Curiouser and Curiouser: A Batman Fanfiction {Book IV in the Kids of Gotham Series}

The Mad Hatter had assumed he'd be forever alone with no one to love him, but an orphan's love for any kindness is unconditional. {Rated Y to fit in with the others, there's really nothing PG-13 about it. Very Out Of Character}


4. Chapter Four

(A/N: Scrapping Dolly to lessen my workload, so the next book is Growing Up Crazy :) )

Mad Hatter broke into a sprint on his way to the alley. He hoped the kids were still there. They had to be. He didn't know where else to find them.

When it was silent, he got worried. "Curiouser and curiouser . . ." he muttered to himself, wandering into the alley.

He almost tripped over the sleeping Alice. He did, however, wake her up.

Alice looked up sleepily. "Hi, Mithter Hatter . . ." she slurred tiredly.

"Alice, do you and Chesire want a place to stay?" Hatter asked.

The little girl stared up at him with wide blue eyes. "Well?"

Alice nodded. "Thpeaking for both of uth, yeth!"

She threw her little arms around Hatter in a tight hug. Awkwardly, Hatter patted her skinny back as she cried and repeated something like "thank you" over and over.

"Come on, then." Hatter stood and extended a hand, trying to get the hang of the whole 'father' thing. He grabbed Chesire's stroller as Alice took his hand. "I live in the old amusement park. It's not that far away."

"You mean Story Book Land?" Alice squealed.

Maybe this wouldn't be too hard . . . for now.

{End Book IV}

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