the Three Friends

its is about three friends who don't know each other and meet


4. Flash Had babies!

One day Flash had babies! "oh my gosh he's a girl we thought he was a boy" said Jake when he got home from school "and now what are we going to do with the puppies". So that night Jessy talked to Bill "I really think we should keep the puppies because it will give the kids something to do" said Jessy "well ok than" said Bill. In the morning the mom and dad told all the kids the good news "ok kids me and your mother talked about keeping the puppies and think you should but you have to take care of them" said dad "ok" they all said together. "I will name name that one Bud" said Mary, "that one buddy" said Jake , "and that one Rose" said Mia. "I  love them' they all said.

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