A Day To Remember

A guy really loves this girl, but he finds love complicated, and is afraid of such a commitment. He also fears rejection as he has tried a few times but didn't get a chance to, years later found out she liked him also, but rejected her. Now a year later after falling out and her moving on he wants her back in his life, not just as a friend, but as a girlfriend. But he has no idea if she still likes him in that way, and she may already have a boyfriend now. He once again fears rejection. But he manages to befriend her slowly over the months by chatting shortly whenever they meet. Soon he takes the plunge and asks her to his birthday party. He is planning on asking her out. Will he spend christmas alone, or will he kiss that special girl beneath the mistletoe?


1. When I First Set Eyes On You

Justin was a little nervous for his first proper day of school. His classes wern't do bad because he was very popular, and so he knew a lot o people from his school. But when it came to Tutor Time where he was meant to spend an hour, and get signed in, he was a little worried. He only knew the oldest people as they had shown him around the school the day before. He also now knew the teacher so that put his mind at ease a little, because she seemd nice. He had his good friend Joe at his side, so he felt good about himself as he came to the door to hid Tutor room. As he walked into the large warm room he had a lot of faces looking at him. Except for that one girl sat at a table all by herself. Something sparked inside of him that day, It was like love at first sight. He was introduced to the group, and everyone tried to get to know the new kid. They all introduced themselved to the new boys, but the lonely girl said nothing. She just kept on reading her book. But Justin wasn't interested in everyone else at all.

He walked towards the mysterious girl in the corner and and said in a friendly voice "and what might your name be?" The girl looked up a little surprised as she said quickly "Jessica and yours?" He smiled and said "Justin, and this id my good friend Joe". Jessica said hi to Joe as he cooly saif "alright". Jessica said nothing more so Justin, desperate to keep the conversation going said quickly "can we sit here?" Jessica looked up again at him looking a little shocked. She said excitedly "yeah sure! Go right ahead!" As Justin sat opposite Jessica, Joe sat next to him. Justin had purposly sat opposite the girl, so he could make her talk.

He asked her why she was sll by herself. Jessica sighed and said sadly "I'm not that popular, and nobody likes me". Justin said sweetly "I like you". Jessica smile happily and said "thanks". Their conversation was quite stop and start. Justin assumed this was because she wasn't used to people talking to her. She did seen rather nervous. Maybe she feared messing her chance of companionship up. Justin felt rather sorry for her. He couldn't understand why such a pretty girl like her was so unpopular, and afraid to speak to people, and let people get to know her. Justin knew it was going to be hard for her to open up to him and become friends with him. But he was deturmined to tame her inner feeling, and show her what a friendship was like.

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