Petal to the Metal: A Batman Fanfiction {Book III in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Pamela Lilian Isley, AKA Poison Ivy, is the last person you'd expect to want children, but everything is never as it seems. {Poison Ivy X Two-Face. Rated Y for implied sex, some violence, and mild language}


4. Chapter Four

(A/N: Super short chapter for which I am super sorry, I had no idea what to do for it)

Ivy was nine months pregnant. She put a flower on the kitchen table in front of her. "It's gonna need a name, huh?" she asked the plant, stroking one of its leaves. "No respectable person can go without a name."

Faintly, she remembered that this was Two-Face's kid too. He was obsessed with the number two. "How about something about the number two?" she asked her bumb. The thing inside moved. "Deux is French for two, so if you're a boy your name will be Deux. Deux Forest." the kid moved again. She took that to mean he liked it.

"Then there's the coin." she thought aloud. "So . . . if you're a girl . . . Fleur Penny." the kid was still. "Speak now or forever hold your peace." The kid was still, probably asleep. Lazy little fucker. she thought to herself, pulling herself out of the chair.

She was exhausted, and needed all her energy to continue hunting down Two-Face in the morning. "Night, babes." she said to her plants. She looked down at her bump. "I don't even need to say goodnight to you."

Ivy waddled to her small bedroom across the house.

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