The Last present

Just a short story for the movellas advent calendar competition. I hope you like it!
Its Christmas eve, and one little girl just has to stay up to say hello to Santa.


2. chapter 2

It was midnight, and in the lounge the Christmas lights were on, making the room shine in the dark. Suddenly a little soot came out the chimney. Out of the chimney stepped a red coated man. Santa. His coat was bright red and his boots were large and brown. His sleeves had white cotton wool and were soft and fluffy. He had a massive black belt round his waist, keeping his coat nice and tight, making sure he was nice and warm in the cold winter air outside. His beard and moustache were both white, and covered most of his face.  He carefully pulled out his giant brown sack from the chimney, and carefully moved it into the room. There wasn’t much left in it, this was his last visit of the night. The last house. He pulled the sack into his room and picked out the first of the many presents. Later, he was picking out the last present. Just then, a noise was heard. A tiny movement. Not many would have noticed it. But Santa did. He held the present and stood up. There at the door stood  a young child, not much over the age of 5. She was smiling widely and her eyes were twinkling in glee.

“You made it!” She exclaimed quietly, jumping up and down on the spot. Santa bent down and placed the last present down on the pile, then stood up with his arms open. The girl rushed over and into Santas waiting arms.

“Hello there little girl. And how are you tonight?”

“I'm really happy you came!”

“Did you think I wouldn’t come?” He asked.

“Mummy said you wouldn’t come unless I was asleep.”

“Well she was correct.”

“But you are here now!”

“Yes, I am. So, who were you again?”

“Don’t you know me?” she asked, slightly confused. Santa laughed heartily.

“Oh, I know you, you're that little rascal who keeps appearing on the naughty list.” He joked.

“Hey, I'm not naughty, I'm always nice!” She complained. Santa started laughing again.

“Don’t worry, I know you are always on the nice list. You little cutie.” He told her, bouncing her up and down slightly. She started giggling. She looked down and saw the last present he put down.

“Whose present is that?” She asked pointing down.

“Oh, I don’t know, let’s take a little look.” He picked up the present and showed it to her.

“Oh, look, it’s for you!”

“Wow! Maybe I could open it now?” She asked, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.

“Aww, you're so cute! But you can’t open it, otherwise it won’t be a surprise tomorrow.” She sighed.

“But I wanna see what I got now!”

“How about this. I’ll take you to bed, and as suddenly as soon as you open your eyes again, It will be Christmas. Come on.” He picked her up and took her to her room, tucking her in. She yawned and rubbed her tired eyes.

“Night night Santa.” She told him, before drifting off to sleep. Santa smiled and left the room, taking the present with her. He walked back to the Christmas tree and bent down, placing the present back down on the pile. He walked over to the chimney and shoved his sack up.

 “Good night little one, and merry Christmas!”    

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