Inside the Outside

Same story. Different Name. Better content.

When Natalie Carter moves to a new school, she's instantly noticed by the schools biggest bad boy, Harry Styles. He hooks up with girls, then there gone the next day, he rides a motorbike and barely shows up to class. Harry thinks Natalie's just another toy in his game. Natalie thinks he's her worst nightmare, but opposites attract right?


5. Chapter Five

The car ride we endured home was in complete and utter silence. His eyes remained transfixed on the road before him illuminated by the bright light streaming from the cars headlights. I stole the occasional glance at him, only to see him in the exact same position every time, eyes set on the road, bloodied knuckles tightly clenched around the wheel, face bloodied and muscles contorting in what I assumed was anger. I wanted to thank him, but his current silence and lack of movement frightened me out of speaking up. So I remained silent, nervously picking at my fingernails as the car rumbled beneath us.

Minutes past and eventually we pulled up in the driveway of a two story house in which I easily figured was is home. The engine was cut and I jumped a little as a large warm hand was laid on my shoulder. I breathed out a sigh of relief remembering it was only Harry.

“Come on.”

I watched as Harry pushed his door open, his lean frame clambering out into the cool night. I bit my lip nervously as my gaze returned to the looming house in which I would have to enter. I was beginning to regret deciding not to return home ad to allow him to bring me here instead because now I would have to survive a night with an angry male who I had personally witnessed attempt to kill his so called friend. I should have stayed with Niall despite Harry’s commands, he didn’t control me and even if he tried he four males could’ve restrained him whilst I made a break for it. It was too late now though, I had chosen to go with Harry and now I was outside his house trying to decide whether or not to get out of the car.

Taking a deep breath I pushed my door open and stepped out into the dark of the night. A shiver ran down my spine, goose bumps prickling on my skin as the cool breeze tickled at my skin. The street lamps produce little light, only just enough for me to be able to navigate my way up to the front door where Harry stood unlocking the door. Pulling my torn shirt across my chest, trying to keep as much heat in as possible whilst I patiently waited for front door to swing open.

I watched as Harry stepped inside, quickly flicking the hall light on. I gulped nervously as I peered into the house straining to see anything other than the dimly lit corridor running through the center of the building. I took a step forward hesitating once I reached the doorframe in which defined inside or outside, afraid of what might happen if I took one step further to cross from out to in. I wondered how many other girls he’d brought through this door and was I going to end up as just another one?

I still stood outside on the verge between in and out even after Harry had slipped off his shoes and swiveled around t face me. A frown was etched into his features as he stared at me debating whether to run or to step into the warmth of his house.

“You do know you can come in?”

I blinked a couple of times, shaking my head to rid myself of the disastrous thoughts running through my mind. Taking a deep breath I took a step past the doorframe into the dimly lit hallway. A smirk crossed Harry’s lips as he watched me nervously shift my weight from foot to foot, still clutching my shirt together. He stepped towards me, forcing a small whimper from my lips as he became incredibly close, closer than I liked. I jumped a little as Harry slammed the door shut, a wave of fear washing through me as the familiar sound of the lock clicking into place sounded in the eerie silence. Thought I did well to mask my fear of the intimidating male standing before me, the look on his face made it clear he knew I was afraid of him, it was almost as though he could sniff out my fear.

I was surprised when Harry’s harsh eyes softened after observing my fearful expression, His hand was lifted from his side, moving towards my face as if to cup my cheek. A strange sensation flowed through me and I found my eyes fluttering closed, my breathing becoming heavy as I awaited his touch. It never came though, only a swift brush of air ticked my skin as Harry changed his mind, retracting his hand.

When I opened my eyes again he was studying his bloodied knuckles as if he had only noticed the split skin oozing thick, crimson blood now. A deep frown was worn on his forehead as he studied his damaged hand. I opened my mouth to say something but before even the tiniest squeak had fallen from my lips he abruptly turned, disappearing down the hall.

A heavy sigh escaped me as I kicked my converse off. I don’t know why I feel slightly disappointed that he didn’t touch my cheek, I hate the guy, he’s an asshole and he will be forever. Why did I even come here with him?

‘Because he saved you.’ A small voice whispered in the back of my mind.

Quietly I padded down the floor in just my socks, I couldn’t help but notice how there wasn’t a single photo frame hanging on the walls or anything at all, the walls were blank and dreary. I’ve never been in a home that hasn’t had art or pictures of their family hanging on the walls or decorating the hall stand. It was strange because I also hadn’t seen any sign of his parents being home either, the lights were all out when we arrived and it’s well after midnight, there wasn’t even another car in the drive.

Curiously I peeked into a room which I discovered was the living room, it looked normal, sofas, coffee table flat screen TV, all the basics. It looked normal part from the lack of pictures just like the hall. Though I did feel slightly more relaxed knowing his home was pretty normal and he didn’t have a bunch of murder weapons in here I couldn’t help but wonder why the walls were so bare, I found it incredibly strange.

Moving back into the hall I headed towards a light coming from within a room the next door down. I knew it was the kitchen before I reached it as the sound of running water could be heard from where I was currently positioned. I cautiously peered round the doorframe, my eyes instantly landing on Harry’s back as he leant over the sink running his bloody knuckles under the cold water.

“Harry?” I spoke quietly from the doorway.

At the sound of his name he turned his head to the side as he looked over at me. I took a hesitant step inside the room, watching anxiously as Harry turned back towards sink, the taut muscles in his arms becoming prominent as he switched the tap off. He reached for a towel poised by the side of the sink rubbing the fluffy material over his hands, drying of the moisture.

Chucking the towel aside carelessly Harry twisted around to face me, his brilliant green eyes burning into me as he leant his elbows against the counter. My mouth suddenly felt incredibly dry under his intense gaze, mind going black as I became lost for words.

“Thank-you.” I whispered.

Harry’s eyes darkened as he looked at me, the once pretty green turning dull and angry as he sent me a deadly glare.

“You shouldn’t thank me.” Harry snaps. “It was my fault anyway.”

With that he promptly exited the kitchen leaving me standing befuddled just inside the doorway. What the hell is wrong with him? Is he like bipolar or something? One minute he’s fine, the next he’s pissed off and angry.

Why the fuck would he think it was his fault that Adam targeted me, it’s not like he had any control over Adam’s actions. Harry saved me for goodness sake, he stopped Adam from committing rape and protected me from him. He may be an asshole and his way of stopping Adam from hurting me may have been brutal and incredibly violent but Harry had saved me and I was grateful for what he did despite that.

Releasing a huff of annoyance I stormed out of the kitchen after him. When I stepped into the hall again I just caught sight of him stomping up the stairs, vanishing up onto the second floor. Hurriedly I climbed the stairs, taking them two at a time as I scrambled after him. I don’t know what succumbed me to follow him, I’d wanted to run almost every other time but somehow I felt a pull towards Harry. I was unable to describe the unusual feeling, he intrigued me and I was curious so I followed.

Once I’d reached the second floor I looked from left to right trying to figure out which way Harry had fled. I didn’t know why he had snapped at me the way he did after I thanked him but I was determine to find out. Going with my gut instinct as I did often, I took a sharp left turn, padding quietly down the hall. I silently rejoiced after seeing light flood from beneath the door at the end of the hall.

Cautiously I wrapped my fingers round the metal door handle. I wasn’t sure whether I should knock or just open the door with the faint chance of him getting changed on the other side of the wooden barrier. The again if I knocked he’d probably tell me to fuck off and lock me out. So despite my fears I twisted the handle. The door creaked on its hinges as I hesitantly pushed it open, the shrill sound making me wince. My lower lip was taken between my teeth as I nervously peeked round the corner into what I assumed was Harry’s bedroom.

I was slightly taken aback by the state of his room, for an eighteen year old guy it was considerably tidy, probably even tidier than my own. Apart from the few items of clothing strewn across the crème coloured carpet the floor was spotless. I pushed the door open a little further, taking a step into the room so I could get a better look.

Three walls were coloured white, whilst his large bed was positioned in the centre of the fourth black feature wall. A black duvet was sprawled out across the unmade bed, sheets tucked beneath it in a tangle of white. Black curtains were drawn across the windows, hiding the contents of Harry’s bedroom from any onlookers passing by. I blinked, somewhat surprised by the fact I actually liked his room.

“Harry.” I quietly called as my feet shuffled further forward.

There was a moment of silence before the door I presumed must lead on into an ensuit was flung open and Harry protruded from within the depths.

“What?!” He snapped.

His outburst made me jump in fright almost causing me to fall backwards onto the floor. I didn’t understand why he was so angry, he had stopped Adam from doing the unthinkable and he refused to let me thank him for it. The way he was acting made me wonder if he never wanted to be the superhero like most boys did when they were young and around the age of five. Maybe he always wanted to be the villain and to tell you the truth that honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

There were so many questions I wanted to ask but was too afraid because feared the reaction it would provoke from him. Harry’s violent, possessive and pure asshole personality made me wonder how and why he had turned out in such a way. I wanted to know why he had no pictures in his home and where his parents were because at this point there was absolutely no sign of them. But what I really wanted to know was why he had chosen me to peruse and why he was so determine to catch me?

‘I-I just wanted to see if you were alright.” I spoke quietly.

“Well I’m fucking fine!”

Harry honestly didn’t look fine, crimson blood was smeared across his face, blood still oozing from the open wounds. Hi knuckles were red and rugged, most of the skin torn revealing pinky flesh. His lip was split in two places, a nasty looking gash cut across his eyebrow and the shirt he was wearing was going to need some intense soaking.

“Look, I just wanted to thank you, but clearly you’re too much of an asshole to accept my gratitude and you clearly don’t want me here.” I seethed angrily, regretting turning down Niall’s generous offer earlier. “I thought maybe you weren’t such a prick but obviously I was wrong. I’m going home.”

Swiftly I turned on my heel, marching towards the door. I’d rather walk home in the middle of the night with the possibility of being raped by Adam or some other creep than stay here with some bipolar guy who doesn’t give a damn. I give him a chance and here I am already running for the hills again.

Before I could even make it to the door Harry caught my arm, preventing me from moving another step. His grip was firm as he spun me around to face him, pulling me back towards him. I tried to yank my arm free of his grasp but my attempts were in vain, his grasp too tight.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Harry growled. “Not at this time, you’ll end up lost and raped before you can even get down the street.”

“Oh yeah, like you care.” I rolled my eyes. “You can’t even accept my gratitude, why would you give a fuck about what happens to me?”

The angry flames flickering behind Harry’s dull green eyes softened slightly as a distinguished look of sadness crossed his face. I was amazed by just how fast Harry’s mood could change. One minute he was angry, the next he looked upset and disappointed in himself. I didn’t get what his problem was, he saved me from Adam and now it appeared he regretted it or that he was upset with what he had done.

The glimmering green of his eyes gazed at me, his expression frightfully sad as he trailed his eyes up and down my body, absorbing my appearance. Slightly uncomfortable under his gaze my eyes fell to the floor, suddenly finding the crème carpet rather intriguing. I didn’t like being looked at in this way, it made me feel uncomfortable and the lack of clothing concealing my upper half really made things a hundred times worse. I pulled the torn shirt tighter across my chest, praying that he would stop looking at me the way he was and either accept my thanks or let me go home.

“Look, I’m sorry.” His voice was hushed and sounded almost as though he as to afraid to utter those words. “It was my fault Adam came after you, I shouldn’t have left you alone with him.”

My cheeks warmed with a pink blush as his presence drew nearer, the strange warmth that always seemed to radiate of him kissing at my skin. I didn’t look up though, it was only when two fingers were gently brought up beneath my chin that I was forced to tilt my head up towards his face. My breath hitched in my throat as I took in the expression on his face, this time I could read the obvious disappointment on his face. Disappointment in himself.

I still didn’t like Harry, not at all but seeing him have somewhat of any emotion made me realize maybe he was partly human, partly. Just because he saved me from being raped didn’t mean I was going to let him get his way with me though, he was still a possessive, forceful asshole and I wanted to be as far away from him as possible. But despite the lack of a heart he had I felt compelled to be kind to him. Just this once.

I was slightly surprised when I found myself gently taking his hand maybe even more so than I did Harry. I don’t know why I did it, I’m always too nice. The size of Harry’s hand was incredible, he could easily envelop my much smaller hand in his palm. The incredible warmth that his skin gave off surprised me yet again and the only possible answer I could think why was because his heart was so cold that something had to be able to keep him warm. Ignoring my own thoughts I met his shocked gaze, my thumb gently rubbing circles into the back of his hand in a motioned that was intended to soothe and calm his temper.

“It wasn’t your fault Harry.” I spoke gently in an attempt to keep the angry beast inside him at bay. “Don’t beat yourself up for it.”

I watched fearfully as the glowing green of his emerald eyes darkened, his once vibrant color becoming dull and angry. The warmth of is warm hands was snatched from me as a glare of annoyance was sent my way. Fearfully I took a step back, the ager burning behind his eyes intimidating and terrifying me at the same time. The urge to run was overwhelming but I knew despite my efforts I wouldn’t even make it out the front door. Running was pointless, the only thing I could do was stand and confront the anger stricken male.

“Fuck!” He swore loudly, abruptly turning his back on me.

I jumped in fright. His loud outburst should have been expected but nothing you did or said could prepare you for the burning rage that was Harry. I watched him closely as he moved towards his bed, the muscles in his back contorting beneath his shirt with every step he took. The memory of his fists pummeling over and over again into Adam sent a shiver down my spine. I was sure Harry was capable of inflicting much more damage than what he did to Adam and I could only hope that it wouldn’t be on me.

My eyes followed the enraged male, watching his every move as he lowered himself to sit on the edge of the bed. Large palms were brought upwards, rubbing over his face in an obvious sign of distress. His Elbows rested on his knees, back hunched forward as his palms covered his expression, hiding every bit of emotion on his face from my curious eyes. Though Harry was a cold blooded, hot head, stone hearted asshole and had little emotion other than anger and hatred I could see the small amount of normality shining through the hazy black in which surrounded him.

With great caution I approached the violent male, my mind racing with thoughts of what pain he could inflict on me if he lashed out. I bravely pushed past those dreadful thoughts though, my utter curiosity towards the confusing boy. My lip was nervously taken between my teeth as I approached, eventually coming to stand before him. Cocking my head to the side I peered down at him. His curls flopped forward in a disarray aiding his hands in disguising his face from the world.

“Harry?” I gently asked.

When I received no response I lifted my arm, hesitantly extending my hand out towards his head. However, I didn’t get as far as touching his soft ringlets or the back of his hand, before I could do anything, my wrist was roughly grabbed in his hand. A cry of surprise racked through my body, bursting out into the heavy silence and decorating the air with a loud scream. With a swift yank off the arm I was pulled forward, my free hand desperately darting out to prevent myself from falling into him. His intention was exactly that though and I collapsed atop of his muscular body as he deliberately leaned back so he lay fat against the mattress, a confused, frightened girl sprawled out on top.

I was too shocked by his actions to move, my body rigid and fearful as the hardness of his chest pressed against mine. The position we lay in was far from comfortable, but even with the awkwardness I couldn’t deny that the heavy aroma he gave was incredibly alluring and the knowledge of this was terrifying. I quietly gasped as the expanse of Harry’s hands splayed out on either of my hips. Fingertips lightly dug into my skin as he carefully flipped me over so the roles were now reversed and he held the upper position whilst I was trapped between his lean body and the contrasting softness of the mattress against my back.

My arms lay on either side of my body, head turned to the left in a refusal to meet his gaze. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know what kind of thoughts were running through Harry’s mind but I did know I was afraid. A small whimper trembled from between my lips as I felt two fingers beneath my chin. Harry’s touch was surprisingly gentle as he tilted my head back towards him, forcing me to meet his eyes. When our gazes met I was slightly taken aback by the look in his eyes. They held a softness, the harshness they had once held seemed to have become completely relinquished, a beautiful yet sad look green taking its place.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered. “I’m sorry you got hurt.”

My breath hitched in the back of my throat as his finger moved to my face, delicately brushing a loose strand of my tangled hair from my face. However, even after my hair had bee pushed back his fingers still remained, the palm of his hand cupping my cheek as his thumb carefully caressed my skin. I don’t know why, but the way the pad of his thumb moved across my cheek in smooth, circular motions was somewhat comforting.

His delicate touch and the weight of his body pressing on top of mine was messing with my head and I soon had to remind myself that this was Harry but that mall obnoxious voice in the back of my mind was pushed aside as I attempted to see deeper. Though I did find his careful motions rather enjoyable, I couldn’t think straight and I didn’t like the feeling of being at loss for words or in my case thoughts as well.

I shoved lightly at his shoulders in hopes of him moving to the side, allowing me the space to sit up. Harrys touch immediately retracted, hands hastily moving away from my face as he rapidly go to his feet. My cheeks were red with heat, the close encounter with Harry brought me embarrassment as I managed to push myself up into a sitting position. I ran my fingers through my hair, tugging at the roots lightly as Harry watched my every move with a great intensity.

“It’s alright, Harry.” I spoke softly.

I don’t understand why Harry is apologizing, he wasn’t the one who had attempted to rape me this evening. He was the one who had saved me, though the way he did it was extremely violent and quite uncalled for I was glad he had been there to stop Adam before he could continue. Although I had been quite certain that Harry’s intentions were much the same as the filthy, man who had come on me, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe I was wrong. Though Harry did scare me out of my skin he had protected me and judging by his reaction to the whole situation maybe he isn’t as bad as he seems.

Harry shook his head, refusing to believe everything was okay. His eyes gleamed with such anger and disappointment in which I could only assume was in himself. I was unsure of what was running through his mind by this point but I could tell he was having an internal argument with himself as he paced back and forth across the room. A deep scowl was imprinted in his forehead, a crease forming between his eyebrows as they furrowed downwards in an unhappy frown.

“It isn’t alright.” Harry suddenly snapped. “It was my fucking fault, it was my stupidity that got you hurt and almost raped.”

“I’m fine and that’s because you stopped Adam before he could hurt me!”

Harry’s head suddenly snapped towards me, his feet leaving their carpet wearing route as he marched furiously towards me. My body scuttled back on the bed, desperately trying to evade the male that was sending me a look that could kill. As he drew nearer a terrible feeling of dread washed over me and I yearned for the safety of my home where I didn’t have to deal with a bipolar male. I had been here for less than two weeks and Cheshire was already turning out to be a disaster. I want to go home. My real home in Doncaster where there’s no Harry or Adam and where I feel safe and out of harm’s way. I don’t know how I’m going to survive here, I don’t even know if I will. All I know is I’ve got to get Harry to stop blaming himself because he’s freaking me out more than usual.

A yelp of surprise escaped me as I was roughly brought back into reality with the sensation of Harry’s long fingers wrapping around my bicep. My first thought was to yank my arm away but when I saw the sudden contrast of the anger that had been written across his face only seconds ago I changed my mind.

“If you didn’t get hurt then what are these?” He asked rhetorically.

I followed his gaze, my eyes flicking to a spot on my arm in which the pale skin was dotted with five unmistakable cuts in which fingernails had clearly dug in. I blinked down at the red marks in confusion, I couldn’t even remember getting them with all this evenings’ drama. Though he was right to say got injured it still wasn’t his fault, it was Adam’s and it always would be because he was the villain and Harry had become an unexpected hero.

I looked up again, only to be met with Harry’s sorrowful gaze. I don’t know what it as that compelled me to reach out to him, maybe it was the saddens in his eyes or the sorrowful look he was sending me as if he truly believed my injuries were of his doing or if it was the way he fell to his knees in despair before me, whatever the reason I found myself trying to comfort him. My fingers tangled between the thick curls that hung around his head in chocolaty ringlets in an attempt to comfort him. Gently I allowed my fingertips to comb through the unruly mess, lightly scratching at his scalp.

I wasn’t the only one who had obtained an injury, Harry had too and his were more immense than mine. He had endured a fight with Adam, won, but was left with some battle wounds of his own. If someone getting hurt was anyone’s fault it would have to be mine.

“You got hurt too, Harry.” I whispered.

I sighed at the thought of how pathetic I was just standing there whilst Harry took all those punches from Adam just to protect me. I was sure he was in more pain than I was and that was probably because I hadn’t even noticed the marks on my arms and he whereas he seemed to grimace with every step he took and every move he made.

“But it was my own fault I got hurt, you got hurt because I took you to that club and then I left you alone with Adam and that makes everything worse.” He groans. “I’m so sorry.”

Harry hung his head, his forehead pressing against my knees as I continued to run my fingers through his springy curls I could tell by the determination he had to blame himself for what happened that wasn’t going to be able to convince him that what had happened wasn’t his fault. He would only parry my attempts to assure him he wasn’t he one who was to blame.

Adam was at fault, he had come on to me and Harry didn’t know that Adam was going to touch me whilst he was gone, he had no control over that. Though a move like that probably should have been expected after the incident at the party and the warehouse where Adam was shamelessly trying to flirt with me. I didn’t blame Harry, I was thankful for what he had done even if it was rather brutal. My fingers gently slipped under his injured chin, tilting his head upwards so his gaze met with mine.

“I forgive you Harry.” I whispered.

The look on his face was one I had never seen on his face before and one I would never have expected to. Harry had always come off as an arrogant, possessive, rude, rough, intimidating asshole who purely didn’t give a fuck about anything. This time when I looked at him I saw someone who resembled an injured animal rather than his usual devilish grin that made me want to run for my life. Pain danced behind the emerald in his eyes and a look of remorse was given by the sorrowful look on his face. Looking at his bruised and bloodied face with such an expression hurt.

The punches he had taken from Adam had certainly done some damage to Harry’s face. Blood trickled from his nose, own to his lips where it spilled slightly over the curve of his upper lip before it either dripped on the floor or harry wiped his nose on his shirt. There was a small cut on his left eyebrow, dried blood had now sealed the wound, the flow ceasing as the scab began to heal over. His face was bruised and his lip busted open, knuckles were left red and raw and that was only the damage I could see, god knows what the rest of him looks like.

"Thank you," I whispered only moments after “for saving me.”

“I’ll keep you safe.” Harry spoke in a hushed voice. “I promise.”

There was silence between us for a moment, our eyes carefully watching the others as we didn’t utter a word. Time seemed to pass slowly, our breathing heavy as I tugged at the neck of Harry’s shirt. What I did next not only surprised him but also surprised myself. With one hand wrapped tightly around the material of his bloody shirt, the other tangled within his thick curls I encouraged him towards me. It was though some unknown force had taken control of my body and was now ordering me about while I simply watched on.

I could feel my heart in my throat as Harry’s face came closer, his eyes flicking down to my lips as his own was taken between his teeth. The large expanse of Harry’s right palm fell against the duvet cover to support himself as I continued to pull him towards me. By now my heart was thudding so rapidly that I was sure at some point it would beat right out of my chest.

Warm breath fanned out over my lips, the sensation causing my own breath to hitch in the back of my throat. Harry was merely centimetres from my face now and I was still trying to get my head around what I was actually doing. But before I could stop myself I had leant in, my lips barely ghosting over his as small sparks spurted throughout my body. A small gasp escaped my lips upon experiencing the odd sensation. Harry pulled away slightly, his eyes searching mine desperately. A strange feeling overcame me and I couldn’t quite figure out why but I wanted to kiss him again.

My eyes fluttered closed as Harry leant in again, his nose lightly brushing mine before our lips finally touched. This time our mouths met properly, the fullness of his plump, pink lips consuming mine. I felt my heart flutter with the touch of his mouth, the strange sensation washing over me again as it had done the first time. Gently his mouth moved against mine and I was slightly taken aback by the softness his lips obtained.

I didn’t know what it was that drew me to him but there was an unmistakable darkness the loomed around him, he was mysterious and I felt as if it was almost as though he had something to hide but what I did know was that I was going to find out.

Butterflies filled my stomach as Harry moved above me, forcing me to lie flat against the bed as he repositioned himself to hover above me. Our lips moved in synchronization, his legs tangling between mine as I moved my hand from the collar of his shirt, wrapping my arm round his neck instead. I tugged at his curls as a large hand caught hold of my hip, his thumb slipping beneath my torn shirt to gently caress bare skin.

It was only when an unmistakable metallic taste suddenly filled my taste buds that we broke away. I felt heat creep up my cheeks as Harry quietly looked down at me, his tongue running over the fullness of his lips in an attempt to stop the flow of blood trickling from his busted lip. My embarrassment became even more evident as my cheeks became an even brighter shade of red after realising I had opened the cut up again

Harry flinched as I reached up, my thumb lightly brushing over his split lip clearly surprised by my gentle touch. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone had treated him gently in his life, maybe that’s why he’s such a dick because that all he knows.

“Sorry.” I apologised for opening the wound again.

I watched as he took hold of the collar of his already bloodied shirt, bringing it up to his lip before wiping the crimson onto his collar. I moved beneath him, trying to sit up but he took hold of one of my injured arms. He gently turned my arm over, revealing the pale underside of my wrist, decorated with red, bleeding nail marks.

“I’m so sorry.” He apologises for what feels like the millionth time. “I should have been there to protect you.”

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” I lied.

I tried to pull my arm from his grip but he held on refusing to release me from his hold. My breath hitched in the back of my throat as his head dipped down, I felt his soft curls tickle against my shoulder. I couldn’t understand why I felt tingles shoot down my spine as Harry’s lips touched my skin.

The fullness of his lips brushed over my shoulder, slowly moving down my arm as he left a trail of wet kisses from my shoulder down towards my forearm. My eyes fluttered closed with the touch of his mouth, the sensation one I couldn’t describe and wished I didn’t feel. I was drawn to Harry and the mysterious darkness that lingered around him and my curious nature made me want to know more. I wanted to find out who the Harry Styles really was.

I flinched as his mouth delicately pressed to one of the wounds inflicted on my arm. I hadn’t really noticed the stinging pain in my arm up until now, I don’t know if it was the shock of what happened that kept me from feeling the pain but I did know it hurt now that I’d somewhat calmed myself down. A small cry escaped me as Harry pressed his lips to another nail, a searing pain shooting down my arm.

“Bullshit! Your arm must hurt like a bitch.” He exclaimed.

I yelled in surprise as Harry rapidly got to his feet, muscular arms slithering beneath my body before he lifted me from the bed bridal style. My head lolled against his shoulder as he pulled me into his chest, holding me to his body. With every step he took he winced in pain, he was clearly in more pain than I was and I thought it was stupid how he was more worried about me than himself. For all I know he could be internally bleeding or his ribs could be broken because he and Adam had a pretty brutal fight. They broke a table for goodness sake but I quietly hope Adam got a splinter up his arse.

Harry carried me into his bathroom, gently setting me down on the edge of the bathtub before his touch evaded me and I was left sitting alone. My fingers curled round the rim of the bath, gripping it tightly as I tried to steady my spinning head and to prevent myself from falling backwards into the actual bath.

My eyes lingered on Harry as he moved across the room over to the bathroom cabinet where he pulled both the doors open. I watched as his gaze wandered over the contents in which were spread out upon the two shelf. I watched as he reached into the cabinet, retrieving a familiar bottle from the depths. The brown liquid sloshed around within the plastic container as Harry took a couple of steps back to where I was perched, the Dettol and a handful of cotton wool held in the palm of his large hand.

I eyed the Dettol nervously as Harry knelt down before me. My knees were gently pushed apart before he shuffled between them, his torso warm against the insides of my thighs as he rested between them. Harry gently took my wrist, pulling my hand from the bath as he uncurled my fingers handing me all the cotton buds minus one in which he kept. The cap was unscrewed from the top of the bottle of Dettol and a bit of the brown liquid was tipped onto the cotton wool.

A deep breath was sucked past my lips as I prepared myself for the well-known sting in which the Dettol brought. As a small child to this very day Dettol has been my worst enemy. I was always falling over and injuring myself, grazing my knees, elbows and whatever else the ground could get at was probably the most frequent damage I do to myself and each time it happened Dettol would be there menacingly waiting for me at home.

Harry lightly dabbed the tissue on my wounds and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out in pain as the Dettol seared through my wounds, cleansing my blood of infection. I could see Harry was trying to be gentle but when it came to Dettol no matter how hard you tried it would still hurt and that was out of his control. I breathed out a sigh of relief when he finally finished, lazily tossing the third ball of cotton wool into the bin. The remainder of the cotton buds were left with me as he passed me the bottle of Dettol, silently coaxing me to tend to his battle wounds.

I hesitantly took the bottle from him, my hands shaking slightly as I unscrewed the cap. I pressed a clump cotton wool to the mouth of the container, tipping it upside down to let the murky liquid fill the fluffy white cotton wool. I almost spilt the contents of the bottle down the front of Harry’s shirt as I felt the large expanse of his hand on my thigh, lightly squeezing at my leg. His touch was foreign yet I found it comforting and I couldn’t help but like it. My left hand gently cupped his chin as I tilted his head slightly upward so I could get a better view of the damage done to his beautiful face.

It was hard to believe that a guy as attractive as Harry could be as frightening, intimidating and possessive. He had the face of and angel but his looks were deceiving as he was more like a demon on the inside. I still can’t figure out why he had chosen to pursue me and why he is so determine to catch me but I’m afraid he is and I’m also afraid of what he will do. He kissed me and I didn’t stop him and that’s what terrifies me most, he has two frightful sides of hi and I don’t know which one is real and which one is fake. The curiosity that eats me from within will not stop until I discover which is which but I have to be careful, I’ve seen what Harry can do. He is dangerous.

I gently brushed the cotton wool over his eyebrow, wiping away the crimson liquid as I went along. He didn’t even wince at the touch of the stinging Dettol, his features were impassive as he peered up at me through incredibly long lashes. I felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze, his eyes twinkled with a vibrant green as he studied my face, never letting his gaze slip.

Once I’d finished caring for his wounds, he shook his head, no longer gazing at me as though he was in some kind of trance much to my relief. Harry stumbled to his feet before offering me his hand. I obligingly took hold of his large hand as he helped me to my feet. I was slightly surprised when he didn’t let go of my hand, instead he led me from within the bathroom and back into his bedroom. My hand fit with his in a terrifyingly perfect way and I really wasn’t sure if I wanted it to.

My hand was released a moment later and I watched as Harry took a couple of steps towards a set of draws pushed up against the wall on the right side of the room. He roughly yanked the top one open before his hands delved into the draw, sifting through the mess of clothes. A few moments passed before a simple grey shirt was pulled out along with a pair of black boxers.

My cheeks heated as Harry turned back towards me, his eyes landing on my chest before I could cover my bra which peeked out of the torn shirt. Hurriedly I crossed my arms over my chest, gulping down the lump in my throat as Harry moved back towards me.

“Here, you can wear these.” He spoke gently as he held the shirt and boxers out towards me.

I gratefully took the clothing from him before hurriedly escaping back into the bathroom to change. I slammed the door shut, twisting the lock so I was safely out of sight and away from his wandering eyes. Grabbing the hem of my shirt, I roughly ripped the torn material from my body, throwing it to the furthest corner of the room as possible. I wanted to burn that shirt, Adam had made me feel dirty and disgusting because he was a vile man. I wanted to bur all the clothes I was wearing, they made me feel unclean and reminded me of Adam’s sickening smile.

My jeans quickly followed my shirt to the other side of the room but I kept my underwear on because I knew Harry was a pervert and I don’t want him to try anything funny. I collected the grey shirt from the floor, wriggling my way into it until it rested upon my shoulders, falling down to where it comfortably rested mid-thigh. I inhaled deeply, taking in his strong scent before I pulled the boxers up my legs. I felt much more comfortable in Harry’s oversized shirt than I did in the clothing Adam’s repulsive touch seemed to linger on. I hope I never see that filthy man again.

When I stepped back into Harry’s bedroom, he was no longer there and I felt a shiver of fear run down my spine. He made me feel safe and being left alone made me feel anxious and scared as thoughts of Adam replayed in my mind. I didn’t want to be left alone.

I moved slowly across the room towards the door as I wrapped my arms around myself as a bone chilling cold shot through my body. It was hauntingly eerie as I stepped into the hallway, my bare feet treading quietly against the wooden floor. Despite my quiet steps they could still be heard and the sound of them moving towards the staircase echoed off the walls bouncing the sound right back at me.

My chest tightened fearfully as the dead quiet buzzed in my ears. My breath trembled from my lips as I slowly took hold of the banister, clutching the wood so tight my knuckles turned white. I could hear my blood pulsing rapidly in my temples with every step I took. The urge to call out his name came over me but was quickly diminished as I realised it was too quiet, much too quiet. I knew I was paranoid but paranoia or not it was better safe than sorry.

Once I reached the bottom of the stairs I released the banister, my eyes landing on the light beaming out of the living room. I gulped down my nerves as I forced my feet forward, bee lining straight for the light source. Every breath was strained as I tried to stay calm and keep my breathing steady. My heart was in my mouth as I peered round the doorframe into the living room.

A wave of relief flooded through me as I saw Harry sprawled out across the couch with a blanket draped over his lean body. I had never been so relieved to see him. I was slightly astonished to see him down there though, I had anticipated he would sleep in his own bed being the player he is. He wasn’t though and that made me rethink my judgment on him, maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

“Harry?” I asked quietly.

His gaze flicked over to me, eyes raking up and down my body, absorbing my appearance before they met with mine. I nervously bit my lips as I fiddled with the hem of the shirt he’d let me borrow. I didn’t like all this attention, it made me feel awkward and uncomfortable, I prefer sticking to the shadows and hiding from guys such as Harry, avoiding them at all costs.

“You can take my bed.” He offered, but I didn’t that, I was afraid of being left alone.

“I’m afraid.” I spoke in barely a whisper my gaze remaining on the floor.

Harry tossed the blanket back, throwing his legs over the side of the couch before he rose to his full height. I felt my breathing quicken a little as I took in his appearance, he was the most attractive guy I had ever seen. A pair of grey sweat pants hung low on his hips, his defined V line disappearing past the waist band along with his little happy trail. The way the clothing hung off him body made it clear that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath so I quickly averted my gaze, letting my eyes wander up his muscled abdomen observing his rock hard stomach.

“Don’t be frightened, I won’t hurt you.” Harry spoke softly as my hand was enveloped in his. “I’m going to keep you safe, I won’t let Adam ever lay a finger on you again.”

And I believed him.

Harry led me back up the stairs to his bedroom where released my hand, moving across the room to his bed. I watched as he pulled the covers back enticing me between the sheets into warmth. Hesitantly, I lay down, snuggling down into the pillows as he tucked me in. I watched as he moved around the other side of the bed, tugging the covers back before slipping under to join me.

I felt him shuffle closer to me, his warm hands taking hold of my hips as he pulled be into his chest, wrapping his arms round enveloping me in his own body. It was as though all my fears had been lifted as Harry held me protectively. He didn’t scare me anymore, his motives did but not him. The way he had protected me today and treated me the past few hours has made me realise he won’t hurt me. Harry makes me feel safe.

"Thank you." I mumbled.

I cuddled closer to Harry, letting him tangle his long legs between mine before he pressed a kiss to my forehead. That night I fell asleep to the sound of heavy breathing and the flutter of hot breath against my neck as I was encircled in his arms.



I walked along the street alone. It was dark and quiet, much too quiet. The hair on the back of my neck prickled as the feeling of someone watching me became present forcing chills down my spine. I quickened my pace, unsure of where I was going but certain that I needed to get away from whoever or whatever was stalking me as if I were their next meal. Suddenly I was pinned to the ground, a knife pressed to my throat as I stared up into the soulless eyes of Adam. A malicious smiled curled on his lips as he stared down t me and I could feel my heart rate increase dramatically whilst I lay frozen beneath him.

“Scream for him.”

Adams lips twisted as he spoke, I knew exactly what he meant but I refused. A tear slipped down my cheek as he roughly took hold of my shoulders, roughly shaking them as his black blood dripped down onto my skin. My vision blurred, a tint of black clouding the edges of the sickening image above me. I felt the knife press harder against my neck, the cool metal stinging my throat as I gasped for breath.

“Scream for him!!!” He yelled.

“No.” I managed to choke out.

"Scream or I’ll kill him too!!!”

"Harry! Harry!" I bolted upright, screaming at the top of my lungs.

"Huh? Nat? What?!!" Harry exclaimed jolting awake.

The knife rose and fell.

Warm tears trickled down my cheeks as heavy sobs racked my body. I trembled with fright as the frightening nightmare replayed in my mind, haunting me with how realistic it felt. I tried to convince myself it was just a dream but my petty self-reassurance wasn’t enough due to the fact my mind was determine to make me believe it was real.

I pressed my hand to my chest, trying to steady my breathing and to prevent the choked sobs falling uncontrollably from my lips as fear racked my body. Harry shifted beneath me, the warmth of his bare chest pressing against my back as his arms encircling my waist before he gently lay me back down atop of his chest. I buried my face in the crook of his neck as he rubbed soothing circles in my back, trying to calm me down. Teardrops splattered against his bare skin as I continued to cry,

“What happened?” Harry asked carefully.

My lips quivered as I brought my head up, blinking down at Harry though the haze of tears in which clouded my vision. I could just make his silhouette out in the dim light, his expression cloaked by darkness as wrapped my arms round his neck. He quietly gasped at my sudden desire to have him hold me as I had been reluctant towards him since day one and avoided him as much as possible.

“I dreamt of Adam.” I sobbed. “He killed me.”

“Shh, It was just a dream.” Harry assured me. “I’ll kill him if he so much as touches you.”

Though the thought of Harry killing him was quite frightening, I couldn’t help but feel a little better. I felt Harry’s hand cup my cheek, his thumb gently brushing beneath my eye as he wiped the salty droplets falling from my eyes off my face. Tingles shot up through my spine with his soft touch, the pad of his thumb delicately caressing my skin as I continued to sob.

Harry gently rolled us over so I lay beneath him, my body protectively shielded by his as he enclosed me in his arms. Everything else was blocked out by Harry’s surrounding warmth in which held me securely, protecting me from the world. Shaky breath fell from my lips, mixing with his as he brought our mouths together briefly reassuring me with a small kiss.

"Go back to sleep" he whispered in my ear. “I’ve got you.”

He collapsed down on the mattress slightly to the side with his arms coiled tightly round my waist, holding me possessively to his chest. I felt safe in Harry's strong arms as though no one could ever hurt me and I liked that feeling.

I listened to Harry’s steady breathing for a while, listening as it gradually grew heavier and heavier as he drifted back off to sleep. I however could not seem to fall asleep again. I was afraid of Adam returning to my mind, creating more frightfully realistic nightmares for me. What happened with Adam last night really spooked me and it frightens me to think of what could have happened if Harry didn’t come when he did? We both got away relatively unscathed and for that I was thankful but I could seem to shake the sickening feeling in my stomach that this wasn’t the last we were going to see of Adam.

My throat was dry, breath raspy as I quietly hiccupped. Carefully, I tried to wriggle out of his grip but this appeared to be more difficult than I had first thought. Harry’s arms were wrapped around me like an unbreakable steel ring. Every time I tried to pry his arms from around me, his death grip only seemed to tighten making it even more impossible to break free. Panic overwhelmed me as claustrophobia set in. The feeling of being unable to get out is the worst part of claustrophobia. The tight spaces themselves are not what people are afraid of, it’s about being unable to move, unable to break free, being trapped.

I took a deep breath, trying to remain calm as I let my body relax back into his arms. My irregular breathing slowly steadied as I told myself not to panic. Harry seemed to sense I was no longer trying to break free whilst he was in his unconscious state and his grip became slack and I could breathe easy. In one swift movement I grabbed both his hands, yanking them open before quickly rolling to the side.

My escape aroused a small whimper from between Harry’s plump pink lips. A deep frown creased my forehead as I scrambled of the bed, getting to my feet as I watched what he was doing in his unconscious state. His hands pawed around the bed, in search for the body, my body which was no longer there. Small whimpers continued to leave his mouth as he desperately searched for my warmth. When he came up cold his body contorted beneath the sheets, curling into a ball as he tried to keep himself warm.

I was intrigued by his movements yet also very confused. The way Harry was acting was one of the most depressing things I think I’ve ever seen and the saddest part was watching as a single tear rolled down his cheek. That was when I realised something and it hit me hard, Harry was alone. I couldn’t bear watching him act so lost and so alone in sleep any longer so I silently slipped out of the room, my heart weighing heavy in my chest.

Darkness consumed me as I stepped into the hallway. Every light in the house was turned off and I could barely see a thing. My hand found its way to a wall and using the solid object for guidance I felt along the plaster wall in search for the opening I knew would be the stairs. Squinting into the darkness I tried to make out the stairs before I actually reached them but it was too dark ad I was only going to strain myself trying.

When I did reach the stairs, my hand found emptiness, the wall was no longer there and nearly tumbled down the slope. Luckily I managed to catch hold of the banister with one hand, the other pressing to the opposite wall. I breathed out a sigh of relief, thank goodness I managed to catch myself before I fell or I could have ended up hospitalised and wearing a full body cast.

Clutching onto the banister for dear life I slowly began to make my descent, taking one step at a time being careful as to where I placed my feet. I stumbled blindly around the lower floor in search for the kitchen. A few cuss words escaped me as I bumped my shoulder on a corner, tripped over something on the floor or stubbed my toe. I barely knew where Harry’s kitchen was in the daylight so how the hell was I going to find it in the black of night. I stumbled through a doorframe into what I prayed was the kitchen, blindly searching the walls for a light switch. I really hated the dark, it made everything so difficult and I’m pretty sure I would probably would be dead if the sun didn’t exist. I probably would have accidently fallen down a flight of stairs or hit my head on something hard enough to take me out.

I almost jumped for joy as my fingers found the light switch. As I pressed the switch, the room flooded with light and I mentally congratulated myself for discovering the kitchen on my first attempt. My next problem was where Harry kept the glasses. My feet quietly padded across the floor towards the nearest cupboard. Reaching up I pulled the two doors open to discover an assortment of alcohol and it honestly didn’t surprise me. A bottle of gin lay on its side, liquid dripping from its mouth, forming a small pool of alcohol whilst the cap was nowhere in sight. I rolled my eyes, assuming Harry had been down here earlier and had a drink. Taking hold of the neck, I turned it the right way up, preventing the flow.

Closing the doors I shifted to the next cupboard, pulling them back on a mission to find a glass or a mug, anything that I could drink from would do. Luckily I didn’t have to go far as what I had been searching for was in the second cupboard over. Plucking up the closest one, I shut the doors, turning toward the sink. My fingers fumbled with the tap momentarily before cool, crystal clear water began to flow from the head of the tap. I slipped my glass under the flow, watching as the liquid rose upwards. I turned the tap off once the glass was filled to the brim before quickly chugging it down, relieving my dry throat

Setting the glass down on the side of the sink I turned back towards the exit. My finger hovered over the light switch as I peered out into the hall in which was now faintly lit by the light streaming from the kitchen. I took a moment to absorb the objects I would need to avoid on my journey towards the stairs, hoping I wouldn’t fatally wound myself. Rolling my eyes at how dramatic I was, I flipped the switch, throwing myself into the black abyss yet again.

My path towards the stairs was relatively clean, I managed to stub my toe on the bottom step but that was about it thank goodness. Lifting my hand, I carefully felt over the solid wall, searching for the banister in which I knew would guide me up the stairs. It took me a moment to find the wooden railing, my fingers immediately curling round it before I began to climb.

Halfway up the flight of stairs I froze, my body becoming ridged with fear as I sensed the presence of another being. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I heard their deep breathing and felt the warm puffs against my skin. Fear coursed through my veins as I felt a hand brush against my shoulder and that was when I released an ear piercing scream. I stumbled backwards, the scream still in my throat as I lost my footing. The ground was no longer there, the stairs vanishing as I fell to what I presumed would most probably be my death.

Suddenly I felt a hand catch hold of my wrist, tugging me back onto the step before I could tumble down the stairs. I was pulled forward, my body pressing against the warmth of a bare chest. His unmistakable scent overwhelmed my senses as my body relaxed, realising it was only Harry.

“What the fuck are you doing?!”

“What the fuck are you doing?!” I jabbed back.

“What do you think I’m doing?!” Harry asked rhetorically. “Looking for you, I thought you’d left the bloody house because I heard the front door open and then close.”

A wave of fear washed through me like a tidal wave because I hadn’t opened the front door. My stomach churned nervously as a distressing thought popped into my head, making my blood run cold. Chills crept up my spine as I thought of the dripping gin bottle and the front door together. I don’t think Harry had deliberately left the bottle on its side and if he did, it wouldn’t have still been dripping. Someone had been there recently and it wasn’t Harry or I. Thoughts of Adam crossed my mind, I’d been downstairs alone only a moment ago, what if he was in the next room over silently waiting for me.

“I didn’t open the front door, Harry.” I spoke quietly. “I-I think there’s someone in the house.

I couldn’t see his face through the darkness but I could imagine the frown creasing on his forehead as he processed what I had just said. Before I had the chance to imagine any further, Harry’s long fingers curled round my bicep as his body turned back towards the top of the stairs. Too afraid to protest, I let him pull me in tow as I stumbled up the stairs.

Harry easily navigated his way around the house in the dim light, my body trying to follow in his footsteps as best I could as he hurriedly jogged down the hall. Although I had tried to say behind him, he was moving too quickly for my liking and my attempts failed dramatically though as I clipped my hip on the doorframe once we reached his room.

“Harry, I hur-“ My strangled cry was abruptly cut off as Harry forced me u against the wall, clamping his hand over my mouth.

“Shhh.” He hushed.

Harry’s body remained pressed against mine, with his warm palm covering my lips. I was very aware of his heartbeat, its slightly erratic drumming making it obvious he was having an adrenalin rush. Heavy breath puffed out over my face, tickling at my skin as he intently listened for any sign of movement apart from ours. Squeezing my eyes shut, I tried to block focus on the painful throbbing in my hip rather than the thought of Adam being on the floor below, stalking us like some kind of carnivorous animal.

Blood pulsed in my ears, causing an intense thrumming sound within my head that matched the one of my heart. I was having a hard time breathing, my lungs gasping for oxygen due to the fact my mouth was covered by Harry’s hand making it more difficult to inhale and exhale than it already was. As if reading my mind, he moved his hand away from my mouth, bringing it down to rest upon my waist instead.

I pressed my hands to the front of his chest, finding comfort in the feeling of his exposed skin beneath my fingertips as we waited. Moments passed, my breathing slowing down as the removal of Harry’s hand made it less of a struggle. Time seemed to tick on at an incredibly slow pace and for a second I was almost certain time had stood still but a sound that brought great body proved me wrong.

My ears strained to hear the noise that brought all my fears to life. It was nothing more than a mere creak of the stairs, quietly echoing throughout the house, filing the empty silence. I felt my body begin to tremble as I grasped Harry’s arm, hoping like hell that he’d heard the noise and was going to get us out of this mess. His fingers caught hold of my shirt, yanking me to the left of the room.

We moved with stealth, neither of us wanting to alert whoever it was climbing the stairs that we knew of his presence. We stopped abruptly by the window and I watched silently as Harry yanked the curtains open. The light emitted by the streetlamps outside illuminated his face, the serious expression he wore was quite frightening. I watched as he slid the window open, gesturing to me to slip through it.

Eager to escape, I grasped hold of the windowsill with both hands, skilfully swinging my legs through the gaping opening and onto the slightly slanted roof. My feet touched down lightly before I released the window just to make sure I had my balance and wouldn’t slip off the roof. A light breeze tickled my skin, the cool night air wrapping itself around me causing me to shiver. My eyes wandered the road below, lit by the faint beams of light emitted by the lamps lining the street. As my eyes looked out over the street, I spotted a silver car parked in front of the house which hadn’t been there when we first arrived. I could only presume it belonged to whoever had broken into the house.

The air shifted behind me and I turned just in time to see Harry climbing through the window joining me in the night. I watched with interest as he turned back, tugging the curtains close again before shutting the window. I couldn’t help but admire the way he thought about simple little things that could give us a few extra seconds or throw the person off our tail. For someone who sleeps around, doesn’t turn up at school and drinks a lot, Harry is surprisingly intelligent. I wouldn’t have thought of that, knowing me, I would have just bolted.

Once the window was securely closed behind us Harry stepped towards me before he gently took hold of my bicep. Cautiously we walked along the roof, my mind reeling with fear as the fact someone was out to get us settled in the pit of my stomach. I had lived a pretty normal life in Doncaster, there were a few things here and there that were out of the ordinary but nothing had ever been quite as terrifyingly exhilarating as this.

My blood pumped through my veins at a gradually increasing speed, the familiar burst of adrenalin flowing through me as I hurried along the roof beside Harry. Rugged breaths fell from my lips with every step, my heart screaming with a dreadful excitement as we neared a large tree in which climbed taller than the house itself. I didn’t need him to tell me what was going to happen next because I had already deducted it was going to involve climbing.

Harry swiftly grabbed the nearest branch, leaving me standing alone on the roof for a moment as he began to climb down. I watched for a while, letting my eyes consume the way his lean body moved. The muscles in his bare chest, muscular biceps and back contorted each time he moved to grab another branch, the strong muscle rippling beneath his smooth, tanned skin. I was almost in a trance as I watched him agilely amble down the tree. I just found the way he move so breath taking.

It was only when I heard the window being lifted that I snapped out of my daze, fingers catching hold of the nearest branch as I launched myself off the roof. The rough bark stung at my fingers and grazed my knuckles as I rapidly descended the tree. My heart thumped with adrenalin as my narrow figure weaved from branch to branch, easily slipping between the leaves. I glanced down momentarily just to see how far away from the ground I was.

It was a good two metres from the position I currently held. Harry stood at the foot of the tree his body leaning against the trunk as he peered up at me with a widespread smirk curling a little at the left corner of my mouth. I peered down at him, confusion evident on my expression whilst trying to work out the reason for his satisfied smile. My cheek suddenly heated, the reason becoming clear after I realised I was in nothing more than his shirt and a pair of his boxers. Obviously hart was enjoying the view.

Due to the fact I was slightly flustered by his gaze, I hadn’t noticed how thin the branch I was standing on was and without warning, there was a sickening snap. A shriek of panic escaped me as my body began to fall through thin air, my arms desperately grappling for anything I could hold on to. Finding none I continued to fall, listening to my scream in which echoed around the street, right back into my ears. God knows what the neighbours are thinking.

Just when I thought I was done for, a pair of strong arms darted out, snatching my body from the grasp of the air before pulling me into the safety of his chest. I breathed out a heavy sigh of relief, silently thanking god for saving me from my near death experience.


“Nice arse.” He teased.

I slapped him across the face, leaving a bright red hand print across his cheek. Harry is such a pervert, this is not the right time or place to be messing around like he is. I just want to get out of here. I roughly shoved at his chest, forcing him to set me back down upon my feet. He smiled proudly, the slap to his face clearly doing no damage as he looked too pleased with himself to feel any form of remorse and that pissed me off. He was pure bred asshole.

With a roll of the eyes I scampered around the side of the house, peering cautiously around the corner for any sign of the man who had attempted to rape me. There was no one there, very much to my relief, the driveway was silent, Harry’s car parked in the same place it had been left. Without making a sound, I sprinted over to the car, grabbing the handle between my fingers and tugging rapidly. Much to my horror, I discovered it was locked and glanced back at Harry worriedly.

What I saw made my heart stop dead and my blood run cold. Harry was perched on the back of the horrid black vehicle I feared with more passion than I did anything. His emerald eyes met with mine, his gaze expectant as if he was waiting for me to join him on the monstrosity. There was no way I was getting on that thing again, I think I’d rather take my chances with whoevers inside.

“Natalie.” Harry growled, commanding me to join him on the monster he sat upon.

I shook my head violently. Fuck no, I think I’d rather die.  Harry’s eyes narrowed and I found myself cowering back into the slick black metal of the car I would love to be sitting in right now. Suddenly the front door was flung open, several shouts exchanged between the men in Harry’s home. Despite the fact there were more than one of them, I still preferred death than the awful monster known as the motorcycle.

“Natalie! Get the fuck over here or else!” Harry snarled.

When I made no attempt to move, Harry hurled himself of the bike, taking several steps in my direction. His shout had alerted the several men who were now moving in my direction, Adam among them. His deadly black eye met with mine momentarily, that sickening smirk spreading across his face as he drank in my quivering body. Fear caused havoc within my body as everything went into full on terror and I found myself running towards Harry, the motorcycle now the lesser of my two fears. Demon like Adam now settled comfortably in first.

Harry’s Hands cupped the underside of my thighs once I had reached him, hastily taking a few long strides before practically throwing me on top of the motorcycle. Squeezing my eyes closed, I braced myself for the worst.

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