Stay ( One Direction)

Zoe sister of Katy Perry is about to get swooped into the world of showbiz in one night for her talented singing and then she gets noticed by a member by one direction will she enjoy being famous?


11. breakfast and a crazy idea

Chapter 11

I wake up not in my bright coloured room but in one directions natural looking room I never knew they would be that boring at colours I get out of bed and head for the shower I lock the door after me (just in case ) as Katy has warned me about Harry I strip down and wash myself with some mint shampoo and wrap a big towel around myself I head for the door just open it when I see Harry lieing on it dressed up not in his pjs looking at me and smiling (great) note sarcasm* " Hey Harry what are you doing here " I say with gritted teeth " nothing just waiting for you to wake up and get out of the shower thats all " he says and smiles again " great but um.. can I borrow a t-shirt or something to put over me " I ask " yeah you can borrow a shirt and sweat pants from my room I'll show you where it is " he says and starts leading me to his room as I follow behind him he opens the door to reveal a room with socks, boxers , magazines and much more stuff lying all over the bed and floor " eh.. sorry about the mess " Harry says and blushes trying to push the stuff away with his foot to the far end " no problem " I say and walk over to his wardrobe care full not to step on anything I open his wardrobe look around and pick a peach Jack Wills hoodie and Some grey sweat pants " thanks " I say and hug Harry before I leave the room I go back to my room and change into the humongous clothes it kinds looked funny when you looked in the mirror I roll up the joodies sleves (better ) I put last nights shoes on and I walk down stairs when all the boys stare at me " why are you wearing Harrys clothes " Louis asks " because I didn't have any and he gave me his as he was the only one upstairs " I say " and the heels really " Zayn says and all of the lads and me laugh " they were the only shoes I had from yesterday " I say and walk over to the fridge ooen it take milk and cereals and sit down at the table and start eating " well what do  you want to do today zoe " Louis asks bright eyed his head probably filled with ideas waiting to burst out " don't know where do you want to go " I ask " well.. since you asked I've been thinking lets do sky diving " he says and smiles " WHAT  no way " I say and look at the others faces were happy apart from Liam he had a frown " yeah lets go we need you pleaseeeee pleaseeeee " Harry rushes over to me with the rest saying this .... " ummm...

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