The Project

Jen Menda is in love with a guy she thinks doesn’t even know she exists (Jake Miller). He’s been her crush for 2 years now but she’s too scared and shy to go and tell him she likes him, but when they get paired up for a science project things start to change especially when she goes to his house to “work on the project” *wink * as they call it. As the time passes by they become more than friends and start doing more than a project. But of course little miss dumbass had to come and ruin Jens chance.


2. science



Jake’s POV

“Hurry up” yelled my older brother “we’re going to be late he said. “Shut up” I yelled “go without me I’ll walk thank you very much”. “Kay, whatevs” he said back. I quickly got my backpack and got ready to walk to school. This is going to be a long walk I said to myself as I was heading out the door. As I was reaching school I saw her, the most beautiful girl ever, the most perfect girl ever made.(Jen)Her real name is Jennifer but everybody calls her Jen *Sigh* such a beautiful name. Of course she was with her friend Julissa I have her in some of my classes she’s pretty cool too. 

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaake” I heard someone half scream. “Ugh” I said in my mind it was Belinda again I’ve gone out with her a lot of times I don’t even remember how many but she keeps on breaking up with me saying that she found someone else, she moved on from me, or that I don’t pay attention to her. Whatever I gave her everything a girl needs and more I wasted almost all my money on her. But I’ve been such a dumass I keep on coming back to her but this time I’m really done with her, she cheated on me and I’m like ofn I’m done with you. She acts like if nothing even happened like were still friends and everything she thinks I still like her lol she has no idea how I much I hate her. I don’t like people making people feel bad so that’s why I never tell her to stay away from me or to leave alone and I’ve known her since we were little our moms have been best friends since like they were little so I don’t want to hurt her feelings even thoe she deserves it.

“Hey” I say back kind of rudely. “How was your weekend” she asks all happy, “okay” I say back. “Hey baby” she says to her new boyfriend the imtocoolforyou kind of guy. “Later” I said, not wanting to be there when they start making out. I stop at my locker to get my stuff and head to first period I have science and math with her


                “Okay class, take a seat I have a new project for you guys” Mr. Kipling said. Half of the class booed and the other half squealed. “You guys are going to make an experiment on whatever you’d like, it has to take up at least 2 months in total and each one of you has to write an essay and make a poster with your partner I’m choosing your partners by the way”. (More boos that time). Okay your partners are Kelbie and Melissa, Barbara and Jose, Natalie and Maria. And he kept on going until he was almost at the end and said Jen and Jake. O.M.G.

Jen’s POV

Wait did I just hear him right I’m getting paired up with Jake. Jake turned back to look at me from the front of the classroom and smiled, I smiled back and started blushing really hard. Mr. Kipling said we had the rest of class to start coming up with ideas to work on our project so Jake came and sat really close to me, so close I could smell his cologne and the gum he was chewing. “Hey” he said kind of shyly. “Hi” I said all awkwardly. We kept on talking and soon we had a conversation going.

When we were about to leave he asked me if I wanted to go to his place to go work on our project. OMFG I almost died, I asked him if anybody else was going to be there and he said “nope just me and you, I have the whole house to myself for 3 days my parents are out of town and my brother stays at his girlfriends until Thursday”  he smiled at me looked at my lips. Damn we barely met and talked and I could already tell he wanted me, most of the time he was staring at my chest and ass. If only he knew how much I wanted him too. 

My next classes went by slow until math was I got to see Jake again. He sits right in front of me so we passed notes at first it was kind of boring until we accidently held hands when we were passing the note and Mr. Suomi called on Jake so he just kept his hand on mine until he finished answering the question omg the third time I almost died. This is going fast I thought. I used to think he didn’t even know I was existed and know were talking and holding hands even thoe it wasn’t purposely.

Then when we didn’t have anything to talk about he’s all like “so what do you want to talk about beautiful with a heart at the end. Omg is he trying to kill me, I really like him.  And then “I said I don’t know handsome” and we just kept on talking. Until Belinda saw us and she comes over all mad saying “WTF do you think you’re doing with my boyfriend you fuckin sleut”.

“Wtf do you think you’re doing wearing those booty shorts like if they your underwear and your face trying to look like a fuckin clown” I said back. Nope I’m not letting this bitch talk to me like that. “Well at least I ai-“she started to say but got cut off by Jake when he said “shut up Belinda were over and you know it, this is the reason I don’t want to come back with you your so rude and you think you own me. And anyways what happened to your new boyfriend”? “I thought you said that he so much better than me”. “Well he dumped me saying that I’m just like the others”. “Well maybe it’s because you are just like the others” I said. And then I just walked out of the classroom like nothing ever happened. (A/N I actually had this fight with a girl, that’s where I got this from: p and the next chapter has a sex scene so if you don’t like this type of story don’t read it)


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