Stay ( One Direction)

Zoe sister of Katy Perry is about to get swooped into the world of showbiz in one night for her talented singing and then she gets noticed by a member by one direction will she enjoy being famous?


5. accident

chapter 5

"oh.. i have never heard of you before but i have heard of One Direction tough " i say " really wow i taught you knew us " he says and laughs " so are you preforming tonight " i ask when i hear a  yell coming from Katys room i quickly rush over with Louis with me i open the door and see Katy lying on the ground moaning in pain with a huge picture on top of her me and Louis rush over to her and lift it off her while she moans more " Louis go and get some help " i say and he runs out of the room i hold Katys hand " how did that happen " i ask " i was dancing and singing when i flew back against the wall and the picture wobbled and fell ontop of me i think my leg is broken cose i cant feel it " she says and peers at her leg then Louis rushes in with Mike and the Paramedics they all rush over to Katy and they put her onto a board and look at her arms and legs " im sorry but Katy has broken her left arm and right leg so im afraid she cant perform in the show " he says and Mike looks as if hes going to scream they take Katy out of the room and to hospital i start walking away when Mike grabs my hand " you you know what song Katy has to sing so can you sing just even a note please im desperate " he says looking pleadingly at me " okay ill try if my voice isnt good remember i told you " i say  and take a guitar from a corner and start strumming 

i used to bite my tounge and hold my breath

scared to rock the boat and make a mess

so i sit quietly  agreed polietly

i guess that i forgot i had a choice i let you push me past the braking point

i stud for nothing so i feel for everything 

you held me down 

but i got up hey already pushing off the desk 

hear my voice hear that sound 

ive got the eye of the tiger the fire 

dancing through the fire 

cose i am a champion and your gonna hear me roar

i strummed and i looked at their amazed face " wow you can sing alright" Mike says " does thata mean i have to be in the show " i say " yes im going to tell the changes to the men okay you stay here with Louis " he says and eaves the room " you haave one amazing voice " Louis says  

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