Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


42. Early Wedding Gifts

    “I have something for you. It’s a present.” Harry said, smiling at me as we drove.


    “What do you mean a present?” I asked, fiddling with my over night bag. Why would he get me something so close to the wedding?


    “You’ll see. I think you’ll love it.” He said excitedly, taking a left.


    “Our house is that way.” I said, pointing towards the right.


    “Patients, young grasshopppah.” He said, his voice rasping. Oh, that voice.


    I sighed and looked out my window, watching the houses and stores go by as Harry sped along. After another ten minutes I got bored and the twins crossed my mind.


    “Hey, babe?” I asked, looking over at Harry.


    “Yea, love?” He asked, looking over at me with those bright green eyes.


    “Where’s the babies at?” I asked, getting a little worried. He grinned at me and took my hand in his free on, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of my hand.


    “Don’t worry, love. They are with my mum. You’ll see them soon, I promise.” He said, grinning at me again before returning his sight to the road. 


    I nodded my head and sighed, going back to my window watching.



    We drove for another forty minutes, Harry driving us out of town and towards the woods. Harry finally pulled into driveway, pressing in a code. The tall iron gates eased open and Harry pressed another button on the key pad  before proceeding to drive up the gravel trail. I turned around in my seat to watch the iron gates shut right after we came through, locking out any intruders.


    It lead to a large, tan, one story house with a large front yard and giant oak tree a few feet from the house that had a little swing dangling from one of its limbs. He smirked at my awed expression, pulling around the driveway to the front. It had a circle driveway with a large garden of multicolored flowers in the middle of the large circle.


    “Who lives here?” I breathed, only to earn a large grin from Harry.


    “Do you like it?” He asked, kissing the back of my hand.


    “I love it.” I say, looking back at the house.


    It had a thick looking front door with wide windows that had dark brown curtains hiding the inside.


    “Let’s go inside, yeah?” he asked, opening his door and stepping out.


    I followed him up the steps and stood behind him as he didn’t bother to knock, just twisting the knob and stepping inside. The inside was just as big as the outside made it out to be. I followed Harry through the house, finding it out that he knew his way around this house. Has he come here often? I followed him into a large room, grinning as I spot Darcy and Dylan in a play pin.


    “Hey babies!” I say excitedly as I rush forward, picking my children up.


    “Ah, I’ve missed you so much!” I gush, kissing each of their faces. 


    Anne appears out of no where, taking one twin from me and loving on her some before turning to me.


    “So, how did last night go?” She asked, smiling sweetly at me.


    “It was great! I enjoyed myself, it was perfect.” I admit, putting Dylan back down.


    “Well, that’s good, dear.” She says, placing Darcy beside her brother.


    “Harry.” She says loudly, calling him. Her voice echoed in the large room, making me look around.


    This house was decorated much like my house, the sofas a dark brown with tan pillows. The walls were tan as well, the carpet a darker color with red designs through it.  A large fireplace was on one wall, making me grin. I love fireplaces.


    “Yes, mum?” he asks, coming through a doorway.


    “I’m about to leave, I have a few things to do in town. I love you.” She says, hugging me before hugging Harry, kissing his cheek before gathering her things and disappearing.


    Harry grinned at me, walking to stand in front of me. I smiled up at him and wrapped my arms around his waist, resting my chin on his chest as I looked up at him.


    “Hi.” He rumbles, smiling down at me as he locks his arms around me.


    “Hi.” I say back, standing on my toes to kiss him. He hums and deepens the kiss for a few minutes before pulling back. He steps away from me but keeps one arm around my waist.


    “Let me show you the rest of the house.” He says, leading me through the living room.


    “But, the twins.” I say, looking back at my babies.


    They were both sitting down, Darcy waving around a doll in one hand while Dylan sipped on his sippy cup.


    “They will be fine for a few minutes.” Harry says, kissing my temple as he continues to lead me away from them. I frown but follow.


    I continued to be amazed as Harry walked confidently through the house, showing me the big kitchen that is twice the size of the one we have. He lead me down a wide hallway, opening the very last one. 


    My jaw dropped as I stepped through the door, looking around the room. A huge four poster bed was placed across from the big fireplace, the sheer curtains around the bed, tide to each post to reveal the white comforter. He showed the the walk in closet, making my mouth water. I want one.


    “And this, my dear, is the masters bathroom.” He said, opening the door to the bathroom.


     A giant tub was in one corner before the two sinks set into a marble top. The toilet came next followed by a walk in shower, making me smile.


    “I really like this bathroom.” I admit, chewing on my bottom lip.


    “That’s good.” he says, a huge smile spreading across his lips.


    “What?” I asked, turning to face him completely.


    “So you like the house?” He asked, grabbing both of my hands.


    “I’m in love with the house! What are you hiding from me?” I ask, giving him a playful suspicious look.


    “This is my wedding present to you.” Harry said, grinning at me.


    “What? You bought this place?” I asked in amazement, excitement bubbling up. He nodded his head at me, making me grin up at him.


    “Ah! I love it! I love you.” I say, hugging him tightly before pecking him on the lips.


    “I love you, too. Now, follow me. I still have two more things to show you.” He said, taking my hand and leading back out of the room.


    He stopped at one of the many doors in the hallway, pushing it open. It revealed a nursery better than the one we had at the other house. Darcy’s wide of the room was a light purple color with light pink swirls through it. Her crib bedding was pink and purple as well, making me smile. Dylan’s side was a light green with baby blue swirls through it with matching bedding. I loved it.


    “Oh my gosh.” I gush, looking up at Harry to find he had been watching me.


    “I love it.” I say softly, smiling sweetly up at him.


    “I thought you would.” He said, leaning down to press a lingering kiss onto my lips.


    “I figured since everybody knows where we live and they could easily just walk up to the house, that you would like a little privacy. The kids can go outside and play and all that without someone just walking into our yard anymore. I know it was getting  a little packed in the old house so I just got a bigger one.” He says, kissing my forehead before leading me back to the living room.


    “I’m glad you bought this. I love it.” I say, resting my head on his shoulder as we walk.


    “Oh, yeah. Wait here.” He says, sending me a quick smile before heading towards the kitchen area.


     I listened for him, hearing the sound of a door opening. He whistled loudly, waiting a few minutes before he laughed. I heard the door shut and the sound of little padded feet running through the kitchen. I watched the door as grinned as a little ball of fur came rocketing into the room, it’s tiny tail wagging as it jumped up, resting its tiny paws on my knees. I bent down and picked the puppy up, cooing to him as I turned towards Harry.


    “I thought it would be nice to have a pet for the twins. What’s a better pet than a puppy? His name is Bo.” He said as I stroked the soft fur of the husky in my arms.


    “He’s adorable!” I say, kissing the top of the puppies head as he squirmed. 


    I let him down and he ran to Harry, making me smile. I placed Darcy and Dylan out on the floor, laughing as the puppy just ran around them, not knowing what to do with the tiny little things. Harry laid on the floor playing with Darcy as Dylan managed to tame the pup, having him laying on his back beside Harry, waiting for him to pet his tummy. 


    As I watched this, I couldn’t help but grin the entire time. This is my family. My home. I can’t imagine a better place to raise my kids. I can’t picture a better person to help raise them with than Harry Edward Styles.

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