Santa's Little Helper (short story)

This is for the Advent Calender Christmas competition.
Joy is a little girl. With a big goal. She plans to stay up all night to see Santa. THE Santa Claus. Jolly Ol' St. Nick, Kris Kringle. And even a reindeer or two...


3. Three

Joy woke up, the memories of her 'Christmas Joy' night. She had helped the real life Santa Claus.

"Mommy, Merry Christmas." Joy said. Hazel smiled, as Joy picked up a letter. A secret letter.

"Dear Joy, (or is it 'Christmas Joy'?)

Thank you for your help. The Mrs. thanks you for helping me, and decided that you shall continue to be my little helper every christmas. When you aee older, you can choose to take a job at the noth pole. 

Merry Christmas, Joy,

Kris Kringle (Santa Claus)"

Joy smiled, happy that she can still be Christmas Joy. She , ade a diference, for every little kid in the world. Een though she was sometimes naughty, and not nice, she still remained on the nice list, year after year.

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