Don't make me choose..

This is my first please be honest..tell me if you like it or if i should die in a hole for thinking it was good...

What happens when you fall in love with someone your parents would kill you if they saw you with them? Do you tell them you can't help who your heart loves? Or do you tell them fuck off this is my life I'll live it how i please? Well we all wanna say the second one but can you bring yourself to do it when alls they have ever done is give you what you need and what ever they could that you want and love you like no one else ever could? Well thats the toughest decision i have to make.....believe me it ain't easy..


1. intro

Hi. My name is Kevay Aislyn Moore. I'm 19 and by the end of this week I am leaving for college. I live in a small town in the middle of no where called Fred, Texas. (Yes its a real place. I'm really from there) and I'm anxious to go to college because it's in New York. Well enough about college, I have two sisters and one brother. My youngest sister if 10 and her name is Álainn and my other sister in 15 and her name is Kendra and last but not least, my brother is 17 and his name is Andrew. I love them all to death. My mothers name is Kertina and my fathers name is Mike. Well thats enough about me

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