Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


12. Secrets Revealed

I looked myself over in the mirror, approving of my reflection. I looked cute and comfortable. After fastening my heart locket around my neck, I fluffed my curls out a little before popping some clear lip gloss on my lips, blowing a kiss at the mirror. Niall and Ashley have already came and got the kids, leaving me and Harry alone to get ready. Harry had gotten his clothes and went to one of the spare bedrooms to get ready, leaving me alone in our room to take my time. There was a knock at the door, causing me to grab my peach colored clutch and put my phone it on vibrate, just in case. I felt nervous and giddy at the same time, causing my tummy to have constant butterflies.
I was nervous for two reasons. One, because this was my first time away from my babies for this long and with them in somebody else's care. I trusted Niall and Ashely but I worried non the less.
Second reason was because I was going on a date with Harry. We haven’t talked about being together as a couple. Not including a few kisses here and there, Harry has shown no interest in dating me or anybody else. He’s been to busy to worry with something like that between One Direction and taking care of the babies when he is home.
I opened the door, looking shyly up at the curly headed boy. His green eyes roamed up my legs and all the way up to my face. I felt my cheeks grow hot under his gaze, dropping my eyes to the ground.
“You look gorgeous. Are you ready?” He asked, tilting my chin up with one finger. I nodded my head and followed him through the house, his thumb rubbing small circles on the back of my hand. He helped me into his car, shutting the door for me before appearing on the seat next to me seconds later, buckling in and reversing out of the driveway.
I sat quietly in my chair, looking around. The place was beautiful. People were talking quietly amongst themselves in the soft, romantic glow of the restaurant. Harry ordered for both of us, promising me that I would just love what he had gotten me. I smiled back at him and tipped on my water, eyeing the wine glass. I will not being getting drunk tonight.
“You look beautiful.” Harry said, complimenting me for the second time tonight. I felt heat rise to my cheeks as I offered a shy thanks.
“I love that I can make you blush. It’s a lovely color on you.” Harry said while the waiter placed our food in front of us. I didn’t reply as I started in on my food.
Harry did the same, a comfortable exciting silence resting between us. We finished our food and I managed to drink only one glass of wine. Harry paid the tab and walked me out of building, my arm looped through his.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” He asked, looking down at me as we walked. I smiled back up at him before resting my head against his arm. I felt a light sprinkle begin, misting around us as we walked to the car.
“I did, actually. Thank you.” I said, jerking to a stop as a body was thrown out in front of me.
“Oh my God, you’re Harry Styles!” A girl squealed, jumping up and down excitedly.
Harry smiled at her and signed the bag she held out after digging a pen out of the thing. Two more girls popped up and soon we were nearly drowning in teenage girls. Where do so many people come from?! I was pushed around by the shifting of the crowd, clinging to Harry as girls were pressed up against me in the effort to get closer to the rising star.
“Harry.” I whimpered, seeing a few girls frown at my hold on Harry’s arm. I felt fingers wrap around my arm, jerking me sideways.
“Get off of him, he’s mine!” The girl shrieked, yanking on my arm. I planted my feet and shoved her back with my arm. She fell back into a few more girls, knocking two over along with her.
“Go, go, go!” Harry said in my ear, pushing me forward. I rushed forward, dodging arms and legs.
With a tight hold on my hand, Harry quickly outran me, my heels clacking loudly. We ran around the building before my ankles started to hurt, my heels making us lack in speed.
“Wait, hold on.” I say, stopping and taking my heels off, holding them in one hand as Harry grabs my other tightly and pulls me behind him. The sprinkled turned into a light rain before the bottom dropped out soaking us. We ran for a two more blocks, my chest heaving as I gasped for air. I’m so out of shape.
“I think.. I’m going... To start working.. Out again.” I gasped, leaning up against the wall to catch my breath.
“Yeah.. Me to.” Harry replied, a light giggle escaping his lips. The giggle turned into a laugh, making my own chuckle start.
“What a rush!” He said, his voice sounding excited. I grinned in the dark, shaking my head at him. Only he would think being attacked by a small mob would be a rush.
“Let’s go home, yeah?” Harry asked, grabbing my hand again. I followed him, walking down the sidewalk.
“What about your car?” I asked, looking over my shoulder towards the way we came.
“I’ll just get it tomorrow.” Harry said, flagging down a cab. Soaking wet, we got into the back of the car. Harry pulled me close, rubbing my arm to create friction. Has if reading my mind, his voice was in my ear
“Friction makes heat.” Harry rasped, his teeth grazed my earlobe.
I shuttered,closing my eyes as a need started to build between my thighs. His wet curls tickled the side of my face as his lips moved down to my neck, his lips and tongue working together to find my sweet spot. His tongue found it, flicking over the sensitive area.
The car came to a stop, the driver muttering something about getting inside out of the weather. Harry quickly exited the vehicle, helping me out before paying the cabbie and leading me inside. Unlocking the door, he pushed it open and pulled me through. Once it was shut and locked, I was pushed back up against the wood as Harry’s lips crashed into mine.
I tangled my hands into his curls, dropping my shoes over away from us. His hands gripped at my sides, pulling me closer to deepen the kiss. A slight moan escaped my lips as his hands pushed my jacket back off my shoulder, letting it fall to the ground. His teeth attached to my shoulder, nibbling at the bare skin.
My fingers worked quickly on the buttons of his shirt, having it undone and pushed away from his shoulders in record time. He found the zipper on the back of my dress, quickly undoing it and letting it pool to the ground at my feet. His belt buckle was undone along with his pants, showing the front of his boxers.
Two large hands wrapped around the back of my thighs, lifting me up off the ground so I could wrap my legs around his waist. He ground his member into me, making us both moan as my blood pulse picked up at the contact. His lips pressed sloppy kisses to my neck and shoulders, dipping down to plant a kiss on the top of one of my breasts. I raked my nails across his shoulders, a throaty moan vibrated through both of our bodies where they were connect.
A rough hand was slid between us, grazing my gender through my underwear. I tilted my head back against the door, allowing him access to my neck in the process. I rolled my hips against his hand, creating more pressure and pleasure. Cupping his face with both of my hands, I nibbled on his bottom lip before allowing him access in my mouth. He pulled me off of the door, gripping my bum tightly as he toted me further into the house, out lips never leaving the company of the others.
I fell back onto the bed, my body had only seconds to scurry backwards to the top of the bed before Harry’s lean body was over me again, comfortable between my legs. My bra was taken off, his mouth instantly claiming one nipple, lightly running his tongue over it before teasing it with his lips. I shifted my hips up, eager for contact. My panties were taken off next, leaving me completely naked and Harry half naked. A finger slid into my aching core, pumping slowly has low moans escaped my lips. I rocked my hips forward, aiding him. Suddenly stopping, the rest of his clothes shoved down his legs and tossed off the bed.
After rolling on a condom, Harry positioned himself between my thighs, the tip of his member rubbing against my entrance. He gently pushed in, his breathing coming out in soft huffs as he rolled his hips back out and slowly pushed back in. I arched my back a little, soaking in the pleasure that each of his movements brought. My tiny hands gripped at his sides, squeezing tightly as he thrusted a little faster. Soft profanities were made has I bit roughly on his shoulder, my own sighs coming out in the form of his name.
“Mm, say it again.” Harry rasped, his body moving quickly against mine. I obeyed, calling out his name softly.
He leaned up a little, placing one hand on the headboard behind me as his thrusts got quicker, his breathing got higher and higher with each thrust, my own pleasure starting to build in the pit of my stomach. His movements got sloppier, telling me he was close. He cried out, my own orgasm following directly after his. He continued to work against me, our bodies rocking with the force of the excitement that just exploded.
Harry’s body went limp, resting against mine as we both tried to catch our breath. After a few seconds he gently pulled out, making me take a sharp breath as he exited my body. He leaned over and through the condom away before rolling off of me, laying beside me. It was quiet for a moment before Harry rolled onto his side, facing me. I could feel is eyes on me, making me looked up at the darkened face.
“I love you.” Harry said, loud and clear. My heart beat fast and I sat up, turning towards him.
“What?” I asked, not believing my ears. It can’t be what I think it was. Is it?
“I love you. I’ve loved you for a very long time. Since you was three months into the pregnancy, I’ve know that I love you. I’ve done everything I know to prove it to you but I managed to fuck it up each time. I love you.” Harry confessed, taking one of my hands tightly in his and kissing the back of it.
I found myself grinning stupidly, thanking God that he couldn’t see me. A girly giggle escaped my lips, making me clamp them shut tightly.
“Are you laughing at me?” Harry asked, sounding a little hurt.
“It’s for a good reason though.” I said, another giggle leaving my mouth.
“Why is that?” He asked, not believing me. I quickly straddled him, using both hands to grab his face and kiss him squarely on the lips.
“Because I love you too.”

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