Curiouser and Curiouser: A Batman Fanfiction {Book IV in the Kids of Gotham Series}

The Mad Hatter had assumed he'd be forever alone with no one to love him, but an orphan's love for any kindness is unconditional. {Rated Y to fit in with the others, there's really nothing PG-13 about it. Very Out Of Character}


3. Chapter Three

(A/N: Okay, I didn't think I needed to say this earlier, but I NEED your feedback to this series can improve. Or so that my ego can blow up to the size of the planet. Either works. Just comment please.)

Hatter didn't understand how the Society of Gotham Villains had managed to stay working past its first meeting the month before. Or how every single member managed to go home after every weekly gathering.

It had been founded to collaborate plans to kill the Batman, figure out if Arkham Asylum could be brought down, and - for Harley and Poison Ivy - book babysitting jobs.

It was like any other meeting. Accusations were thrown. A gun was fired. Someone broke a window. Maybe one or two suggestions were made, but not discussed all that much. The Penguin even hit the Riddler upside the head with his umbrella.

"Maybe we could create an army."

Everyone froze, not recognizing the speaker. "I said, maybe we could create an army."

It was Baby Doll that spoke, using her adult voice. Hatter looked to her, interested. If she wasn't speaking in her childish voice, she must be serious about that idea.

"Jess is almost a year old. Deux is four months old. There's still time to continue this pseudo baby boom." Baby Doll announced, holding her small head proud.

Mad Hatter winced at this suggestion. "What of those who don't have that option, and will likely never have it?" he asked.

"Adopt." Baby Doll replied with a slightly twisted smile on her face.

"Kidnap? That's a new low, even for you, Dahl." Ivy snapped.

"No, adopt. There are plenty of homeless kids just begging to be molded into respectable villains."

"I don't do kids." the Riddler snapped.

An argument started in the room. It was hard to understand anyone for all the shouting and crashes.

Mad Hatter wanted nothing to do with the fight, so he slipped out unseen, his thoughts wandering back to Alice and Chesire, alone on the streets.

He thought about what Baby Doll had said.

Maybe there was something he could do.

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