Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


48. Pictures

A few more speeches were made, some happy and sincere while others held embarrassing stories of us. I smiled, laughed and blinked away the tears after each one, clapping with the rest as they took their seats. Music begins to play and Harry tugs me up from my seat, dragging me to the empty area that was claimed to be the dance floor.

“Dance with me.” Harry says, letting go of my hand to step into the middle of the dance floor.

He slightly bowed, offering me his hand. I stepped forward as the slow beat started, placing my small hand in his large one. He pulled be close, wrapping both his arms around my waist as I did the same to his neck. We had a few alone seconds before other couples started to join in.

Cameras flashed as people took pictures of this memorable night, reminding me that we still have to take the actual pictures. After the slow song ended, a fast song came out, making me die of laughter as the boys gathered around Harry and began to twerk, making me almost cry as Harry joined in.

We circled around him as he placed his hands on his knees as he rolled his hips a few times before twerking, making the our family laugh. I tried to escape his hands before they could reach me but I wasn’t fast enough as they wrapped around the tops of my arms.

“Not so fast, princess.” Harry chuckles, pulling me back against him.

I laugh as I sway my hips to the beat, trying to find a way out of this.

“I can’t dance!” I say loudly so he could hear me.

“Ha, nice try. Don’t even think that lie will work. I’ve seen you dance, remember.” He said, pressing a hot kiss on my bare shoulder.

“No, I mean we have to take pictures. I don’t want to be all hot and sweaty before then.” I say, smiling smugly at him as he sighed and nodded his head.

The song quickly ended and I retrieved my bridesmaids and my banquet as Harry gather the boys. We found the photographer and he lead us outside to the large open field beside the building. A few trees dotted the flat ground, leaving plenty of space for everything.

“Stand in front of that tree. Act like you love each other.” She teased, pointing towards the tree with multi-colored leafs ranging from dark brown to yellow to bright oranges. It was beautiful.

Harry wrapped one arm around my body, pulling me partly into him as he tossed the flower bundle to one of the boys. He placed a light kiss on my lips before lacing his fingers through my free ones, smiling at me before turning towards the camera. I followed his example, smiling at the lady as she clicked a few pictures.

We followed her instructions as she turned me around, my back facing Harry’s front with his arms around my waist. She snapped a few more pictures before she gave us freedom to do what ever poses we want. The first pose we did, Harry turned me around and laid one on me, the kiss sweet and gentle as the click of the camera was heard.

I smiled as he pulled back before twirling my fist finger in a circle, telling him to turn around. He looked confused but did as he was told, turning his back to me. I pinched his bum before placing my arm up on his shoulder, letting my hand dangle by his collar bone. I placed my other hand on my hip and turned towards the camera, grinning. She smiled as the flash went off, nodding in approval as she inspected the outcome.

“I’m going to pick you up.” Harry said before his forearm hit the back of my knees as he other arm caught my back before I could fall.

Niall quickly handed me my flowers before running out of the frame. I held on to Harry’s neck with one arm before throwing my other arm out, lifting one foot higher than the other before grinning at the camera. We did a few more silly poses, like me having a firm hold on Harry’s collar as he tries to “run away” from me.

After Harry comes the bridesmaids, which turned out to be comical. After a few serious poses, Ashley loses it, hiking her dress up as she climbs onto Ariels back. Sarah instantly falls to the ground, laying on her side with one hand holding up her head while the other rested seductivly on her side. Fer got behind me leaning out around me as she giggled. I rolled my eyes and heard the camera snap, knowing that she caught it.

“I have an idea! everybody line up behind the bride!” Sarah said excitedly as she got of the ground, dusting off her dress.

They did so, making me laugh as Fer and Ariel did Fer’s old pose while Ashley and Sarah stuck further out, making piece signs and funny faces,making me laugh and the camera clicks. After that we took two more silly pictures before it was the boys’ turn.

I watched and nearly cried I was laughing so hard as the boys fidgeted during the serious ones. I could tell Louis was just dying to bust loose and be his normal goofy self.

The next thing I know Niall as Louis by his legs, Louis grinning up at the camera as he held himself up off the ground with his arms. Zayn jumped into Liam’s arms while Harry struck a very girly pose, turning sideways as he throws his arms in the air and tilts his head back, smiling up at the clouds. I could hear the laughter from the photographer as they continued to strike different poses and do silly things.

The photographer shakes her head as she chuckles, calling out the last pictures for the whole group. I instantly find Harry’s side, smiling as he kisses the tip of my nose. The ladies find the boy that they walked down the isle with, all turning towards me and Harry as we faced directly towards the camera. A few more pictures before they went crazy. So much was going on all at the same time, it was hard to keep up with.

Zayn and Sarah are doing weird poses while Ariel and Louis make silly faces as Ariel climbs onto his back. Fer and Liam pretend to be cops, standing back to back as they shaped theirs first finger and their thumbs into a make shift gun, making a serious face. Ashley and Niall are off behind us, looking like dinosaurs as they pretend to bite at us.

I look up at Harry, catching the beautiful sight of his green eyes shining while he laughed at the boys. He looks down at me and our eyes lock, his light green orbs sparkling down into my brown ones. The camera clicks and the photographer says it’s all done.

“Let’s go back inside with the others and visit before we leave.” Harry said, wrapping one arm around my waist before kissing the top of my head before leading me back inside.

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