Growing Up Crazy: A Batman Fanfiction {Book V in the Kids of Gotham Series}

It ain't easy being the kid of a crazy person, and nobody can tell you why better than the kids of Gotham. {Batman X Catwoman, Joker X Harley, Poison Ivy X Two Face, Baby Doll X Killer Croc, OCs. Rated Y for mild language and violence, mainly in later chapters as the children get older. Some Superman (Lois X Clark/Superman, Lex Luthor X Mercy) incorporated}


2. Chapter One - Baxter

Fourteen-year-old Baxter Wayne was nervous for his first day of public school . . . well, more than nervous. He was panicked. Being homeschooled by his parents, honorary family, and Alfred for fourteen years and then being unceremoniously thrown into Gotham Secondary School was more than just a little unnerving, and he was afraid of landing flat on his face.

Even worse, he had no idea why he couldn't be homeschooled anymore. His mother probably wasn't pregnant - she'd made it perfectly clear that Bax was a stupid mistake and nothing like him would ever happen again, no sir. He didn't think his parents were getting divorced - their relationship was complicated at best, but they loved each other.

Maybe he's using me as a spy. For Batman stuff. he joked to himself, but when he thought about it, it was possible. The Joker's two daughters were old enough to start seventh grade, maybe Poison Ivy's son too. Mad Hatter's son would be starting the next year, and Lacey Dahl the year after. With all the criminals-in-training starting their heavy training and going to Gotham Secondary at the same time, he'd probably be the spy and be expected to tell Bruce and Selina about everything that went down.

Either way, it was September, and he was starting public school the next day.

His father had offered to let him become Robin a long time ago, but Baxter had stubbornly refused. He'd been defined as 'Bruce's boy' his entire life, and didn't want to be one of multiple Robins. He was fine with being Bruce's boy, but Robin had a reputation for being childish, and Baxter refused to believe he was childish.

No, he'd just have to make a name for himself. He'd be his own part of the Bat family. Like Dick when he became Nightwing, but he wouldn't disown Bruce first.

He pulled out the lump of fabric. He'd never admit it, but he was okay at sewing. It would come in handy now, though.

He just had to think of a name.

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