The Honeybee

Will Christmas ever be the same for her
*I didn't give the main character a name because that makes it easier to put yourself in her shoes so you can really understand how she feels throughout the story.


1. Ughh, who cares

Christmas. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. It used to be my favourite time of year. Slightly over-cooked turkey, relatives that only come round once a year, me being the only one eating the Brussel sprouts. The thoughts racing through my head before I fall asleep, "I wonder if I'll get that?" "Will nan give me this". The same films on the telly as the year before, all of them terrible, but always being too happy to care. And the presents, nestling together under the tree, delivered by the top dog himself, Santa. There is a tradition of laying out milk and cookies for Mr Claus on Christmas Eve. I remember, years ago, my mother would take small nibbles out of the cookies and drink half the glass of milk, so when me and Alice came downstairs, it looked as if the big guy had payed a visit. But when I was seven, I took it upon myself to announce to my parents that I knew it was them eating the cookies and drinking the milk, because Sarah Fisher had told me that only babies believe in Santa. He wasn't real. My world had basically crashed around me at that point. But I played it cool, telling Sarah that "I had always known Santa wasn't real!". She replied by saying "Yeah, right..." And sauntered off with a flip of her waist length brunette hair. Wow, even back then, Sarah was a total cow. Then my sister Alice, who was 9 at the time, had confessed that she'd known for years that Santa was a work of fiction, but had kept up the act to please me. Anyway, my mom stopped putting the milk and cookies out after that. But it was still Christmas, still the best time of year. And my dad would still take me to see Santa in his grotto every year. Dad would always say that even if I didn't believe in him, there was no harm in telling Santa what I wanted. I always loved our visits to Santa, just dad and me, because Alice had already grown out of that stage. It was the best thing about the holidays. But, then it all changed.

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