Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


28. Welcome Home, Nichole

I blinked my eyes a few times, adjusting to the dim light. I took a deep breath and winced at the pain in my side. My senses slowly came to me, making me realize I wasn’t the only one in my bed. I shifted around and looked up, spying a mop of curly hair and a light snore. Harry.


    “Harry.” I whispered, poking him in his side. He twitched but continued to sleep.


    “Harry.” I said again, poking him two more times in the ribs. He twitched again but ignored me, his lips twitching at the sides. Mhm, asleep my ass.


    “I know you can hear me. Get your ass up.” I say a little louder, jabbing him in his side multiple times. He smiled with his eyes closed, grabbing my hand. He scooted closer to me and kissed my forehead.


    “How do you feel?” He rasped, finally opening his green eyes to look at me.


    “Sore. Tired. Ready to go home and sleep in my own bed.” I admitted, stiffling a yawn. 


    “I’ll see what I can do, babe. I’m going to go get you some food. I’ll be back.” He said, kissing my forehead and getting out of the small bed. I felt cold without him by my side but I ignored it, pulling the thin cover up over me.


    I waited about an hour and still no sign of Harry. I heard footsteps outside my door, getting my hopes up that Harry had returned to me with food. I’m starving. Instead of my tall, dark and handsome boyfriend, it was a short, pale man in a doctors uniform.


    “Ah, Ms. Mercer. I see you are up. How are you feeling?” He asked, holding up his clip board and writing something on it.


    “Tired and sore. My head hurts and I can’t take a deep breath without thinking I’m going to die from the pain in my side.” I say, huffing. He nodded his little bald head and continued to write.


    “I see. When you were in the wreck you got a concussion and you broke one rib and fractured two. The two that are fractured will heal rather quickly but the broken rib will take a whole of six months to heal right and to get the pain to go away. I’ll prescribe you something for the pain but over the counter pain aids work well to. I’ll get your paper work and you can feel free to leave when ever you like.” He said, smiling at me before leaving the room.


    Seconds after the doctor left, Harry appeared through the door with Darcy in one hand and a bag of great smelling food in the other. I grinned as Harry stepped to the side, revealing Dylan. Dylan grinned at me and ran up to the bed, his hand reaching up towards me.


    “Don’t you dare try to lift him. Give me a second and I’ll put him up there.” Harry said, pointing at me and giving me a stern look. Oh, that serious face was rather sexy.


    Harry put the food on the table beside my bed and sat Darcy down at the end of the bed. She sat there for a moment, watching her father as he lifted her brother up and onto the bed. The little boy waisted no time as he crawled up to me, wrapping his little arms around my neck.


    “Mommy.” He said simply, hugging me tight. 


    “Hey, pretty boy. Did you miss me?” I chuckle, hugging him as tightly as I could.


    “I went home and got the twins, obviously, then stopped by Starbucks on the way back here. I got your favorite.” Harry said, handing the twins their sippy cups out of the bag he packed for them. 


    Dylan sat on my lap and sipped at the liquid in the cup while Darcy just held hers, watching Harry pass out my food. Her hair was getting darker, contrasting with her bright blue eyes.


    I ate in silence, chewing on my muffin as I watched Darcy. She looks so much like Diana but yet completely different. Her hair was definitely turning brown but her eyes were naturally going to stay blue. Diana’s face was a little rounder than hers, but then again Darcy is still young when Diana looked about five. 


    “Babe?” Harry said, his fingers snapping in front of my face.


    “Huh?” I asked, looking away from Darcy to face Harry.


    “Are you okay? I’ve asked you the same question four times.” Harry said, concern lacing his voice.


    “Uh, yeah. Sorry, I was off in my own little world. Did you bring me some clothes?” I asked, shaking it off.


    “Right here.” He said, pulling out some clothes from the bag he had packed. I stiffly got out of bed, gently pushing off of it and walking into the bathroom.




    “We’re here guys.” Harry said perkily, looking in the review mirror at the babies. 


    Harry had bought another suburban while I was in the coma thing, getting one that looked exactly like the one I totaled. Lovely reminder, honey. I got out of the vehicle carefully and helped Dylan out of his car seat. He ran towards the house, soon followed by the little girl. I grabbed the diaper bag but soon it was taken from me, replaced by a tiny paper bag that held my meds. I sighed and shut the door, taking Harry’s hand as he walked with me up the driveway.


    The door was already open and unlocked, letting the twins to walk on into the house. Voices came into hearing range, making me nervous. What will they say to me? What will they call me?


    “Nichole! Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re okay!” Ashley said rushing forward and hugging me gently. She must know about my ribs.


    “Yeah, me too.” I said, smiling at her.


    “Oh, princess, I thought I lost my best friend.” Niall said, wrapping me up in a hug. His face was red, so he must have cried a lot. 


    “I’m sorry, Nialler. I didn’t mean to scare you.” I say, hugging him back and blinking away tears.


     I really must have terrified everybody here. This only comes to prove how many people love me and how stupid I am for freaking out and nearly killing myself. He pulled back and kissed my forehead, squeezing my hand before stepping back away from me, scooping up Darcy in the process.


    “Hey, love. How are you feeling?” Louis asks, smiling sweetly at me. Ariel hugged me and kissed my cheek, standing beside her boyfriend.


    “I’ve been better, but it could be worse.” I admit, nodding my head slowly as if I was trying to accept it myself.


    “I thought I was going to have to murder who ever hit you. I’m so glad you are okay.” Zayn said, chuckling as he hugged me.


    “Well, I’m glad you didn’t.” I say awkwardly, not knowing what else to say. 


    I look around the circle of people, hugging and talking a few more minutes with my mum, Anne and Gemma before a familiar voice caught my attention.


    “Hey there, stranger.” Liam called out from behind me, making me turn around. Sophia was by his side but I ignored her, looking at the boy in front of me.


    He smiled at me, the mean mask he had on the past year gone, revealing the sweet Liam I had once knew. I became very emotional and it was all just to much for me. I rushed forward to Liam, not caring when pain roared in my side as I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, hugging him hard. He did the same back, holding me tightly as he muttered apology after apology. I nodded my head against his shoulder and kissed his cheek. I just reunited with my best friend. The one who helped me through the first months of my first pregnancy.


    “I’m so sorry, Nichole. I’m sorry. I should have been there for you more than I was. I nearly went crazy at the thought of losing my best friend. I’m sorry.” He mumbled into my hair, for only me to hear. 


    “It’s okay, Liam. I forgive you.” I whispered back, giving him one last squeeze before letting him go and stepping back.


    “I’m sorry about you losing your baby.” A girls voice cut in, drawing my attention away from Liam to the girl beside him.


    “Excuse me?” I asked, looking at her.


    “I said I’m sorry that you lost your baby. You must feel horrible about it. After all, if you hadn’t gotten into that wreck, it would be alive.” Sophia sneered, her eyes staring at me. 


    I felt my draw drop as Liam snapped at her, telling her to apologize to me for saying that. tears pricked at my eyes as I felt the anger build up in my chest. My face turned hot and my heart beat hard in my chest.


    “What was that, I didn’t quite hear you.” I said, stepping forward and cupping my hand around my hear as if it would help me hear.


    “I said-” she started to repeat but my arm snapped out in front of me, my fist connecting with her nose. 


    Her eyes widened in horror as her hands covered her nose, failing to hide the blood coming from it. I smirked at her before backing away from her, taking Dylan from Louis and motioning for Niall to follow me.


    “My kids don’t need to see this.” I say, leading him to the nursery. I set Dylan in his crib while Niall put Darcy in hers, turning towards me.


    “Nichole.” Harry rapsed, appearing in the door way.


    “I’m sorry, but she had no right to-” I started but I was cut off, Harry’s arms wrapping around me. I buried my face into his shoulder and cried.

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