Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


39. The Right Dress

What about this one?” Ashley said, holding up a white gown. I looked it over, frowning.


    “There’s way to much beading in the top.” I say, shaking my head.


     We have been looking for wedding dress for the past three hours. We have been to almost all of England looking through every store and still have not found the perfect one. If I had known that looking for a simple wedding dress would be so hard, I would have put it on the top of the check list. After this, it was the bridesmaids dresses.


    “I kinda like this one.” Gemma said, holding up one. 


    I started from the top, nodding my head in agreement before shaking my head as I got to the bottom finding that it was styles like a mermaids fin.


    “I’m sorry guys, I know it’s taking forever. I say we got take a break and eat then start up again.” I say, sighing in defeat. Looks like it’s have to be an ugly dress for me. Great.


    “It’s okay, Nicky. Let’s get some food then we can look some more.” Anne said, rubbing my back as she walked with me out of the store. 


    We found a mini taco bell, ordering what ever our hearts desired, with the exception of a perfect wedding dress. I only got one taco and a large drink, my stomach not really feeling hungry. I finished way before the others did, leaving me to think of a place we haven’t been yet.


    “It’s okay, Nichole. Harry will love you no matter what you wear.” Fer said, feeling my frustration.


    “Yeah, I know that. I just really want something that will knock him on his ass.” I admit, tilting my head back and closing my eyes.


    “I know what you mean. Maybe one will fall from the heavens.” Ashley said, not meaning any harm. 


    I sighed and opened my eyes, ready to give her a sarcastic remark when I saw it. It was perfect.


    “I think they just did.” I said, focusing in on the dress. It was perfect!


    “What?” Sarah said, confused. I laughed and pointed up at the second floor of the mall, right at the dress.


    “I found it. That’s it. It has to be.” I said, grabbing my mums hand and nearly dragging her up the stairs as the others followed.


    I stopped in front of the window, staring in awe at the dress. It was beautiful. And it had to be mine.


    “Well, come on! Let’s go see if it fits!” Ashley gushed, grabbing my hand and pulled me through the doors.


    “Hi, how may I help you?” A guy chirped from behind the counter, smiling cheerfully at us.


    “Um, yes. my friend here is about to get married and we’ve been searching for the perfect wedding dress for hours. We thought it was a lost cause until she spotted the one in the window. Do you think you have one in her size?” Ashley rambled, pointing behind us to the white master piece.


    “Here, let me see.” The man said, taking a lanky tape measure and putting it around my hips, waist and then my chest area, measuring.


    “We might. Here, come with me.” He said, motioning us towards the back. 


    We followed him to the very back rack, watching him pull out  a dress.


    “This should be the right size. The dressing rooms are right through that little hallway. Let me know if you need anything!” he says, handing the hanger to Anna before wiggling his fingers in goodbye as he walked off.


    “Ah, let’s go! I have to see you in it.” Ashley said, leading the way.


    “You’re going to need help getting into it, so I’ll go in with you.” Ariel said, taking the dress from Ashley and pushing me into a room.


    I stripped down to my panties, holding my arms straight up as she gathered the gown and slid it over my head. I wiggled and squirmed, giggling as she finally pulled it over my head. I shoved my hair out of my face and helped arrange the dress properly. It fit snugly to my curves, making me smile.


    “Are you ready to see your reflection?” Ariel asked, her lips spreading into a grin. 

I nod nervously, praying that I would like this dress.


    Ariel moved out from in front of me, letting me see. My jaw dropped and I started giggling. I didn’t like the dress; I loved it. It was perfect, just the one I was looking for. 


    “Ah, come out already! I know you have it on, Ariel isn’t fussing at you to be still anymore. I want to see!” Ashley said, her voice getting a little aggravated.


    “Alright, alright. I’m coming.” I say loudly, taking a deep breath before unlatching the door and stepping out. 


    Instead of stopping there, I walked around them to the little stage they had set up surrounded by mirrors. A few gasps were heard, along with a low cuss as Ashley inspected the dress. A moment of silence followed, nobody saying a word. It started to make me feel nervous. I thought the dress looked right on me.. Didn’t they?


    “I love it.” Anne said, grinning at me. Her eyes were bright with unshed tears, very much unlike my mother.


    “I can’t believe you’re getting married!” My mum gushed, tears rolling down her cheeks.


    It suddenly got very emotional. My eyes watered and I ducked my head, looking at the end of this wonderful dress. This is just great, now my face will be red and puffy. I looked up at my mom and tried my hardest not to cry but failed miserably as tears rolled down my burning cheeks. She rushed forward, wrapping her arms around me for a hug.


    “Yeah, me either.” I chuckled through my crying, trying to make light of the sudden tense situation. 


    “You’ve grown so much in the past two years. You’re so beautiful and smart. You’re a great mother and I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for you when you needed me the most. I’m so sorry, Nichole.” My mom cried.


    “It’s okay, mom, you’re here now. That’s all that matters.” I say, giving up on blinking away my tears.


    We held each other for a few more seconds before she stepped back, looking at me from head to toe.


    “You look gorgeous. You will definitely knock Harry on his ass.” She says, making me laugh as she used my words from earlier.


    “You should definitely get that one.” Fer said, smiling at me as she wiped a tear away from her eye. 


    I nodded gratefully at them and followed Ariel back into the dressing room.





    “I like the long ones. It makes it more elegant. Not to mention, if you get the shorter ones, they will look weird. We are all different heights.” Sarah said, motioning beside her to Ariel who basically towered over the poor girl. 


    “I like the longer better anyway. Yes, I’ll take them.” I said excitedly as I handed the helper the credit card Harry had given me for this occasion. 


    “Ahh! We are done with everything for the wedding! Ah, a week and a half is just to long!” Ashley said, doing a little dance in her spot on the stage before following the other girls to change out of the dresses they wore.


    We just decided and bought the bridesmaids dresses and my heart is racing. Only a week and a half until I’m the Mrs. Styles. Part of me was excited but the other half was completely terrified. What if I don’t do it right? 


    I couldn’t let these bad thoughts control my mind for long until Ashley came bouncing out, a grin on her face and she handed her dress to the lady. She took all of the dresses to the back and emerged a few minutes later with the right color and sizes, ringing them up and then placing them in four different bags. I grinned at her as she handed me my credit card back and handed out the bags. We have accomplished a lot today. Decided on the cake, found my wedding dress and managed to fit in the bridesmaids dresses. It was perfect. 

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