Curiouser and Curiouser: A Batman Fanfiction {Book IV in the Kids of Gotham Series}

The Mad Hatter had assumed he'd be forever alone with no one to love him, but an orphan's love for any kindness is unconditional. {Rated Y to fit in with the others, there's really nothing PG-13 about it. Very Out Of Character}


1. Chapter One

(A/N: I have never worked with the Mad Hatter before. I've never even watched his episodes, just read about them and watched a itty bitty clip from that crossover where Superman came to Gotham. I'm going to try for you guys, though, and you'd better appreciate it.)

Thinking about her still sent sharp pains in his heart.

Alice was the only girl he'd ever looked at twice . . . or even once, honestly. When she got engaged to that Billy fellow, he thought he could win her if he forced Billy to end the engagement. But that Bat had to come in and ruin everything. Now Alice was married, and Hatter was stuck being the fiend he is today.

Because of that genius decision to stay the Mad Hatter, he was now stuck forever alone. No girl in her right mind would date him, even the Sirens of Gotham . . . who were taken with children, anyway. He didn't really want anyone except Alice, but it might be nice to have someone to spoil.

He couldn't get a regular job if he'd tried, anyway. Everyone knew Jervis Tetch was the Mad Hatter.

If his blasted mind technology hadn't been destroyed by his former boss Bruce Wayne and stolen by that blasted clown, he might have had a chance. But it had been.

Now, walking through the streets of Gotham, Hatter was reminded why he preferred to stay in various recreations of Wonderland. There were homeless people and victims of crime everywhere. Wonderland was a much happier place . . . and a little bit secluded. It wouldn't do any good to plan the death of Batman in the open.

As he passed an alleyway, he heard a sound easily classified as a newborn baby crying. He shrugged. Though it was a heart-wrenching sound and he wanted to help, the mother would be nearby and able to handle it.

When the crying didn't cease after a while, Hatter decided he'd see what he could do.

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