Is Santa Claus Real?

I wrote this to be part of the first Movellas Christmas Story competition in 2013.
It was based on a picture of Santa standing near a tree and placing presents under the tree.
My story is about a little boy and him staying up to see Santa and actually finding him.
It is only a short story.


1. It was Christmas Eve...

I peeped round the corner of the wooden living room door into the living room. The plush tartan covered sofas sat in their usual positions by adjacent walls; the table was in the centre of the room where it was usually left at night time and the Christmas tree sat snuggly in a hidden crevice that our living room had.

The tree displayed many red and gold bows laced with red and gold beads, brightening up the otherwise bare branches and dropping pine needles. Last night there had been lights on the tree, making the beads glisten and shine, sparkle and glitter. It had been beautiful; I could think of nothing like this that I had experienced before.

I turned back to the book I was reading, away from the living room. My eyes skimmed the pages. I absorbed the words. My heart raced as the book reached its climax. What was going to happen next?

Thud! Thump! Bump! Crash!

My heart stopped. Literally. I let out a sudden gasp before gently closing my book and placing it on the floor beside me. Trying to be as quiet as a mouse, I tiptoed to the living room door and pressed myself onto the ground, crawling commando style so that I could peer into the gloom. And what I saw shocked my eyes.


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