Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


16. Messes

My mouth fell open and I couldn’t breathe. Was he really asking em this? I wanted to say no. My brain told me it was way to soon, that it would just end in a disaster. My brain told me that I should say no and help him up off the floor. Of course, my mouth doesn’t listen to my brain.
“Yes.” I heard myself whisper, a grin spreading across my lips. Harry’s eyes widened in shock and he stood up.
“Yes?” He asked again, a slow smile growing. I nodded my head at him.
“Yes!” I said excitedly. He grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me hard before wrapping me up in a tight hug. I heard cheers in the back ground but I ignored them when Harry sat me on my feet. He took the ring out of the box and closed it, sticking it back into his pocket. Sliding the cool metal onto my left ring finger, his soft lips left a lingering kiss against mine.
The next morning I woke up naked and slightly sore. What the hell? I couldn’t have gotten drunk. Did I? I tried to remember the party last night but I couldn’t remember anything pas the proposal. The proposal. I lifted my left hand and looked down at the beautiful piece of jewelry that decorated my ring finger. I smiled at it, glad it wasn’t all a dream. I’m engaged to the Harry Styles. Every teenage girls dirty dream. I rolled over, spying a mess of curly hair. The sheets were barely covering his lower half, showing off his v-lines as he lightly snored.
As I stared at his adorable face, I tried to remember my night. The harder I thought about it the more I caught glimpses of sweaty skin and hot touches. I shook my head, trying to get the heat out of my cheeks. I wiggled over to Harry, laying right next to him, my head resting on his bare shoulder. I looked up at him, pressing light kisses on his cheek before moving down his jaw. I kissed on his neck and his collar bones, biting at his chest.
“Mm, what are you doing to me, woman?” He rasped, his morning voice being incredibly hot.
“Nothing you won’t like.” I laugh, kissing his belly button before crawling back up to kiss him on his lips.
“Oh, in that case, continue.” He said, smiling sleepily at me. I smiled back and kissed him again, deepening the kiss.
His large hands ran lightly up my back before one hand knotted in my already tangled hair, pulling my head to the side so he could get more access to my neck. A low moan came out of my mouth as I quickly straddled him, pulling the covers over both of us in the process. I rubbed myself against his growing member, earning a throaty moan from him. I smiled against his kiss, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck as he slowly rolled over onto me.
He positioned himself and was ready to push in when a loud cry started, telling us that the twins were up. Harry groaned and let his head drop hard on my shoulder. I sighed and pushed him off of me before sliding off the bed. I found a pair of his boxers and slid them on along with his shirt that I found on the floor. The twins were standing up in their cribs, leaning against the wooden rails waiting on us.
“Hey, there princess.” I say, picking up Darcy as Harry, in joggers and a t-shirt, gathered Dylan in his arms. Darcy fisted some of my hair, her little face red from her short cry.
“You must be hungry. Let’s go eat.” I said after checking her diaper.
I sat her in her little high chair and Dylan was done the same way, making baby talk. After fixing some oatmeal with tiny banana slices for the babies and feeding them I fixed me a simple bagel and scrambled some eggs for Harry. He kissed my cheek and took the plate I offered him. Niall shuffled into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes and yawning.
“Well, good morning sleepy head.” I say happily, already grabbing the pancake mix out. He smiled sleepily at me, thanking me for offering to make his breakfast by kissing my temple.
“You are an angel, Nichole. I love you.” Niall said, sitting on one of the tall chairs by the counter.
“I love you too, Nialler.” I say casually. I did love Niall but it was a completely different love than the way I feel about Harry. Niall was a good friend, a big brother.
I made him two pancakes and covered it in maple syrup, serving it to him. He smiled gratefully at me before cutting into the bread and stuffing it in his mouth. I watched him eat for a minute before retrieving my bagel from the toaster and smoothing the cream cheese over it and fixing two glasses of milk. I kept one for myself and placed the other in front of Niall.
“Thanks.” Niall said around a mouth of pancake. I nodded my head and remembered to give the babies their bottles. I heated up both bottles a little bit and placed them in arms reach. Darcy took hers eagerly while Dylan was playing in his oatmeal.
“Harry!” I shouted, looking for a towel to wipe the boy’s face off. Darcy was the same way but not as bad. The kid had it in his hair.
“Yeah, babe?” Harry said casually, walking into the kitchen. I pointed at the mess in front of me.
“You are supposed to feed them, not let them play in it.” I lightly scold, shaking my head at him.
“Oh, wow.” He muttered, chuckling at the sight.
“you’re cleaning him off. I got Darcy.” I say, walking out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom.
Grabbing two dry rags from under the counter, I wet both and rung them out and went back to the kitchen. I turned the corner and stopped, taking in the scene before me. Harry was standing a few steps back away from Dylan, cooing to catch the babies attention. Dylan smiled at Harry, his arms reaching out towards him as his left hand held a spoon. Harry held up his phone, tapping the screen to take a few pictures. He repeated these actions with Darcy, her little blonde curls bouncing as she lightly bounced in her seat.
“You’re supposed to be cleaning them, not making a miniature photo shoot.” I say, tossing a rag at him.
“It was just a little to cute to pass up.” Harry said, defending himself. He grabbed the rag and set his phone on the counter and began to wipe off the oatmeal from Dylan’s chubby little face.
We finally got the babies cleaned and fed properly, changing them out of their little night clothes and into warm clothes for the day. I had just finished up the kitchen when Harry’s phone began to ring.
“Babe, your phone is going off!” I yell through the house, knowing he wasn’t to far from me. He hurried into the kitchen, answering it quickly. The call was short and sweet, making Harry sigh after he hung up.
“We have to go meet the big people in about an hour. I need to go get ready and tell Niall.” Harry said, kissing my temple before leaving the kitchen again. I followed him, going to change out of my PJ’s. I shut the door behind me, turning towards Harry. I was going to ask him a question but my voice stopped as he pulled his shirt over his head, his back facing me.
“What the hell?” I said out loud, rushing forward to inspect it closer. A light chuckle came from him and he turned around to face me, his hands gripping my hips tightly.
Somebody got a little rough last night.” He said with a smirk on his face. My cheeks went hot and I ducked my head, looking at the floor.
“I’m sorry.” I muttered, embarrassment flooding through my veins. His finger was underneath my chin, raising my face up to make me look at him.
“Oh, don’t apologize. I loved it.” He said, his voice dropping to a low raspy sound. He left a sweet kiss on my lips before going back to getting dressed. I sighed and did the same, digging through my closet. After getting dressed, I kissed Harry goodbye and went to play with the kids in the living room.
It was late when Harry came in, huffing from the cool air outside. I was lying on the couch, watching a film when he came in. He kicked off his shoes and laid his body over mine, making it to where I couldn’t move. He buried his face into my shoulder, sticking his cold nose to my neck, making me giggle as I tried to get away.
“Babe, I gotta question.” Harry asked, his face still in my shoulder. I giggled at the breath he was blowing across my neck, wiggling a little.
“Yeah, Haz?” I asked, thinking he was going to ask me a serious question. Instead he stuck his hand underneath my shirt, making my mouth turn into a “O” as I tried to get away from his freezing touch.
“Is that cold?!” He asked, laughing as I tried to get away from him.
I wiggled and wormed, laughing as he just pressed me further into the couch. Once his hands were not so cold against my skin, I got still and realized his hands were gripping my sides tightly. I shifted my gaze up, watching the light from the telly flicker and dance over the side of his face. He was beautiful. We made eye contact, the lack of space between us becoming increasingly noticeable as the seconds ticked by. He dipped his head down, his soft pink lips meeting mine.
I wiggled my arms out from underneath him, fisting his curls. A low moan escaped his lips as he rubbed him member against me. His hands slide down my stomach, about to unbutton my jeans when the front door opened again and then closed. Harry shot up from his spot over me, leaving me alone and dazed as he ran his fingers through his curls. Niall rounded the corner, stopping to talk when he clamped his mouth shut as he took in my surprised expression and Harry’s look of guilt.
“Did I interrupt something?” He asked, poiting to me then Harry.
“Yeah, you kinda did, mate.” Harry admitted, rubbing the back of his head. I sighed and got up, raising my arms high above my head as I stretched. Yawning, I hugged Harry, kissing his cheek.
“You need a shower anyway. Go get one and I’ll be waiting.” I said, whispering the last part in his ear. He grinned at me and nodded his head. I said goodnight to Niall and followed my fiancé to the room we shared, he quickly got into the shower, leaving me laying on the bed. I was wide awake one second before I blinked, my eyes never reopening for the night.

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