too. Me and Eleanor sang along, fighting back many tears. As they went off, Liam sent me one final look and smiled the most adorable smile id seen in a long time... 

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