The Honeybee

Will Christmas ever be the same for her
*I didn't give the main character a name because that makes it easier to put yourself in her shoes so you can really understand how she feels throughout the story.


2. That year

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was Christmas Eve, and as always, I was trying to get on with my Christmas preparations without my enormous amount of excitement getting it the way. I was busy wrapping up the last minute present I had got my cousin (a twix and two half used nail varnishes I had found under the wardrobe) when my dad came into my room and said he was just popping out to fetch some stuff because mom was running low on supplies for the immense feast that she always made sure to cook. I looked out of the window, watching the snow falling softly past the glass. It was dark already. "Dad, are you sure? The roads aren't exactly the safest at the moment.." I questioned. "Yeah, I'll be fine, it's only five minutes down the road! See you in a bit honeybee!" He said as he disappeared throughout the door. I've replayed that scene in my head everyday for nearly two years. I should have been more persistent. I should have told him to just say in, mom could manage with the stuff she already had. But I didn't, all I did was wave and carry on with my last minute wrapping. And that was the last time I ever saw him. He had been on his was back to the house, when some idiot in a jeep had turned the corner too fast. The jeep skidded on the fresh ice that lined the road and..and....well, you can guess what happened. The dude in the jeep got away with two fractured ribs and a broken arm. But my dad? My dad never made it. I had been sitting in the kitchen polishing the posh cutlery when we got the call. My mother picked up the phone and within a minute, she was on the floor in tears. I had rushed straight over to my mom, wondering what the hell was happening. She had dropped the handset on the ground without hanging up. I lifted the phone, grasping it tight. "Who is this?! What's going on?!" I had asked, my voice just a whisper. "Are you Simons daughter?" The voice had replied. "Yes, I'm one of them..what's happening. What's wrong with dad!?" I said, my voice was anxious, I had basically shouted down the phone. My mother was still curled up, with tears forming a steady stream down her face. "I'm..I'm not sure what to tell you. Your father was involved in an accident..he didn't make it, I'm sorry for yo-". I dropped the phone to the floor.

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