Through The Dark

It's the sequel to My Bully. If you have not read My Bully, please do so before you begin this one!!! Thanks :)

-M xx


50. Destination



    I roll over, pressing my face into the pillow beneath me as I ignore the voice.


    “Baby.” It said, dragging out the word that ended with a poke in the rib.


    “Mm.” I grumble, not fully able to talk yet. All I want to do is sleep.


    “ We have about forty minutes before we land. It’s time to get up and get ready.” Harry rasps, his lips pressing a sweet kiss to my temple.


    I sigh and roll over, facing him. His curls are an unruly mess as they flip and flop all over his head, sticking out in some places. I smile sleepily up at him, earning a chuckle and a kiss on the tip of my nose.


    “I’m hungry.” I state as I sit up, stretching.


    “We will eat as soon as we get to our destination. It won’t take long, I promise.” Harry replies, snagging the covers from my hands and yanking them away from me. 


    The cold air hits me, sending instant shivers down my spine. I poke my bottom lip out to pout, only earning a poke in it before I nearly fall out of bed. I sigh and grab my suitcase, unzipping it as Harry leaves the room to go brush his teeth. I filter through the clothing, noticing that there were only hot weathered clothes in here. I wonder if the girls knew where I was going. Traitors.


    I grab a pair of denim shorts and a orange tank top, reminding me of my wedding theme. It had been perfect. I slid the shorts on and pulled my dark hair into a pony tail before trying to locate a bra. I paw through the bag, my cheeks instantly blazing as a handful of silky, lacy lingerie come out. Oh. My. God. They didn’t.


    I pull out the regular clothes to find that the rest of the bag had been filled with different types and colors of lingerie. I grabbed on piece, holding it up so I could see it better. Everything but the breasts were see through, the dark purple fabric silky and smooth to the touch. 


    I shove it back into the bag as I heard the bathroom door open, leaving me no choice as I grab the less lacy and sexy bra and quickly zipping everything back in it. I snap the bra in place and had the tank top coming over my head as Harry came through the door, giving me his most dazzling smile.


    “Your shoes are in the medium sized bag and your toothbrush and all the are in here with mine.” He said, tossing my deodorant onto the bed before handing me my toothbrush.


    I kiss his cheek as I make my way by, grabbing my make up bag and the hairbrush before leaving. I quickly get ready, leaving my make up simple and cute. My teeth were cleaned, my hair brushed out and placed back into a wavy pony tail and I smelt good. 


    “It’s time to get buckled in. Here.” Harry says, turning me around to wrap something around my head to cover my eyes.


    “I don’t want you looking out the window as we land. You can’t see where we are going until I say.” He says lightly tying the dark fabric behind my head. 


    I sigh and nod my head once, agreeing with him. He helps me to my seat and buckles me in, letting me cut the blood circulation in his hand as the jet landed. He instructed someone to get our bags once again before firmly taking my hand and leading me out of the aircraft and safely down the stairs.


    It seems like hours later we finally arrived at our spot, the blind fold just seconds away from being ripped off as the minutes drug on. I was just about to pitch a fit when Harry let go of my hand and the blind fold comes off. 


    My jaw drops and I want to scream. It’s beautiful. It was in the late evening here, the sun setting over the water as it gave off magnificent oranges, pinks and reds. The white sand reflected the colors as well, making me want to run towards  the shore and dig my feet into it. Good thing I’m wearing flip flops.


    “You like it.” he says, motioning the very opposite way I was looking.


    I turned my head to find a charming little cream colored house, the door made of thick wood with narrow windows on each side. Harry grabs my hand and leads me towards the house with the baggage people following. I watched him unlock the door and push it open. He turned towards me and swiftly picks me up, carrying me through the door and plops me down on the couch.


    “Stay here, love.” Harry says, kissing my forehead before showing the guys where to put our bags.


    Minutes later he was thanking our help and waving goodbye. Once they were gone, Harry joins me in the living room.


    “Go take a shower. It’ll relax you some.” He says, making me want to frown. I fight off the urge, nodding my head.


    “Very back door on the right.” He says, flopping down onto the couch before flipping the telly on.


    I sigh and gather my clothes, biting my bottom lip as I decide on a matching set of undergarments. There’s so many to choose from. I settle on a red lacy thong and a matching bra with a pair of black cotton shorts and a white tank top.


    I shower and get out, feeling fresh and clean. I towel dry my hair and put it into a bun, keeping it of my neck and out of my face. I hang the towel on a hook by the door and exit the bathroom, smelling the sweet smell of coffee. I follow my nose through the house and come to a kitchen. 


    Harry is shirtless in a pair of joggers, slung low on his hips as he pours the dark liquid into a white coffee cup before adding sugar and creamer. I smile as he turns around, holding two cups. 


    I take the white one knowing it was meant for me. He kisses my temple before walking past me. I follow him to the living room, gently sitting down on the sofa beside him. I sip on my coffee, glancing up to find Harry studying me.


    “What?” I ask, bringing my feet up to tuck underneath my bum.


    “Nothing. What do you want to do?” He asked, sipping his own coffee.


    “Well. What is there to do?” I asked, shrugging my shoulders.


    “We can go swimming.” he says, nodding his head towards the back.


    “Um, the last thing I want to do is get eaten by a shark and I highly doubt that the bathtub is big enough for even one of us to splash around in.” I say, remembering the crystal blue waters just out side of the house.


    “We have a pool in the back, silly.” Harry says, grinning at me as my cheeks turn red.


    “Oh, um. Okay. That sounds good.” I say, abandoning my spot on the couch. 


    After taking one last sip of my coffee, I place it on the counter and head towards the back room. I finally come across a black bikini in my bag, thankful that I don’t have to go out there naked.


    I change and walk out to find Harry pulling his swimming trunks over his bum, making me smile. He has a nice bum. He turns to me, smirking at me.


    “Just through here.” Harry said, pulling back the curtains on one wall to reveal a large pool.


    He pulls back the large sliding glass door, letting the warm air hit me. I smile and walk past him out onto the patio. I walk around to the shallow end, slowly entering the pool when arms wrapped around my waist, picking me up and  taking me back out.


    “What are you doing?” I ask as Harry smirks, toting me around the pool to the deep end.


    “Hold your breath.” He says before jumping into the pool with me still in his arms.


    Luckily, I took a deep breath right before we hit the water, squirming to reach the surface again. My hands  break through the liquid barrier, followed by my gasping mouth. Harry surfaces beside me, laughing when I lightly splash him in the face.


    “Aw, what’s wrong?” He teases, laughing as I struggle to get away from him and stay above water at the same time.


    “Nothing.” I say, sticking my tongue out as I reach the ladder.


    Just as I was about to climb up the ladder, I felt warm hands grip my hips and pull me back down into the water. I turn around to find his face just inches from mine, his green eyes dark as they sparkled at me. He pushes his wet hair away from his face, making me smile as it sticks up.


    “I love the hair.” I tease, laughing as he copies me in a weird voice, bobbing his head from side to side.


    “I love you.” he says, kissing the tip of my nose.


    “I love you, too.” I say, kissing him lightly on the lips.


    He deepens the kiss, his tongue tracing my bottom lip as he silently asks to enter. I allow it, fisting one hand of wet curls as my other goes around his neck. I wrap my legs around his waist, feeling his hands squeeze my bum before making their way up my back. I feel my top loosen but ignore it as he slides it out from between us, tossing it somewhere else in the pool.


    Harry brings me closer to him, our bodies touching in every place possible as he presses his chest into mine, moaning as my bare breasts press into his warm chest. His hands leave my body but my legs stay securely wrapped around his torso as he climbs the ladder with me attached to him. 


    I kiss on his neck, nibbling on his shoulder before taking skin roughly between my teeth, sucking harshly on it for a few seconds before running my tongue over it and kissing the now sore spot. Large hands cup my bum as he walks us back into the house, Harry pausing only to make sure the door was closed the the curtains were drawn. If the paps caught pictures of us naked, we would never hear the end of it.


    “I don’t wanna get the bed wet.” I mumble as his soft lips brush against my shoulder.


    “Too bad.” He rasps before my back hits the dry sheets.

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