Hunger Games: Battle Of the Bands (A One Direction Story)

Its all in the title. Young people from all around the world, in fact, 10 from each state and 5 from each major country like the UK and Asia etc., are transported outside rural town Big Spring, Texas. Now don't get me wrong, Big Spring isn't the smallest town around. Coahoma is, ranking in at a population of 831, while Big Spring has a total of 27, 546. Watch as Emily, Belia, Jessica, Becka, and Crystal, 5 best friends chosen from Texas, odd enough, are thrown into what may be the best or worst situation of their lives, along with 500 or so other participants, including the worlds newest pop boy band, One Direction.


2. Chapter 2


I quickly stuffed my diary under my mattress on the window seat and ran to pack my bag for the over night camping trip with the girls. I dropped to the floor and reached under my bed, patting around the floor for my oversized suitcase. The bag fell on my bed and I ran to my closet, chunking clothes behind me. My bathroom bag quickly filled up as I threw things into it. In seconds, my suitcase filled up. I hadn't even bothered to fold anything. It took me a minute, standing there and debating, but I eventually sighed and took everything out, then folded them, before replacing everything.  I hated wrinkles. In the bathroom, my phone started to ring. I ran to grab it, nearly tripping over the little stump I normally have to step up on, letting out a little scream. My finger slide across the screen and Bel's picture popped up. She was on the line. “Hey, Belia!” I said, excitedly. “Em, are you ready?” she asked. “Yes! Definitely!” I replied as I threw my shoes on, excitedly. “Be there in a sec!” She hung up. I grabbed my jacket and my suitcase and ran downstairs to fill another bag full of food. If I didn’t get enough, I would be a total bitch to everyone. “Mom! Where’s the Nutella? And the PopTarts? What about the peanuts? Where’s all the food we JUST bought?!?” I yelled down the hall. My brother must have taken it all, that stupid cock-slut. “In your cabinet, stupid!” she screamed. “Meany head!!” I replied, opening the cabinet and grabbing the bag of food. I heard honking outside. “Bye, Mom! Belia’s here! See you at the Auctioning! Love you!” I screamed. “Don’t call it that!” she replied. I groaned. Bitch, please. I DO AS I WANT. “I’m waiting..” I said, impatiently. “Love you, too!” She said. I smiled and walked out the door and began running to Belia’s Jeep, hopping in between Crystal and Becka. Jessica was sat up front. “Let’s skedaddle on outa herr!!!” Crystal exclaimed. Belia smiled and the car lurched forward as we zoomed down the street in laughter. I could tell tonight would have some kind of twist. Becka seemed quiet and Crystal was just…. Crystal. Jessica turned round. “Guess what!?” “What?” “Clay, Brent, Taylor, Ace, and Tobey said they would try to come!! You gonna talk to Tobey??” she said waggling her eyebrows. “Shut up!” I smacked her shoulder. She laughed and turned around. Becka spoke up. “Ace?” she asked timidly. Jessica nodded at her in the mirror. Becka smiled. “Hey, guys. Why did Sally fall off the swing?” Crystal asked. I shrugged, and turned to her. “Why?” I asked. “She didn’t have any arms.” She said with smile. An awkward silence filled the car followed by laughter. “Oh, yea?” Belia said. “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” Becka asked. “Not Sally!” I said. I laughed until my sides ached. “Why did the little boy drop his ice-cream?” I said, leaning over, tears down my face. “Why?” Crystal asked. “He got hit by a truck!” I said, waiting for the laughter. “Okay, what’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?” “Half a worm?” Jessica asked. “The holocaust!” I said, giggling like a hyena. They were all looking at me weird. “One more, I swear!” I added. “What’s the hardest part of a vegetable to eat? ….. The wheelchair!” Finally, I got some laughter out of them. The rest of the car ride was full of laughter and jokes from the other girls as we got closer and closer to the camp site.

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