Hi every one this is my first fiction comment if u guys want to give me any ideas so hope u like it


1. intro

Hi every one my name is Alex and I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I just moved to California. I am 17 years old a junior in highschool. I love to draw and play soccer. I have two brothers named Noah and Austin. Austin is 19 and Noah is 4. So that's it

~~~~~~~~~~~~~authors note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi guys this is my first fiction I will be planning to make more and in this fiction 1direction is NOT FAMOUS. Just so u won't get confused


"We finally got out of the airport." I was so relieved because Noah kept on crying!!!. Austin called a taxi for us. It's just me, Noah, Austin and my mom. My dad was mad when Noah was born. He didn't want him so my mom kept it a secret. When she came home 3 months after my dad questioned why she was gone. She explained about Noah. He seemed to be mad so Austin took Noah and me then we went to the basement. If anything went real bad we would go out the escape door. After about what felt like a day, we got out. Sure enough it was only 3 hours. My mom told us that our so called dad went out. We knew that meant to get wasted. So we left him that is why we moved.

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