Poisonous Love


1. Intro

Hi My Names Arianna. But I Everyone Calls Me Ari, I Got Send Out Of My House At Age 15. My Parents Found Out I Was Lesbian So I Got Send To The Dreyton Stay Away Academy For Gays And Lesbians. Apprently There's This School In California For It. Gays And Lesbians Arnt Allowed At Public Or Private Schools. That's Right.

Everyone In My Country Is Against Us. It's Not My Fault Im In Love. FYI Her Name Is Rebecca. She's Perfect Like Her Smooth Beautiful Blonde Hair And Her Perfect Blue Sparkly Eyes. Tomorrow's My First Day At The Academy And I'm Not That Excited, The Worst Part Is Rebecca Dosnt Know If There Sending Her There. What IF SHE DOSNT. I Can't Bare To Loose Her She's My Everything..

My Parents Won't Even Talk To Me, Not Even My Brother. There Too Busy Dissapointed In Me..Anyways I Have No Time To Talk To Them

I'm Oubiously Too Busy Packing.

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