Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


51. Home

“Good morning, Mrs. Styles.” Harry rasps, pulling be further back into him as he kisses my cheek.

“Mm, morning to you too, Mr. Styles.” I say, smiling up at him.

“Plane lands in about an hour.” He informs me, yawning as he stretches.

“Yay!” I say happily, automatically wide awake at the thought of being reunited with my kids in an hour.

The hour passes quickly, letting em get ready to land as I think over the past week. I have never had so much fun with just one person. We went scuba diving, deep sea fishing and Harry even showed me how he learned to swim, which was pretty funny.

“Time to get buckled up, love.” Harry calls from the front.

I secure my bag in it’s holder and shut the bedroom door as I walk to my seat. Harry takes my hand as I sit down, smiling at me sweetly. Soon the plane is landed and standing still, finally allowing me to get my bags and rush to the car on the ground. Harry slides into the seat beside me, laughing as I bounce my knee in anticipation of getting home. I’ve missed my babies so much.

I haven’t been able to talk to my kids for a week. Harry must have sensed that I would be calling every two hours of every day and hid my phone from me. Smart little sucker, he is.

“Calm down, babe. You’ve been gone for a week, you can survive another forty minutes.” Harry teased has he placed his hand on my knee, stilling it.

I took a deep breath and twiddled my thumbs, watching the cars and buildings pass by. It felt like it took all day for the cabbie to stop in front of my driveway. I quickly got out of the car, restraining from bolting towards the house as I walk around the car to help Harry with the bags. Harry takes it easy on me and walks quickly, knowing I’m dying inside to see my babies. I was the first one through the door, dropping my bags to the side as I rush through the house towards the living room.

Darcy spots me first, a huge smile on her face as she struggles to get onto her feet. She waddled towards me as fast as she could, holding her arms above her head as she cooed at me.

“Ma.” She said, squealing as I squatted down and took her into a tight hug.

Dylan came running around the corner as Anne came out of nowhere, materializing by my side. I took my son into my arms, planting multiple kisses on both of their faces. Harry finally came into the living room, scooping up Darcy as Bo ran through the room, wagging his little tail hard from excitement.

“Did you have a nice honeymoon?” Anne asked, smiling down at me.

I picked Dylan up underneath his arms, placing him on my hip as I gave my mother-in-law a one armed hug.

“Yes, I had a wonderful time.” I say, my face turning red as Harry winked at me.

“Well, that’s good. I have to get going, I’ll call you later and we can talk?” Anne said, giving me a motherly pat on the shoulder before kissing Harry on the cheek.

I nodded my head and watched her leave, sighing as I heard the front door open and close. I kissed my baby on the cheek, shaking my head as he shook his head and laughed. Harry plopped down on the couch, holding Darcy up in the air. He made weird noises as he slowly lowered her to his face, kissing her nose swiftly before putting her back at arms length.

The little girl giggled and squealed, making kissy noises at him. Harry’s face was bright with happiness, his green eyes bright as he played with his only little girl. Dylan bounced on my hip, kicking his feet while his eyes were locked on the two playing on the couch.

I place him on his feet, smiling as he waisted no time in running across the living room to the couch. His settled himself between Harry’s legs, trying his best to get into his fathers lap. I laughed as his bottom lip came out, pouting. Harry finally lifted the boy onto the couch, chuckling as Dylan fell sideways, his head thumping against Harry’s side.

Dylan yawned, snuggling closer to Harry as Darcy took over his lap, resting her little head against his shoulder as her eyes fluttered shut. Harry smiled, pulling her curls back away from her sweet face as a light snore started form Dylan. I grinned and my chest got warm, feeling like my heart was about to burst.

This seriously has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I silently take out my phone and click the camera on, taking a few pictures as Harry proceeds to lean his head back against the couch. He yawned and closed his eyes, making me shake my head. Looks like I’m making supper by myself. I head to the kitchen, stopping to take one last look at the sight on the couch.

My heart swelled at the love and sweetness in their faces as they slept. This is my family. My home. The past two years have been the most dramatic and best years of my life. I’ve learned to much in such a short time and I’ve gained more than I’ve lost. I have amazing friends that have my back through anything, no matter what. I have a mother that loves me and a mother-in-law who considers me another daughter. I have a caring husband and two children that I love more than life itself.

I can only hope that others experience the happiness I’ve had in the past two years in their lifetime.

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