Hunger Games: Battle Of the Bands (A One Direction Story)

Its all in the title. Young people from all around the world, in fact, 10 from each state and 5 from each major country like the UK and Asia etc., are transported outside rural town Big Spring, Texas. Now don't get me wrong, Big Spring isn't the smallest town around. Coahoma is, ranking in at a population of 831, while Big Spring has a total of 27, 546. Watch as Emily, Belia, Jessica, Becka, and Crystal, 5 best friends chosen from Texas, odd enough, are thrown into what may be the best or worst situation of their lives, along with 500 or so other participants, including the worlds newest pop boy band, One Direction.


6. Chapter 6

*** Sorry but really quickly  I would like to say Thank you all so much for being here and being a reader and all the ... mushie stuff... also, this chappie may be a bit too  much for some of you younger ones, selfharm and harsh words.. please try not to say anything mean as the story is somewhat linked to my life and all its happening.. anywho.. if anyone needs someone to talk to, remember, im here. I know hurt. you can trust me. :) <3 ***


~~ Emily's POV

      I woke up, early the next morning, to a bright morning sun burning my eye lids. I cracked open my eyes, slightly adjusting to the bright light. Yawning, I sat up and stretched my arms above my head. Dark, black hair fell over my eyes. I groaned, before standing up to rush to the bathroom. I slid open the bathroom stall after warming up the water and peeling off my clothes, then hurriedly slithered into the warm water. Knocks sounded on the door. "Em, I need to pee!" called Akasia's timid, familiar voice. "Just don't flush!" I replied. the door cracked open and she hurried to the toilet I turned away and scrubbed the shampoo into my scalp. "So... I heard someone likes you.." she said. I froze. It's a joke, Emily. How stupid are you?  I laughed at the voice. "What?" she asked "It's true." At least, that's what Belia told me." she added. then she was gone. No one would like. You're ugly. You're worthless. You might as well just die. Please. Do us all a favor. the voice in my head seemed to be screaming, blocking out all the sound I could possibly hear, yet it was merely whispering. I reached to grab the conditioner, pulling it from its spot on the shelf, when the razor dived into the water from behind it. I stood there staring at, debating. No one will know. Do it. It's cold you can hide with a jacket.

Don't. It's not worth the pain. Think of the others around you.

What others? What pain? 

I scooped up the razor and swiftly snapped it, pulling out one of the edges, nipping the pads of my first finger and thumb. Just a couple. No one will ever notice.

I brought my left wrist up to the blade, the thin, fading, white scars haunting me. No one noticed before. I pressed the cool metal to my heated skin, followed by a sharp breath and a slice. Then four more. I swiped the blood from the cuts and put on all my clothes, then went out side. No one will notice.

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